June 18, 2021

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Dem governor’s mask mandate

Millions of Americans are being vaccinated while still others have already had the coronavirus. Still, some government officials are unwilling to let their opportunity for another power grab slip away.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has kept renewing his state’s mask mandate that has persisted since last August, the Daily Caller reported. However, the Democrat’s edict was first struck down by the Wisconsin State Legislature and finally for good by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“The question in this case is not whether the governor acted wisely; it is whether he acted lawfully,” Justice Brian Hagedorn reportedly wrote in the majority opinion. “We conclude he did not.”

The court ruled against Evers in a 4-3 decision, ruling that the governor’s public health orders were only good for 60 days and would require legislation to extend them further. It was after the fourth attempt to extend the mask mandate Feb. 4 that the legislature struck it down.

The dissenting opinion by Justice Ann Walsh Bradley focused on the result rather than the lawfulness of the decision. “Unfortunately, the ultimate consequence of the majority’s decision is that it places yet another roadblock to an effective governmental response to COVID-19,” Bradley stated.

The statewide mandate does nothing to prevent local municipalities and businesses from implementing their own rules. Rather, it just means that a top-down edict from the governor’s pen is not the lawful way to get it done. Also, citizens who are concerned are always free themselves to mask up and social distance.

At this point in the pandemic, it’s unreasonable that Evers would want to extend the mandate with COVID-19 deaths continuing to drop. According to Bloomberg, nearly 600 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been distributed as the nation moves toward having an immune population.

Americans have been dealing with restrictions and mask mandates for more than a year. While it was a reasonable prospect at the beginning of the pandemic, the scientific data that things are getting better doesn’t seem to impact the amount of power governments wish to exert at this point. That doesn’t mean COVID-19 isn’t real or that measures don’t help, but it does indicate there may be more to their motivations than simply public health concerns.

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52 Responses

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  2. hooray! finally we do not have to be told what and when. we could finally , as adults with a brain , could take of ourselves and not have to be kept captive by our inept administration.

    see ya biden take your ex orders to your priest.

    1. Because the Wisconsin supreme court’ is republican majority and republicans don’t give a rats a$$ about human life only power and money. How many more Wisconsin’s will die because of them

        1. How do you think 550,000 people have died ,Trump and the republicans cared more about their wealth then Amercia

          1. Wrong. The democrats continued to block everything he wanted to do including trying to control the covid.

          2. Check the yearly CDC numbers and you will find approximately the same number US deaths for 2020 as in 2019

          3. Do you have any clue what germ warfare is? Covid 19 was manipulated found in bats 200 miles from Wuhan. It never transferred to a person in the region ot even the farmers who collected they poop as fertilizer. The Covid is only found on that group of bats. The military realized how close it was to Scars they mutilated it

          4. Trump’s not getting richer in COVID-19 vaccinations. Try flip flop Faucu and billionaire Bill Gates.Gretchen, Whitmer, governor of Wisconsin, has direct ties
            to George ties to George Soros. Something like adopted or step daughter. Do your homework before you run off at the mouth!

        1. CLOSE YOUR BORDERS TEXAS!! THEY ARE MIGRATING NORTH AND WE DON’T WANT THEM!! Don’t listen to any demands that Clown in power is spewing. He has no clue what hes doing–just wants to destroy America as fast as he can–out of Revenge because he and his son were exposed for serious treason and selling us out to China and the Ukraine. Don’t listen to him. just do what is best for America. He won’t even come to Texas to see the Crisis he caused. Continue Building the WALL!! Send ALL these Illegals BACK. We can’t support them. he is raising our taxes to give illegals stimulus checks.

          1. Yes linda america is being destroyed apart but it’s not the government or Biden it’s people like you and others on this website who push racism and hate and condone violence and spread lies and B S it’s you people that are destroying America. America doesn’t need people like you Russia or North Korea would be overjoyed to have treasonous traitors like all of you

          2. Very true we just cannot support the world..biden just wants these illegals to vote for him…

      1. Come on this is getting old already if use don’t know by now this government is only trying to keep the people down then your a complete fool !!! Your problem one of them people that sit and everything the Democrats say you really think is right!!

