May 20, 2022

Wolf: Biden’s policies have ignited a new border crisis

Leftists are doing their best to destroy the country from within. Now President Joe Biden is opening America’s borders to let the outside world finish the job.

Former acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf warned that the Biden administration has created a “border crisis” and a “humanitarian crisis” due to an influx of illegal immigration, Fox News reported. Wolf was reacting to a desperate plea from Bruno Lozano, mayor of the small border town, Del Rio, Texas.

Amid concerns about the pandemic and the freezing temperatures currently gripping Texas, Lozano released a video statement Wednesday directing his concerns to Biden. “I am pleading and requesting with you to please put a halt to any measures regarding the release of immigrants awaiting court dates, into the city of Del Rio and surrounding areas,” he said.

Lozano said he was worried that their local charities and agencies were already stretched too thin taking care of their citizens and wouldn’t be able to handle the influx of illegal immigrants. “If you send these individuals into our community, we will be forced to make a decision to leave them without resources under these dire circumstances,” he warned.

Wolf discussed Lozano’s message on “Fox & Friends” Friday, stating the problems at the border were created by Joe Biden’s barrage of executive orders. He explained that the administration disregarded the lessons they learned after the 2019 border crisis that President Donald Trump handled well.

“We heard from hundreds of border communities along the border in 2019 where we had a massive crisis, an influx of individuals, and we put together a patchwork of policies and procedures that reduce that flow significantly,” Wolf said. He went on to point out how “in just a matter of weeks here, since Inauguration Day, there’s been a number of executive orders and policies that have created a border crisis, a humanitarian crisis the mayor outlines there.”

Wolf explained that he believes the administration “created this out of whole cloth. It didn’t need to occur. It was under control. But again, a number of these policies continue to be very, very concerning.” He went on to warn that by allowing the flood of illegal immigrants to continue, the U.S. was “sending the signal to smugglers and traffickers and others that it’s OK to come.”

Like all leftists, Biden is eager to allow immigrants into the southern border, even as the U.S. is in a crisis of its own. Biden doesn’t care about Americans, or Texans, or even illegal immigrants — he just wants a fresh crop of poor immigrants that his party can exploit and manipulate into becoming Democrats for life.

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horntex (@guest_1144397)
1 year ago

News reports that Border Patrol Agents even apprehended some terrorists from Yemen entering our country. Biden, can’t you see your plan for immigration and our southern border is a threat to our National Security?

Lynn (@guest_1144414)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

It would be wonderful if he had the mind set where he REALLY cared about the affect this is having but to tell you the truth he doesn’t have the mentality to deal with any of this. Those that are speaking in his earpiece know quite well what they are doing to America and could care less! We’re on our own people, UNLESS we band together this isn’t going to CHANGE!! There are MORE of US than there are of them!! Wake up QUICKLY to what your being forced to deal with!! Numbers are going to count here!

John (@guest_1144505)
Reply to  Lynn
1 year ago

We all knew this was coming for the past twelve years. We’ve had a faulty immigration policy long before then, but our Congress and Administrations have repeatedly kicked this can down the road. President Trump was the first one to actually try to do something about this, but the Democrats were too busy with their fake agenda to even think about doing their job. The media was complicit in covering the problem with distraction after distraction and here we are…again….with a humanitarian problem they will blame on Trump. We have become a joke, and choose to focus on a lot of unnecessary foolishness while we watch our own children go hungry and uneducated, and dealing with a pandemic that may or may not even be real. Rome has burned folks. We’re done.

roger vanhulle (@guest_1144457)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

Biden considers this problem a huge success toward the one world government event!

Roberta King (@guest_1144536)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

If I were a border state I would scrape enough funds together to rent buses, load them up with all the illegals just allowed to cross due to this Biden EO anD ship them to DC and Delaware!

Dewey ADove (@guest_1144944)
Reply to  Roberta King
1 year ago

I agree with you 100%. Then ship some to piglosie’s house.

Joanne MORTENSEN (@guest_1144621)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

Can’t you see …. he could care less !

Arlo (@guest_1144835)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

It’s hard to anything when your head is up your arse.

Denny blaine (@guest_1144859)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

The Democrats biden voter fraud administration is making a mess out of things as fast as they can.

Everything those liberals / democrats touch turn to rotting garbage in a matter of days.

I hope you are all looking forward to the coming economic recession and maybe depression.

