October 2, 2022

Marianne Williamson goes public with support for Nancy Pelosi’s progressive challenger

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is on thin ice right now. Republicans have been attempting to unseat her for years, but a growing contingent of the Democrat party now appears to be growing discontent with her as well.

Former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson (D) just went public with her decision support far-left challenger Shahid Buttar’s bid to replace Pelosi in California’s 25th congressional district. 

Williamson said in a video endorsement that Pelosi — who is the first-ever female speaker of the House — has “really paved the way in profound ways for women such as myself.”

However, Pelosi has found herself in the difficult position of angering both Moderate Democrats and progressives with her leadership, fracturing the party more than ever before.

Williamson explained that though she respects Pelosi, “we need to take a strong stand for the progressive vision that many of us feel is absolutely essential, not only for the future of our country but also for this next election.”

Though Pelosi continues to maintain an iron grip on her San Francisco district, Williamson illustrated the growing discontent in the far-left contingent of the party in her endorsement.

“The Nancy Pelosi’s of this world – and I say this with all due respect for Nancy Pelosi – have got to hear us that we are serious. Have got to understand that yes, we on the left will challenge you.” Williamson declared.

“I think this is good for Nancy. It’s definitely taking a stand for something. Progressives can’t just be sidelined all the time. Or pandered to. Suppressed. It’s gotta stop. Let’s stop it now,” she declared.

Fox News reported that Pelosi took 74 percent of the vote California’s March 3 primary, with Buttar coming in second with 13 percent of the vote.


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