April 18, 2021

White House economic adviser confirms that there will be another round of coronavirus stimulus legislation

Senior White House Adviser Kevin Hassett confirmed the rumors during a Saturday interview with Fox News that there will “definitely” be another coronavirus stimulus package in the coming weeks. 

After the shocking jobs report dropped earlier this week showing that the US economy had added 2.5 million jobs, dropping the unemployment rate from an all-time high of 14.7 percent to 13.3 percent in May, Hassett celebrated the news, but said that “there’s still a lot of work left to do.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attempted to force a stimulus package through at the end of May, but the Republican-controlled Senate balked at the myriad of Democrat pet projects contained within the proposal.

The legislature has thus far been unable to agree on a path forward.

The unexpected jobs report added a much-needed jolt of optimism in the US, but the economy is far from out of the woods, prompting economic experts within Trump’s cabinet to advocate for Congress to come to a bipartisan agreement.

Hassett explained that “the numbers mean we’ve hit bottom, and we’re coming back way faster than anyone other than the president thought possible,” but continued that “I’m sure there will be a phase four deal because there are things like liability protection that really have to happen.”

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51 Responses

  1. I don’t think we need another stimulus check. Take back the additional money to unemployment and fund an infrastructure and fo way with the FICA tax for a year.

    1. I agree. There’s no way to get legislation that isn’t crammed with liberal agenda garbage. It’s just not worth it. And definitely DON’T funnel it through the states. Washington managed to lose the federal unemployment subsidy to Nigerian scammers. Hundreds of millions of dollars.

  2. The citizens of America could use a stimulus check to help pay bills that are behind. Hope it comes soon.

    1. Yes we all could use more $$$ But pelsoie will put so much crap in it .It will never pass the senate.All she is doing is trying to make the GOP look bad.another round of CHECKS would be fine,but none of the other crap she will add….

    2. I hope another stimulus package comes, however, I don’t want pork barrel stipulations by the Democrats/RINO’s.

  3. Also defund planned parenthood and don’t let Dems throw their Socialistic issues into the bill.

  4. sure could use another a lot of mine went on medical supplies and face masks and rubber gloves hand sanitizer and hand soap. loads of stuff I never buy.

  5. My son never got his first check. How do I report it so he can get it! He is on soc, sec, disability. I have tried calling the”get my check but can get anywhere. My accountant tried also but wouldn’t go thru!

    1. I read something yesterday there was a number you could call, or go to there website. You may be able to do a search.

  6. I’m buying gold with mine again. When nothing helps which this won’t! Up $50 since the last check!

  7. We are lucky to receive anything. The unbelievable damage done to businesses, police cars, privately owned automobiles, residences and cleaning up the stunning amount of damage and waste is where the money should go. Those (Antifa and others) responsible for the damage done to our country, and society should pay for all that has been laid waste. This should come first. Defacing the Lincoln Memorial, Oh Dear!!! These hoodlums should rot in jail, rather than be bailed out by the Bidens of the world, and their witless followers.

    1. I agree with you completely the people that caused all that damage needs to pay for it.
      I worry about another stimulus check for everyone, the government is borrowing all this money & it will need to be repaid, in the near future taxes will have to be raised, is it worth getting this check to have to Pay it back threefold or more?

    2. Perfectly stated, Terry! The demoncraps are behind it along with Soros. And they belong in prison with the rioters and murderers.

    3. Yes and no Terry. Yes we need to repair historic monuments like the Lincoln Memorial etc. but spending Federal money to prop up these Democratic State and local governments, no. Not only no but hell no! You want to get the economy going again, do what they did before, send money to the citizens of the US who are the ones who pay taxes like they did the last time. It helped us recover from the shut-down of the nation and it will help again as so many have been out of work and affected through no fault of their own. The Antifa and socialist activists etc who have used this incident in Mn to start this racist garbage. We should not have the Feds bail the local Governments out as some did not activly try and stop them! Yes they SHOULD go to jail, for a long time as they are trying to start a Reveloution! Change our Republic into a Socialist style government or Communist style. I don’t think they care which one!

    1. And the dems will NEVER stop adding their pet projects. They are not interested in any of their projects as relate to the citizens….they have their pet projects solely to DICTATE TO ALL OF US. Hopefully they will fail big time. I do NOTHING any democrat suggests…..no democrat that I know of is a true American….they are all servants of Satan….filled with hate and jealousy. Democrats of today are nothing better than rotten trash.

  8. I wish they hurry up and send another round of Stimulus checks while the sale is still on for 500 rounds of .243 Cal Bulk ammo, and also I have been eyeballing another really nice Rifle on sale @ sportsmen outdoors.

  9. Sure would hep me replace my 17 y.o. car. Paying off other bills I can afford paying for a newer vehicle. Thank you so much for the last stimulus check. God Bless and keep our President safe.

  10. If we keep borrowing and borrowing our great grandchildren kids will never get it paid back! What a burden to place on kids that haven’t been born yet!!!
    Years ago we were told to tighten our belts and pay off credit cards and such and save enough money that would pay your bills and buy groceries for 3-6 months! Then we were told to buy nonperishable food , I didn’t buy the commercial nonperishable food but have maintained a supply of can goods. So we didn’t suffer thru this food shortage!
    People need to take care of what they have in case of another shutdown!! The democrats are all for the shut down!

