September 30, 2022

Woman arrested at Las Vegas airport after yelling ‘Let’s go Brandon’

A Las Vegas woman was arrested at McCarran International Airport and removed from a flight after yelling “Let’s go Brandon” and causing a disturbance. 

Newsmax reported that the woman, Katrina Alspaugh, 51, first ran into trouble at security when she presented herself without wearing a mask.

The arrest report obtained by FOX5 Las Vegas indicated that Alspaugh attempted to punch someone before the authorities detained her.

The report also indicated that the passenger was “uncooperative with officers” and that she “refused to provide identification,” but was later released when the other passenger declined to press charges.

Alspaugh wasn’t out of the woods yet though, as police were alerted later that the woman, who was removed from her Allegiant Air flight, was told to leave the airport.

“Soon after, however, police were alerted to another disturbance involving Alspaugh, who had been removed from an Allegiant Air flight,” Newsmax reported.

“She was told to leave the airport due to no longer having a ticket but grew ‘argumentative with officers’ and began ‘creating a disturbance’ in the airport, police wrote in the report cited by FOX5 Las Vegas.

The wound up would-be passenger responded to the possibility of arrested began to “loudly yelling ‘f**k’ and ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’ further creating a disturbance and was therefore placed under arrest,” the report added.

While Alspaugh has had more than one run-in with law enforcement, starting back almost two decades ago, she’s not the first person involved in air travel to get in trouble for the mantra.

Southwest Airlines made headlines for their “internal investigation” following a pilot signing off his message to passenger saying, “Let’s go Brandon,” which has become synonymous with anti-Biden administration sentiment.

“Southwest does not condone employees sharing their personal political opinions while on the job, serving our customers,” the company said in a statement.  “And one employee’s individual perspective should not be interpreted as the viewpoint of Southwest and its collective 54,000 employees.”




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