Jack (@guest_1145010)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

Biden is eat up by the dumb azz

Jack (@guest_1145018)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

I said Biden is eat up with the Chinese brain rot and the dumb azz .

mb (@guest_1145125)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

Horntex, stupid cannot be fixed.

Denise (@guest_1144406)
1 year ago

BIDEN, WHY DO YOU HATE Americans? Why do you want us to die during this pandemic by allowing illegal aliens into OUR COUNTRY. This WILL CAUSE CHAOS AND MORE AMERICANS WILL GET INFECTED AND DIE. What the hell is the matter with you democrats?

Lynn (@guest_1144419)
Reply to  Denise
1 year ago

The BEST QUESTION is WHY ARE WE PUTTING UP WITH IT!! You act as if these Demonic Politicians have ALL CONTROL! They don’t!! We have the NUMBERS! More of us than of them! We don’t have to accept anything, THEY work for us, it is NOT the other way around! WE pay their salaries! We have allowed them to SCAM us into thinking they have the power! OVER WHAT EXACTLY? Do you have POWER over YOUR BOSS? No, you don’t! Take the power away. REFUSE!!! TAKE A STAND! ENOUGH!

Mary L. Parks (@guest_1144469)
Reply to  Denise
1 year ago

The elite Dems have said time and again that they are going to unleash the powers of hell itself on our country. They are demented without minds of their own because they have chosen to grab power in whatever ways are necessary.

I share this quote often and wish it would be emblazoned on papers all around our country.
“If a test of civilization be sought, none can be surer than the condition of that part of society over which the other part has control.” This has been very apparently the case with America ever since the Democrats began to “run” large cities and run them down by totally disregarding any sense of responsibility for their maintenance. It is time for true Christians to hear God’s instructions to “Do all and then stand and see how the LORD will fight for you. ” Trust Him. He is always with us.

Joanne MORTENSEN (@guest_1144624)
Reply to  Mary L. Parks
1 year ago

AMEN !!!

Debra (@guest_1144820)
Reply to  Denise
1 year ago

He does not care ..made in china

GAU (@guest_1144411)
1 year ago

Biden doesn’t care it’s Kamala Harris pulling the strings on this “old” man who doesn’t even know what he is signing! Why can’t people see this!! Immigration for illegals is WRONG AND BAD FOR OUR COUNTRY!

Debra (@guest_1144822)
Reply to  GAU
1 year ago

The Democrats dont give a dam

jjborow (@guest_1146208)
Reply to  GAU
1 year ago

Check Harris and Willie Brown on googol

Richard (@guest_1144412)
1 year ago

I hope no one expects the fence and troops to leave DC in the next 4 years. The dem’s need the protection as they know if someone can get to them they are as good as gone. Why would a government that, if it was legally elected, be afraid of the citizens of their country and need barb wire and troops for protection?

Laura Givans (@guest_1144416)
1 year ago

If Biden can’t see whats wrong with his plans then the republicans should make him have a phyc. eval. done. He and the dems are trying to take this country down. They don’t get that in the process they are hurting themselves. They are also lying to the people coming over the boarder by not telling them that we still have lockdowns and they might not be able to get jobs right away. He and the dems are out for themselve.

roger vanhulle (@guest_1144458)
Reply to  Laura Givans
1 year ago

Republicans cannot make Biden do anything. Biden is on a new world order directive to not only shred our constitution but destroy American sovereignty in the world.

Jackie722 (@guest_1144441)
1 year ago

The ONLY reason Bogus Biden is allowing illegals to enter the U.S. is for their VOTES in the future. That is ALL THE DEMONRATS care about! They have no use for these illegals otherwise, and certainly no use for Conservative Americans because we are the patriotic ones who love our country. To me, all that is being done by the W.H. Bogus Biden and all of those who voted for him, do not care about America or their fellow Americans.

Jono (@guest_1144443)
1 year ago

Old Joe….MAGA. You might be able to do it if you stop jumping hoops for the nasty lib Dems…….

Remember the wording about the president with and the first without??????? Give it a try………

Joyce P. Landahl (@guest_1144451)
1 year ago

Biden opening the borders, to make Democrats look like heroes is one of the dumbest things that he could have3 done. Now he says we can test them and give them the Covid Vaccine. We can’t even get the citizens here vaccinated. He has cut out jobs by shutting down the pipeline. We have lots of people that need jobs and we don’t need anymore to take what few jobs are available.

I am totally amazed at the lack of thinking power that Biden and many of the Democrats have. I think he is just signing anything that is put before him without thinking of the recourse.

