April 18, 2021

White House authorizes D.C. emergency declaration ahead of inauguration

For several days now, the mainstream media has been buzzing over the possibility that a fresh round of violent demonstrations could take place in Washington D.C. in the days leading up to — and on the day — President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office.

According to Fox News, there have been a number of preparations being made in the nation’s capital to counter that possibility, with President Donald Trump on Monday approving an emergency declaration for the city, which will allow it to marshal federal resources and law enforcement to bolster the city’s efforts to keep the peace. 

The president granted the request, which was made over the weekend by Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, just days after her city was overrun with massive numbers of pro-Trump supporters and other demonstrators who would eventually lay siege to the U.S. Capitol.

“Specifically, FEMA is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency,” the emergency declaration stated. “Emergency protective measures, limited to direct Federal assistance, will be provided at 100 percent Federal funding.”

The move to round up all available resources came at the same time that the FBI announced that they intercepted intel that suggests armed protests will likely occur in the coming days in the capitals of all 50 U.S. states, according to the Associated Press.

“Armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols from 16 January through at least 20 January, and at the U.S. Capitol from 17 January through 20 January,” an FBI bulletin read, which quickly hit the newswires.

The FBI also made clear in the bulletin that it’s not interested in focusing on those who might show up to protest peacefully and express their First Amendment rights, but it will focus on emerging threats and keep a close eye on developing crowds to spot any indications that violence could break out.

President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20 in a heavily modified ceremony based on current COVID-19 protocols along with heightened security protocols. Trump has already publicly stated that he will not be in attendance, however, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that he will be attending.

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97 Responses

  1. The smart thing for Republicans to do would be to grant Joe Biden his wish and let him get inaugurated without one Republican or Trump supporter in sight. If you are not there they can’t blame any problems on us. Oh, they will try but if none of us are there it will be difficult. Isn’t it amazing how no investigations are being made into Antifa and BLM and they are advertising destruction and mayhem.

        1. The times are a changing, and hopefully for the better for Americans. We republicans will have to take our states with us and leave the trash for the garbage collecting democrat fascist to take out.

          1. Democrats don’t do trash! Haven’t you seen the streets of Demo rat cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and every other city run by Demonic Demo rats. They love to see, smell, roll in and Immerse themselves in trash and other people’s garbage.

        1. Wouldn’t that be funny? Antifa pretends to be Trump supporters, they start a riot, and get themselves shot dead by hidden snipers? I would be laughing so hard I’d prolly piss myself

      1. But conservatives are being prosecuted to the “fullest extent of the law”, and not the leftists – even after $2 billlion in property damages.

      2. Exactly and where has the world’s largest and most corrupt criminal cartel, the FBI, been for the last 4 years when Antifa and Burn, Loot and Murder has been rioting, destroying everything and killing innocent people?

      3. And if any of the BLM or Antifa Members got arrested, Cameltoe Harris will bail them out, as she always does. They are the Brownshirts of the DemonRatPack.

    1. I think that is the best thing that could happen. Don’t give him the audience. Let BLM and ANTIFA show up maybe they can beat each other to death. Everyone should stand with Trump and skip this inauguration we know they cheated.

      1. We all agree! And going to the Capitol now won’t accomplish anything. Let them gear up for no one except BLM/ANTIFA. We need to fight with the laws first and if that doesn’t work take the next steps.

      1. I am hopeful that you are correct, I have heard additional information that could change things but the % of that is still only 50/50. My prayers are with the people that are true to the USA not those are here to tear it down.

    2. 100% right, Michael !!
      If Republicans would’ve had any spine, they would’ve announce that would not attend that shameful inauguration ( just like the democrats
      in 2016 refused to attend Trump’s inauguration)
      But the Republicans( the RINOs) are just a bunch of gutless, shameless individuals who only care about keeping their position and their fancy life style on our back , that’s all !!!!

      1. great idea. But too many of the current Republicans love to be “SEEM” even though they are not coming through for us after the voting has ended. Time for a change. “You can’t fight City Hall” but we can change it. We need a new party — totally new party. Call it Patriot Party; or Freedom Party but not Republican.

    3. Totally agree with you, Michael O’Connor. Hopefully. in future elections, Republicans will not wear hats, t-shirts, bring banners, etc. to any voting booths. That way Republicans cannot be denied to vote by any Democrat manning the booths. I know this is censorship, but at least your vote would be counted.

