August 16, 2022

Wyoming GOP says Never-Trumper Liz Cheney is no longer a part of the party

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has been rejected by the Republican Party in two counties in her home state of Wyoming, according to a report in The Hill

Cheney, who is a member of the Republican Party, angered her fellow party members after she voted to impeach former President Donald Trump.

The chairman of the Park County Republicans Martin Kimmet said in a letter to Cheney, “You will no longer be recognized as the official Republican Congressional Representative by the Park County Republican Party.”

Kimmet’s letter was published in the Casper Star-Tribune but Park County isn’t the only area where Cheney is lacking in favor. Carbon County Wyoming Republicans also voted unanimously to back the resolution to denounce Cheney.

Carbon County GOP Chairman Joey Correnti told the Star-Tribune, “Park County set up the ball, Carbon County spiked it.”

“And now other counties, I say by the end of the week you’ll have at least three or four other counties that are having meetings that will pass a similar resolution,” Correnti said.

The state GOP voted in February to censure the former vice president’s daughter shortly after Cheney made her move to stand against Trump.

The Carbon County chairman indicated more of the state might soon follow as Republican parties in Uinta, Big Horn, Laramie and Weston counties have also requested copies of his county’s resolution.

In their letter to Cheney, Park County and Carbon County both ended their letters with, “In the immortal words of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump …‘You’re Fired!’ ”

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