      2. Drink some more of the Kool-aid Bo boy!! Why don’t you do some research and find out how worthless masks are unless they are N1H1 or surgical. Bet not what you’re wearing..
        ..if you are vaccinated you’re good for 6 months…if you’re not comfortable stay home…..in the basement.

        1. Hey Jetta why do surgeons wear mask while operating do idiots like you think that they are hiding there faces Republicans are so very STUPID people

      3. Bo. Get a life. Republicans care as much or more about human life than democrats. (Abortion anyone)?
        People are still free to mask up and use social distancing but it is time to stop the democrats power grab.

      4. Poor Bo, you are a weenie aren’t you. You have listened like a good little sheep and you have worn your useless mask like they told you to wear it. Why I even bet you are now wearing two masks now that Doofus Fauci has suggested it. Don’t be a hater. If you want to wear your mask, or two or even three, go ahead and wear it. Until your lungs lose 20% of their capacity to filter oxygen and you die. But, you can be buried knowing that you didn’t kill another soul because you followed orders like a good little sheep. A dead one of course. You don’t have the right to make anyone else wear a mask. You don’t have the authority to bully or attack anyone else who is exercising their right to not wear a mask. Grow up and get a real life for once. Stop living in a COVID-19 coma.

        1. Hey gary you are to stupid to understand that idiots like you could be spreading the virus and don’t care if you do because all you care about is your. P O. S self.

      5. Oh bo, Canada just admitted they’ve only been using covid for their pre pandemic goal of the great reset. They inflated numbers and deaths to fear us into submission. And their going to keep it going even after the admission so they can put us all under surveillance and put us away.

        1. Change your T. V. channel all your information is plain. B. S. You know Fox is being sued by 3 corporations for spreading. L IES

      6. Oh, I feel so sorry for you. You are so hateful and guilt ridden, I can tell just by your comments. What about the millions of tiny babies that are sacrificed each year to the feminist who just don’t have time for another child in their lives. KILL IT IS THEIR MOTTO. Time will tell if that is an excusable motto or not. Personally, I would not stake my soul on it, but that is up to you.

  3. There was no scientific proof masks worked anyway, the n-95 masks were the only ones proven to work. Just trying to control the population.

  4. Praise the Lord.,Some peop!e are realizing that this hoax and bondage is straight from the pit of Hell

    1. A sick man was interviewed while he was dying. He said he thought the virus was a hoax, so he had done what he wanted to do. He died at age 33.

  5. Nice to hear that Court shut down the control freaks.. Time to end this BS game of Coronavirus crap. Joe Biden bringing in illegals tells me Joe Biden could care less who gets sick and dies

      1. True because Dems are not power hungry;we just want people to have a job so that they can take care of themselves.

        1. Leila you are hilarious or high on drugs. To suggest that dems aren’t power hungry is a lie. And you say that Dems want people to have jobs? Tell that to the thousands who lost their jobs working on the Keystone Pipeline that was stopped at the executive order of Sleepy Joe. And how about all of those checks being sent out to criminals in jail and illegals? Sure Leila, your party wants folks to have jobs, they just can’t be Americans. They are illegals. You need to lighten up on the meds.

      2. If republican s are power hungry, why do the democrats keep making all of these draconian rules. You are a draconian idiot, helping the draconians, what is in it for you?

  6. Jim
    If you believe all this crap perched to you by the democrat’s, your easily brain washed.

    1. And likely uneducated, so don’t tell you went to school, there is a difference between going to school and get an education.

  7. Bo, you do not see any minorities int he country of Russia or Korea either one. SO how can you compare any of them to the USA? Apples to apples and the communist countries kill off all the minorities before they cross the border

    1. Oh great let’s pick up where trump left off and start killing the immigrants know that is true trump. MAGA

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