    4. You are exactly right. I hope all Trumps base/fans/everyone, stay home. The dems know that this election is a fraud. I believe the dems started that riot. They are fearful of Trump, that is what it boils down to hate/fearful.

    5. I agree with your idea. There is a lot of power in ignoring and turning one’s back on stupid idiots taunting you. They hate it when they do not get the attention they want. The Goats are causing the Sheep to band together and unit with plans to do something (non violent) to protect themselves, their heritage and their Christian values. If Trump lays low for awhile, he will soon learn what is going on that may work to his future advantage. Journalist plans to expose whose who in decades of organized corruption of the Constitution certainly could end up exonerating Trump

  2. They seem to get all the ” proof” they need when it concerns them. But they couldn’t find any proof of voter fraud? What a joke they have become.

    1. There is volumes of evidence…obama judges wont hear the case. NONE of the evidence has ever been presented in court. And msm is manipulating reality…..you’ll see soon.

      1. MSM has been manipulating information for years.!!! You cannot trust them any further than you could throw the Capitol building, and with what’s going on now with Demonrats; this seem like a pretty good idea.!!! That way we could rid the American public of all the Demonrats at one time.!!!
        Your email address will not be published. Required fields are m

    2. and yet you will allow them to govern you. brave words, no actions.
      because trump supporters are law abiding? GIVE ME A BREAK. in the face of many broken election laws we get to go stand in our corner and….. cry?

    3. They didn’t have to look for proof. They knew they cheated, But we all need to do exactly what President Trump is doing and not go anywhere near it. Let the rino’s and the demonrats enjoy the company of Antifa, because no doubt they will be there dressed like true patriots. Hopefully they will all be ended and no true Americans/Conservatives.

    4. Oh they have they Yes there was voters fraud To
      Many people that worked with the elections said it was And some of them worked an election a pretty long time


  4. Unfortunately, the Presidency has been stolen from Trump by corruption, stealing, cheating, and discarding his votes.
    Very bad for America.

  5. President Trump o.k.’s the back up help in advance, sounds to me like the President is trying to take u.s. down, or is that the left and far left idea. they say that there was voter frouad, and with all the items on the news with vido, i think there was, and the election was stollen. of course, no one will eaven look at it, because if they did they would have to agree that there was, or look very stupid.

    1. Trump is not knuckling under pressure but knowing when to pick your battles is what it is all about. What we as patriots want, or should want, is to get through all of this “make believe trash” so Trump will be able to run again in 2024. If we blow it now, it is blown forever.

      1. if this upcoming date of Jan 20th isn’t the time – there will NEVER be another time. Forget Trump 2024 – are you daft? The demoloons will try to bankrupt him because the real Americans didn’t show up.
        SORRY, but that is the truth.

        1. If conservatives appear at the inauguration and cause trouble, President Trump will be blamed. Let Antifa dresses like patriots show up and perhaps most of them will be taken out.

    1. Thank J.R. Biden for this. Add in facebook, twatter, google, and other censoring big tech. Would love to see Mark Levin file suit instead of just talking about it….

  6. Trump supporters, stay away from the inauguration. No point recognizing Biden as our president. Also, we then cannot be blamed for whatever violence is started by ANTIFA and BLM. Besides, Washington D.C. should not get the economic benefit of our business.

    1. Ken is right, Trump supporters. Anything that goes wrong they will try to blame Trump supporters. Trump supporters should just stay away from Biden. He is not the real president anyways.

      1. Cheatin bidin is definitely not the president and he knows it. The whole world knows it. But we need to follow President Trump’s lead and stay away from their BS!

  7. With Trump not being there, I’ll bet no real republicans will show up. If there’s a problem, it will be DemonRATS posing as republicans that will cause problems.

    1. Marilyn !!!!
      Totally agree with you !!!!!
      This is my 3rd attempt to post my comment, agreeing with your and Ken’s comment!!!
      This website is canceling my post !!!

      1. They will do that if you mention anything they don’t want others to see, remember it was said, it has only just begun and remember who said it at least once . like the farmer who counted his chickens before they hatched, many of them did not hatch at all. That is all I am going to say about ones who think they are having it their way. God is the Almighty One.

