May 24, 2022

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds ban on ballot drop boxes

The fight over elections security continues post-COVID-19 pandemic. Now one state is pushing back against a provision that was an invitation for fraud.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld a ban on ballot drop boxes in a 4-3 ruling Friday, The Hill reported. Though the ban won’t affect primaries next week, it will prohibit their use for the April elections.

The supreme court has yet to rule on the permanent fate of the drop boxes, however. The question remains whether they can be used for ballots in future elections or can be outlawed altogether.

The state’s high court has upheld a lower court ruling that came from a challenge by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. The conservative group filed on behalf of two Waukesha County voters last summer, specifically objecting to the use of the drop boxes to collect absentee ballots.

Their lawsuit argued that the Wisconsin Elections Commission improperly interpreted the law on casting absentee ballots and that they should be hand-delivered or mailed in. The Waukesha County Circuit had sided with the plaintiffs but felt it was too soon to change for the February elections.

Elections security legislation has been making its way through state legislatures throughout the nation, mostly spearheaded by Republicans. Following the 2020 presidential election that allowed many irregular practices like the drop boxes and universal absentee balloting due to the pandemic, voting practices have become a hot button issue.

Democrats are pushing back against these measures and challenges. They claim anything that makes it harder to cheat amounts to “voter suppression,” though many see that as their excuse to keep practices in place that make it easier for them to cheat, Fox News reported.

The only way to keep elections free and fair is to eliminate as many opportunities for fraud as possible. One of the simplest ways to do that is to get rid of ballot drop boxes that can be stuffed with illegally harvested ballots or the box tampered with — so it seems the Wisconsin high court made the right call.

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