August 14, 2022

White House Spox: Trump administration ”will not tolerate violence against law enforcement’ in Philadelphia

Another major American city was plunged into a state of violence and unrest on Tuesday after the fatal shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. at the hands of the police on Monday. Nearly a dozen individuals were shot on Tuesday night as the city exploded in protests and riots, and the chaos shows no signs of slowing.

White House communications director Alyssa Farah told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that the White House has made emergency preparations to respond to the situation and initiate an intervention if necessary. 

“We’re monitoring the situation closely,” Farah said. “If necessary, we’ll be standing by and prepared to deploy federal resources.”

“I want to make one thing clear: President Trump will not tolerate any violence directed at America’s law enforcement,” Farah continued. “And, look, the actual case, we’re going to let the facts play out, let the investigation play out, but we will not tolerate lawlessness in our streets.”

The White House spokesperson said that Trump will defer to the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security as to whether they will wait for local law enforcement agencies to request help.

In cities such as Portland and Seattle, local leaders publically repudiated President Trump’s offers to help quell the violence. Philadelphia is Democrat-run and thus unlikely to cooperate with the Trump administration.

Philly Mayor Jim Kenney (D) called Wallace’s death “heartwrenching” and said that the incident presents “difficult questions that must be answered” on Tuesday, and said that he would dedicate his week to meeting with community leaders to “advance our reform agenda” to address issues of systemic racism within the city.

Kenney extended his “best wishes” to police officers injured in the riots, but only warned that protesters “outraged” by Monday’s events should “ensure that our communities are not further hurt.” Kenney did not directly condemn the violence that wounded nearly a dozen — including a 15-year-old girl — and resulted in millions of dollars in property damage.

Farah had a much stronger message for rioters: “This president has made clear before, whether it was in Seattle, or Portland or others, we’re prepared to deploy federal law enforcement if necessary. So I’m sure those conversations are ongoing now. We won’t tolerate unrest in our streets, and we certainly will not tolerate violence against law enforcement.”

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Deplorable Lanie (@guest_1067794)
1 year ago

The problem isn’t President Trump, the problem is the Democrat Mayor who won’t accept help when they are overwhelmed with violence! They are not thinking about the citizens only the optics if they accept help from the Republican President!

Eddie Price (@guest_1067803)
Reply to  Deplorable Lanie
1 year ago

Well said. Exactly how I and others who care about law and order feel.

RowZ (@guest_1067847)
Reply to  Deplorable Lanie
1 year ago

Absolutely!!! They are actually daring him to over-ride the way they are to handle this……the protocol is that the Governor or Mayor (or both) call the WH and ask for National Guard help. They refuse to do this and try to make our President look like he can’t control his nation. And if he does send troops in without them requesting it, they will call him a dictator (and worse) They are idiots!! [And they don’t even care they will get no help in rebuilding if they do not ask for the help needed.]

madmemere (@guest_1068276)
Reply to  RowZ
1 year ago

If the situation is bad enough (and it is), the President does not have to wait for a “request” from the local disinterested politicians; he CAN (and should) declare martial law, for a particular area, in the event of insurrection (or invasion), when the local authorities cannot, or will not (in this case, will not) restore law and order. the President can then send in the troops to restore order – – as per Uniform Military Code of Justice, article 1, section 9!

Robert W (@guest_1067932)
Reply to  Deplorable Lanie
1 year ago

I firmly agree, Trump will provide the help the mayor’s a governor’s (blue state) have to agree, next step, vigilante action by the citizens!!!!

Carlos (@guest_1067979)
Reply to  Robert W
1 year ago

We need Charles Bronson!

Karen (@guest_1067801)
1 year ago

The president doesnt need the govenors permission to protect this nation. He should have already sent the troops in to stop the anti-American riots.

Lee Blanchard (@guest_1067817)
Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

Actually that is not true. There is such a thing as “states rights” to prevent the federal government from being overbearing. So the rule is that they have to be invited unless a particular state of emergency is declared which he would prefer not to do.

MillerTime (@guest_1067835)
Reply to  Lee Blanchard
1 year ago

Lee you are correct.

Rivahmitch (@guest_1067851)
Reply to  Lee Blanchard
1 year ago

You’re correct… UNLESS The President declares the violence insurrection…

madmemere (@guest_1068277)
Reply to  Lee Blanchard
1 year ago

States rights are not being applied by those local authorities, therefore Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 1, Section 9 is enforceable.

Alice Connor-Hall (@guest_1067841)
Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

You are so uneducated about how it works.. you better read lady.

madmemere (@guest_1067872)
Reply to  Alice Connor-Hall
1 year ago

ICYDK-The President CAN (and should) declare Martial Law, in the said affected areas -when a civil authority cannot, or will not do so, habeas corpus is suspended and militia is sent in, in times of rebellion, (or invasion) according to Article 1, Section 9 per US Military Code of Justice. In times like these “all of us” need to get our facts straight and NOT accuse others of ignorance, when those claiming such, are being “ignorant” themselves.

