August 9, 2022

White House terminates all but two COVID-19 briefings per week

Andy Slavitt, White House Senior Advisor for COVID-19 Response, announced coronavirus briefings will now take place only two days per week, marking a shift in policy following President Joe Biden’s 100 days in office and lower numbers of virus cases.

“We are going to be moving our press briefing calls from three days per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday going forward to twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays,” Slavitt said on Tuesday.

“Transparency with you is vital and you will continue to see this transparency in a variety of formats,” he added.

Slavitt also said, ““This week, nearly 30 million doses will go out across all channels, with the vast majority going to states, tribes, and territories.”

Since the president’s inauguration, three COVID-19 briefings have been held each week. The briefings have sought to provide updates on health information, vaccinations and case number, along with questions from reporters.

Biden took office, federal health officials held three briefings a week to advise Americans on the fight against the coronavirus and take questions from reporters.

Most briefing have involved Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The latest briefing also included the update of asking Americans 16 and over to receive a vaccination.

Walensky further warned that the pandemic may not be done. The nation could face new problems in areas where Americans choose not to get a vaccine.

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Joe (@guest_1230081)
1 year ago

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John Allender (@guest_1230347)
Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

If it wasn’t for Trump’s warp speed efforts to get a vaccine. This current clown of a president wouldn’t be able to take the credit. Trump was right.

Robert (@guest_1230360)
Reply to  John Allender
1 year ago

Isn’t it ironic how the liberal progressives use words like transparency and diversity as well as fairness and honesty . There only tools to win an election is the race card race baiting and division the largest tool in there shed is downright lying and committing fraud which they have perfected in California and now a cross the nation .

Covid-19 Jobs (@guest_1230442)
Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

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N A (@guest_1230332)
1 year ago

Good ! All they do is tell the some LIE’S Over and Over. I would rather be DEAD than Red on the HEAD Ms.Psaki. This is the Most Deplorable and Deranged Administration in US History.

Terry Bell (@guest_1230348)
Reply to  N A
1 year ago

So very true !

Connie (@guest_1230333)
1 year ago

Joe and the Hoe do not care about any of us so why would they attend anyway. They do not have a brain between the two of them.

sturgis (@guest_1230380)
Reply to  Connie
1 year ago

That’s why the black obozo is calling the shots!

camille (@guest_1230600)
Reply to  sturgis
1 year ago

You appear unaware of the SOROS INFLUENCE. His recent administrator is working behind the scene in the back office with Obama and Harris. They are running the presidency. Biden signs executive orders and tries to look important. Also the Soros former administrator had a cozy relationship with Bush/

Jack (@guest_1230350)
1 year ago

The White House, is Lier America, there is no Truth in them! They only promote Evil in their lives everyday!

Edna Driscoll Driscoll (@guest_1230355)
1 year ago

This administration took lessons from Jimmy Hoffa and our grandchildren will be the ones to suffer the consequences!

Brad (@guest_1230366)
1 year ago

Is this because the phone ringing for the joint briefings disrupts Biden’s naps? He will reduce them to one, then none and hoping no one notices. Have a good nap, you idiot.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1230373)
1 year ago

Hollywood scrpited show only at the new the woke house news briefing. All not to be believed. They only answer a question with another question. Or circle back and never do…

Michael Gentleman (@guest_1230374)
1 year ago

Biden needs to be sued! He is letting all those drugs in with open borders. Look at all the drug addicts we have! There is going to be alot more of are kids doing drugs! Open borders is Biden’s way of letting the cartels destroy our country! Joe does not care how many people are in drugs, he just wants Hunter getting them cheaper so it don’t come out of daddy’s pocket! Biden is suppose to be working for we the people. He only cares about the dems staying in power! Our children and there children we be the ones who pay for this crazy spending! Biden and his clowns should be in prison for what he is doing! Leaving open borders is flooding America with drugs! How can this be legal?

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1230420)
1 year ago

Since I missed all the previous briefings, am waitng with bated breath to see what else China Joe thinks he can ban if this elixir is not stuffed in one’s torso.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1230424)
1 year ago

Really & not make more lies to public?
How about 1X a month then.

Katydid (@guest_1230440)
1 year ago

Does the Biden administration still think they are the saviors of Covid? We all know that it was Trump that saved us and got the vaccine out in warp speed. Not Biden, He is hanging onto Trumps coattail.,



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