  8. I for one am completely disgusted with what has been occurring. The democrats have gone completely crazy. There is no other word that can describe them. They are all so hungry for complete control that I can’t wait to see them eat each other up. Even the Republicans have so many constituents that are nothing but mealmouths and sit in their offices and do nothing to back their people that were stupid enough to elect them. Hopefully 2022 will brig out those that have the guts to stand up for our FREEDOM from the tyranny that is taking place now.

    1. Helen, I agree with you 100% .
      Unfortunately, to a lot of us there is no hope for 2022!
      As long as we started on this road , there will be no more 2022 hope for any changes, sadly!

      Just look around and listen to what the narrative sounds like !!
      Hopeless situation!!!!

      1. Remember Magda, someone said it is not the end , it is only the beginning. God Bless America Again. God is the Almighty One and he will decide on what will or will not be. Someone also said I will never give up. think about these things for awhile and the man who said them.

      2. If it’s the next election year it’s 2024 not 2022 dufus. Maybe the states that Trump won were fraudulent. The democrats didn’t cry about that. Republicans are crying for Trump to resign. They didn’t like what he caused at the Capitol on wed. The’re afraid Trumps stink will rub off on them

    2. That is their plan Helen but remember what that saying goes the best laid plans of mice and men, that is what this is about . Those plans are not always what is the best ones to turn out after all.

  9. The best thing we can do for OUR President is to stay away from there. It would be my pleasure to do that in respect to OUR President Trump

    1. I agree, stay away, don’t get involved, save PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS for another day. If you don’t, you might cause Trump to not be able to run for President again in 2024.

  10. I think that is the best thing that could happen. Don’t give him the audience. Let BLM and ANTIFA show up maybe they can beat each other to death. Everyone should stand with Trump and skip this inauguration we know they cheated.

    1. Also stay away from State Capital bldgs. , old saying, Give them, (democrats) enough rope to hang themselves, and PRAY that the truth comes out and Good prevails. Antifi and BLM appeared on the 6th, it was well sponsored, to make Trump supportwrs look bad, if we all stay home they cannot blame us, Be sure you take pictures of where you are so you have proof.

  11. Could this finally be the take down of the corrupt Democratic Party? The swamp has gotten out of hand and they think they can’t be stopped. God Bless America

  12. In a fair election, Trump would not only have won the electoral college vote but the popular vote as well. Just look at the thousands of people at his rallies and the handful at Biden’s. If the steal is completed with a Biden inauguration, I have no doubt that the patriots of this country will rise up and put down what would be the most corrupt administration EVER. Not only at the Federal level, but every election commissioner, judge and local politician who helped to enable the steal needs to be dealt with – SEVERELY! We should now know that we cannot expect Democrats to do what’s right for the country. They’re just selling us out to the Chinese.

  13. I believe the best comments are those advising all of us to stay away from the treasonous bunch now in the presidency, especially Joe Biden, knowing he is incapable of leading a nation such as ours anywhere but down!! His inauguration should prove to all of us that not enough people voted for him, since no one SHOWED UP FOR IT!!

  14. Biden hasn’t been sworn it yet so we have 8 more days. If he is sworn it he will make such a mess of things by 2022 the people should take back the house of representatives, the senate and then Biden will have a terrible time getting anything done with a republican majority in both houses of congress. It is a shame that the democrats had to lie and cheat their way into the executive branch and the senate in Georgia.

      1. John, I agree with you. my question is: with the democrats and RINO republicans in charge of things for the next 4 years, how in the world would this year’s voting method be changed to a non-corrupt method? no one has mentioned cleaning up the election process. I am sure the president-elect would fight to keep it as it is now. votes after deadline not accepted, Voter ID incorporated, states must not change the voting deadlines, no more votes by dead people, no more vote harvesting, no more other countries counting our votes, no more Dominion voting machines, no more non-citizen votes, no more prisoners votes unless that law is changed, no more people voting in multiple states. higher prison times for voter fraud by people, and any other fraudulent things. if nothing is changed we will be wasting our time trying to vote. I will be 89 at the next presidential election and though in a wheelchair I refuse mail-in voting and vote in person. the next item on my mind is Nancy Pelosi’s hate is so great her mental capacity is so limited now that she is pushing for an immediate impeachment using the same reasons she herself has, (seems most Democrat leaders accuse others of what they are doing).

  15. There would not be any reason for trouble in D.C. or any place else if the ANTIFA and BLM THUG’S and CRIMINALS would mind their own Business and stay away from D.C and the other 49 State’s. Their the One that have been Bought and Paid by SOROS , DNC , and by ALL NON TRUMPERS bring the Trouble into the Cities and making it impossible to work with People that are non-violent .