Alab (@guest_1067802)
1 year ago

These governors ,mayors need to let the police do their jobs.not tolerate crinamals to disrespect law and order.need to start busting that axx and take back control of the streets and any rioter to be threating with a felony if caught rioting..period..

paw paw (@guest_1067809)
1 year ago

Please vote for Trump and Republicans all the way through. Trump can’t do it all on his own.

madmemere (@guest_1067874)
Reply to  paw paw
1 year ago

Right on!

Rebecca L Bailey (@guest_1068014)
Reply to  paw paw
1 year ago

Amen we are voting Trump… God Bless Trump and all true republicans

Irven Griffin (@guest_1067812)
1 year ago

I think that the Mayor and the Govenor should be liable for the cost of the damage that they let happen

Laura (@guest_1067840)
Reply to  Irven Griffin
1 year ago

They Absolutely should pay for it! It’s just going to get worse after the elections. The state leaders are not projecting their citizens. Isn’t there a call by the citizens to have a town Hall meeting to voice the “citizens”, concerns and to call in the National Guard?

Vince (@guest_1067816)
1 year ago

The black man attack an officer with a Knife what is the problem the office was protecting his life….NO CASE ATTACK OFFICER OR OTHER HUMAN YOU DIE. PERIOD.

Terry Bell (@guest_1067843)
Reply to  Vince
1 year ago

I agree…..You notice most of the so called people who are shot, arrested, and locked up are niggers. They do not know how to act like humans.

Thomas (@guest_1067856)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

You have a right to your opinion, however, does it have to be hate/race laced?

Phillip W Lewis (@guest_1067822)
1 year ago

Time to call (Sergeant at Arms.)

As the chief law enforcement officer of the House, the Sergeant at Arms is responsible for security in the House wing of the United States Capitol there four These governors ,mayors need to let the police do their jobs, They are not thinking about the citizens, not tolerate criminals to disrespect law and order of our country.

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1067832)
Reply to  Phillip W Lewis
1 year ago

Political gain to them is far more important than human life, just look at China. If they let these idiots keep this crap up without repercussions, when it comes the time that we have to stop it, their will be a lot of blood left on the ground…

Van Bui (@guest_1067852)
1 year ago

Walter Wallace Jr. had the knife in his hand, He attacks an officer with a Knife, he was going for the kill.
The Police have the right to defend themself. why people are not thinking about the police, the citizens, we should not tolerate criminals who did not disrespect the law and order of our country.

Michael OConnor (@guest_1067904)
1 year ago

Every time a colored gets shot or killed while he is breaking the law, somehow it is the policeman’s fault. It also seems it is their permission to destroy private property as well as stealing everything they can get their hands on. We then have the Mayor and Governors apologizing for the actions of the police. This is wrong, I think if the Mayor isn’t going to stand up for those police officers who are protecting us then the President should. As a taxpayer I don’t want to pay for their lack of courage thru my taxes. If this behavior is allowed to continue the colored’s worst nightmare will come true. They will be treated like any other person who breaks the law.

PATTY (@guest_1067911)
1 year ago


Fred (@guest_1068050)
Reply to  PATTY
1 year ago

Patty please try to be nicer. If you use all caps. Most of us just ignore your post. I didn’t read it. But it dose make you look the fool. Are you?

Marty (@guest_1067920)
1 year ago

Unfortunetly the DNC bank roll and billionaires like George Soros are organizing these riots and paying the rioters to cause as much destruction as possible. They feed them and put them up in motels and bail them out of jail. Who we need to jail is George Soros and his son. That is long overdue for this evil duo.

Kevin Kiley (@guest_1067921)
1 year ago

On the news last night there was a looter pushing a washing machine on a dolly out the door of a store. It might have been easier to push the store. Looting used to be only what you can stash in your pocket. That’s why jewelry
stores went first.

J Hoiden (@guest_1067938)
1 year ago

“Outraged” protesters (rioters) should be dealt with accordingly. Let the cops be cops and protect the city, not let the trash run all over, destroying everything.

Robin Andrews (@guest_1068008)
1 year ago

It doesn’t make sense to destroy your own cities. They should be prosecuted n banned from where they’ve committed the crimes. Which means they can starve n or act accordingly in other places of businesses they haven’t destroyed or rioted. Just can’t fix dumb ppl but they can be stopped. Martial law does apply.

mike gullatt (@guest_1068037)
1 year ago

soros and son and bill gates could stop all of this by removing their monetary support!! they are funding and guiding the rioters and marxists behind this mess and backing the bought politicians keeping it going!! they want one world government run by them!!

Mike Siegfried (@guest_1068062)
1 year ago

The more dead criminal pos the better. Don’t commit crimes and fight the police you won’t end up dead. Just another dead pos.



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