  11. What is going to happen if there is not a big spike in Vitus deaths after all the protesting. People ignoring the lock down and distancing guide line. All the so-called experts will be devastated. I would really be surprised if it does. There will be an increase in cases as more testing is being done. , Not because there are actually more cases, just more people being tested. We need to get this country opened back up before it is too late, if it isn’t already. I am 90 years old, and have never seen anything like what is going on in this country now, with the virus and all the protesting. People are being killed, injured and businesses ram sacked and burned. No protests about that. All four officers involved in the George Floyd death have been arrested and charged, One has been charged with 2nd degrees murder. All the looters and arsonist have not been arrested, Some have and released in about 3 hours. No protests about that. A black man shot and killed a black ex police officer who was trying to protect a friends business, No protests. Hundreds of businesses across the country have been looted and burned, some black businesses, no protest. A police station was burned with police on the roof that had to be helicoptered off to keep from being killed. Isn’t that attempted murder? A family home was torched with the family, even a baby inside. The rioters even tried to stop the fire department from putting out the blaze. Isn’t that attempted murder, also. No protests. This is not a protest anymore, if it ever was. It needs to be stopped, Now.

    1. Under the name of peaceful protest our streets have become war zones with violence being the driving force. All respect for others has been ignored and lawlessness has been praised as honoring someone due to a tragic death that the perpetrators have been arrested and charged but we have not seen those responsible for the looting and burning charged. There has to be a common ground someplace. I have always heard two wrongs never make a right.

  12. Just make sure that there is no pork in the next one. Also, stop paying the unemployed more than they would get on the job. They need to go back to work and earn a raise in pay like the rest of the working class.

  13. I have always agreed with President Trump on all of his decisiones but his handeling of the coronavirus. The country is, rightly so, concerned about the number of application for unemployment and the number that have lost their jobs Well when you close all the businesses and shut their doors, the workers are out of a job. It is amazing how the Constatution has been so violated. He swore to uphold it aand instead he violated it. (closed churches, Seperation of Church and State, not allowing the public to leave their homes, freedom to Assemble, to name just two. ) I voted for him in first selection and plan to do again. I have even donated to his campaine. This whole thing has destroyed the finances of the United States. We have been put in a position we will never recover from. Socialism is blocking on our door. What can he do to right the Ship, i dont think anyone can. We have just gone off the mails. The government is paying individuals welfare that is more than their jobs paid, why would they go back to work for less money. The money will never stop till we as a country are no more. Rioters are not arrested for fear of offended certain Group by Police on their orders from their Chiefs. I am starting to believe the National Guard had the right idea at Kent State. We are against China and punishing the comon man and woman for the actions of their Government the only good thing with that is the people dont know the government doesnt care about them. Look at Tinnimaan Square, Sounds familiar doesnt it.

  14. Thought it was already approved and was waiting for the check. My neighbor and my GF didnt get the 1st one yet. Have they all been sent out?

  15. No more stimulus go back to work no more money without working time to go back. People not going back to work making more of stimulus. Buy TV and toys not paying bills. Back to work in July and no more money / hand outs . If stimulus was to happen only goes to people back to work and holding a job for 6 months if they quit have to pay back money. Best not to give it out

    1. Not true Stephen. Stop giving out false information as you do not know what you are talking about.

      1. Jim: Just exactly what part of his post was untrue? Maybe you read something I did not. I know for a fact there are jobs available in my area with no takers.

    2. Many businesses are looking for employees but with the stimulus package it pays more to not work than it does to work. Just how does that make sense? With the debt our nation is presently in another stimulus with the unrelated perks in it Pelosi wants is sheer madness. If another is approved it should be void of ANY perks.

  16. I do not want it, if it means excepting all the trash, Nancy an the other Dems have in tried to include in this second one. That has nothing to do with Covid19 or looking after the American citizens. If u don’t believe me. Look it up.

  17. From what I understand , native Americans have not received any stimulus money , period. Why have illegals gotten stimulus money already and maybe more if Pelosi got her way ? . Let Pelosi use her millions for the illegals. Give native Americans their first stimulus money and make sure they receive the next round of stimulus money.

  18. I don’t know for sure if this is true or not but I was told if the Democrats are behind this next stimulus check, we will have to pay it back! I don’t want their BLOOD MONEY regardless!

  19. I don’t know if this is true or not but I heard that if this stimulus check is okay’d by Democrats we would eventually have to pay it back! I don’t want their BLOOD MONEY or their pork!

  20. I am on disability and loving on an assisted living facility o have had f surgeries on the past 4 o this a d am schedule for two. More surgeries and my husband is on social security my sonis also ondisabi.ity

  21. Best way to solve our DEMO–C–RAT problem ( yes I know ” extermination” ) BUTT that is what they have been trying to do to TRUMP & GOOD G.O.P. AMERICANS!!! WE G.O.P AMERICANS are never down at their LEVEL “EVER” !!! We can SOLVE IT “”REMEMBER NOVEMBER 2020” !!!

  22. People who haven’t gotton their
    First check should be a priority.
    Why is that happening. We wont get the next check until next year at the speed out over paid and under worked government emp-
    loyees work. It will take 6 months
    to figure how to write the checks
    Its a common jnown fact that if
    you want a job done give it to the
    government they know how to screw everything up.


    1. I agree totally Jorge. They have shelled out enough. Make sure it goes to the right people. And screw the Pelosi gang’s toilet paper rostra.

  24. Republicans, Don’t want it if Pelosi is going to get her pork out of it, Covid-19 Stimulus is just that, Not for illegals, food stamps, abortions clinics, repairs to any white house museums, Statues, grounds, or giving a higher pay rate to congress. Republicans grow some Balls and Stand with a backbone to Pelosi.

  25. Iam a small business owner,when you lay off workers and lose your people you once had and have to start over its hard to get your business back over night. My thought are we need help
    of some kind.

  26. Don’t let sneaky Nancy anywhere near the next stimulus bill!!! seen her on TV earlier today !!! WHAT a PHONY!!!! she should be ashamed of herself!!

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