Good Luck (@guest_1144480)
1 year ago

Biden Does not care about illegals he does not have to live with them. Biden will spend whatever on illegals because he wants there votes and is using your money to do it .Biden does not care about the American people.,

Billy Wilson (@guest_1144487)
1 year ago

This was a idiotic response to their wanting everything for free. We can not afford this Send them home until they go thru proper channels.

Edward Zeller (@guest_1144641)
Reply to  Billy Wilson
1 year ago

Billy, this is being done by Biden not because he loves them because he doesn’t. Their trying to recruit these illegals so they can win 2022 and 2024.

Richard Manfredi (@guest_1144492)
1 year ago

Mayor Bruno Lozano, STFU – you are a democrat ,and you are not only getting what you asked for , but what you deserve.

Edward Zeller (@guest_1144634)
1 year ago

I believe the Democraps are the deliberate cause of all the power shortages in the state Texas inorder to punish the people of Texas for voting for President Trump who is the real legitamate President. Biden is still the EX-VP not the legal President. Even 35% of the Democratic Voters think the the election was rigged and they themselves don’t think that was right. There has never ever been a candidate that campaigned from his basement that could ever win an election. That is how we know the Presidental election was rigged. If it was legitimately won we could live with that.

dummy watcher (@guest_1144647)
1 year ago

you dumb sobs they are just doing what they said they would do. why all the surprise.

P Bruington (@guest_1144655)
1 year ago

This creates a crisis in the U.S , but also in Mexico. Many of the migrants seeking to enter the U.S. must also travel the full length of Mexico. I don’t hear any concern for the impact on the citizens or the government of Mexico

Sue (@guest_1144676)
1 year ago

Biden’s actions to downplay/eliminate the progress made by Trump will only lead to further destruction of our country since it began nearly a year ago with the Antifa/BLM rioters. If these illegal aliens face the lack of food and water in Texas, they are going to demand handouts, and if denied, they will simply riot, following in the footsteps of Antifa. Many among the illegal alien crowd have criminal backgrounds and don’t fear retribution from the cops.

Eugene (@guest_1144686)
1 year ago

we have to get rid of this stupid bastard and I don’t who don’t like my opinion

Eugene (@guest_1144687)
Reply to  Eugene
1 year ago

don’t know how to type it should say I don’t care who doesn’t like my opinion

O Olon (@guest_1144839)
1 year ago

Biden and his administration don’t care about AMERICANS so they don’t even think about the huge crisis that they are contributing too NOR DO THEY CARE!. We can’t take care of our own people. They are losing their homes, jobs, etc and now we have all these illegals who not only haven’t been vetted but haven’t had shots so they are spreading the virus and other diseases, no masks, no jobs,no education, no homes, no health care, no nothing. WHAT ABOUT AMERICANS BIDEN? YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE MORON AND THE ONLY REASON YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE IS THROUGH CORRUPTION! HELP SAVE AMERICA FROM THIS IDIOTS! VOTE THEM ALL OUT AND LETS GO THROUGH THE SUPREME COURT TO CORRECT ALL THE WRONGS THE DEMORATS HAVE DONE!

Julia Lloyd (@guest_1144872)
1 year ago

I agree with everything said Biden is not our legal president he is a complete dumb jerk he his following orders from the liberal social democrats God Bless us all. We have to get rid of the dirty swamp Democrats They are stealing our country!! They don’t care about us Americans. They want illegal imigrants for votes only. We want our real President Trump back!!!

M Jane Elder (@guest_1144885)
1 year ago

Pray that the SCOTUS will act and not sit on their frightened hands. If any of them are truly not partisan as they are supposed to be, if any of them believe in the constitution and truth, this will come to a head fast. Biden et al are in the devils hands. Destroying USA 🇺🇸 is ther goal. If scotus doesn’t get straight on priorities, who can besides the citizens of our great USA?? God help us, please Lord!

Richard (@guest_1144889)
1 year ago

The dems along with the deep state, msm, FBI, DOJ Governors of some states, the courts including the SCOTUS have already done irreparable harm to this country from from the coup d’etat on Nov 6. Isn’t it pretty obvious that these same lowlifes only care about their power appetite ( open borders mean more dem voters)and the all might dollar. All I kept reading and hearing was the Lord would see that Trump would prevail into a 2nd term. Well folks, the dems won this time and it’s not good for this country.

William Smith (@guest_1145522)
1 year ago

All Americans must watch the movie “Idiocracy” to see exactly what the democrats have in mind.

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