  16. I agree, all trump supporters should refrain from going to d.c. for the inauguration farce. If no republicans show up, we cannot be blamed for the blm, antifa uprisings that will take place. And they will, that is who they are. They will wear MAGA hats, and pretend to be Trump supporters, but WE will know the truth! So please, Trump supporters, stay away, don’t feed the monster demonrats plan to blame us. Blm and antifa will be there, disrupting, rioting, creating chaos. Let the demonrats deal with the monsters THEY created. No one wants to see an illegitimate president inaugurated anyway, so distance yourselves from this farce!

  17. when is president Trump going to ACT? I have been hearing a lot of stuff on international scene. Canada has shut down its border tighter and military is on high alert. pelosis lap top and 20 some others were seized on 1-6-21. some say hard drives and other evidence was taken from top demon rat offices. we cannot allow Joe Biden to be sworn in, it will be the end of democracy as we know it. that is why there is a big push to impeach, and the reason is to prevent Trump from ever being able to run for office again. Nancy said that today. she is scared. too bad she isn’t scared to death. people like her, Schumer, Nadler, etc will live forever. they are favored by satan.

  18. PLEASE no more mention of FOX (or is it FAX News?)… Last I heard, they were deep up to their Noses in Muck in the Swamp…We, THE PEOPLE, put them there…Be PROUD of that fact…Let’s Move on…We got NewsMaxx now….

  19. No One Is Coming to Lyin Hidin Bidens Inauguration. … It will be CRICKETS FROM THE RIGHT. … When Most Folks Do Not Recognize his Presidency. Why? Would anyone come? It will be very quite. The least amount of supporters ever seen. You Know. Just like his Rallies. Nobody there.

  20. You people have no idea what is about to happen. The democratic party will be no more and the Republican party will be no more. We will have a all new government that is for the people and the world will unite!

  21. Get rid of the Republican party and start a party for President Trump the “publicans” abandoned Trump and the rest of his supporters so why support an old worthless bunch of Idiots who have shown over and over they don’t care about you or your family. They definitely are so weak, remember when Mitch and his wife were confronted at their home, who stood up? Not Mitch! What a wimpy bunch of rich (off our backs) political hacks! So I say Mr. President, you say the word and we’ll see if we can’t start a new party ,by the people and for the people as it was intended with term limits so this kind of riff raff won’t exist. I believe we are a force to be reckoned with, let’s see 74 million voters and probably many more than that, we may never know! Leave these lousy “publicans”to fend for themselves, what a bunch of LOSERS, They will never get my vote again, what Cowards!

  22. Dont trust this site. I posted a comment and it disappeared. Nothing but the facts in it. Ill check back to see if either make it.

    Bet this one disappears too.

  23. I would have no intention to attend a ceremony to Booo an illegitimate President. Let this man take his sinful win home. He will have to answer his evil deeds ! This entire Democratic Party is evil! I would not vote for Democrats ideology if it were my mother! Then again, not ever giving another dime to to Republicans.. our country has been purchased by evil greed! Only God himself can save us! We need to decide what we are willing to look at in our own lives! Nothing makes sense anymore!

    1. Dont dispair Bonnie – God is on the thone and He will fulfill his purposes in all of this. We as believers have to trust our God and know that He knows best. Daniel tells us – “God raises up the leaders and removes he leaders to His good pleasure.” That is either true or it isn’t! Hang is and watch the wonders of your God unfold.

  24. Repub organizers should be very vocal about their participation in in the inauguration. Get good press and then……..nobody shows up. The press will have a field day covering these pre-events and nothing to report after the day is over. Oh they will hype how strong BLS/Anfifa were to hold off the supporters but 75 millioin of us and more will know the truth. Things are gong to change quickly so be prepared and hold your ground. God rules the nations to fufill his purposes – He also gives the leadership to those He chooses – believe that and don’t let go.

  25. It’s a shame that the democraps can hate a person so bad , that they can not see anything else that going on around them. Our president stood for the people from the start, done things the would enrich the country. Past presidents never said or stood for the people or country. Some rhinos that are now against him seem to have lost their guts, can’t take the pressure. Democraps forgot about clinton and her emails, obama and his illegal spying on president Trump. When will they get charged for their crime? He is still my president until Jan. 20th.


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