August 9, 2022

White House says pressure from Israel will not deter Biden from kowtowing to Iran

The Biden administration is poised to orchestrate a return to one of the Obama-era’s most controversial foreign policy stances, thus threatening to undermine the nation’s relationship with a key global ally.

As Breitbart reports, despite strong opposition from Israel, the White House wants them to to say “goodbye” to any hope they had that the Biden administration would alter its position on rejoining the Iranian nuclear deal and is prepared to bid goodbye to officials visiting from Jerusalem without making any concessions to their push for reconsideration.

Amid ongoing indirect talks between Tehran and Washington in Vienna, the Biden administration has signaled no change in its prior commitment to resurrecting the pact from which former President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018, something which has raised serious alarm in Israel, a country under constant threat from Iran.

Following news that Israeli spy chief Yossi Cohen and Meir Ben-Shabbat of the country’s national security apparatus would travel to D.C. this week to voice their disagreement with the planned move, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked whether their presence would affect any change in the administration’s position, answering, “No,” according to Breitbart, adding, “As it relates to Israel, we have kept them abreast as a key partner of these discussion – or of our intentions, and we will continue to do that on any future visits.”

Even so, the Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli delegation is still holding out hope of changing some minds in Washington, with a senior official declaring, “We don’t think [resumption of the agreement] is a done deal yet. We’re going to [D.C.] because we’re going to try to influence the process.”

The official went even further, stating, “The instructions to the senior security officials that are flying to Washington for talks is to present Israel’s opposition to the agreement in Iran and not to negotiate over it, because we are talking about a return to the previous agreement that is dangerous for Israel and the region,” the Jerusalem Post noted.

Earlier this month, a group of 27 Democrats in the Senate announced their endorsement of the Biden administration’s overtures toward rejoining the nuclear deal formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), stating in a letter, “We strongly support returning to the JCPOA and using a ‘compliance for compliance’ approach as a starting point to reset U.S. relations with Iran,” according to The Hill.

Though the Democrat senators also suggested an openness to ending sanctions on Iran imposed during the Trump administration if certain levels of compliance are met, the Biden administration has cautioned that it will not lift every economic measure taken against the rogue nation, as Politico reported, something Tehran has said is a prerequisite for cooperation.

Given the unequivocal indications from the White House that Israel’s objections to the Iran deal carry no weight as the administration moves toward rejoining what Trump called “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into,” severe harm to one of this country’s most crucial strategic partnerships appears sadly inevitable.

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Joel A. Schlemmer (@guest_1228763)
1 year ago

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MICHAEL (@guest_1228966)
Reply to  Joel A. Schlemmer
1 year ago

I am going to be very direct. What happened to JFK needs to happen with this idiot we have in the WH. He is doing all he can to destroy our country.

Michael C (@guest_1229000)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Hey MICHAEL: I totally agree, but lets “expand” that scenario!!!

Doc Holiday (@guest_1229034)
Reply to  Michael C
1 year ago

Agree with you too . Maybe somebody needs to send in a Missile into the WH Or Capital fly another Plane
Into The WH with a Message . were coming to get you

Hunter (@guest_1229002)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Biden/Harris, Joe and Blow both SUCK

delaine (@guest_1229282)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago


Kenneth (@guest_1229011)
Reply to  Joel A. Schlemmer
1 year ago

And this has what To do with the discussion at hand?

MAZECANE (@guest_1228956)
1 year ago

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Inna (@guest_1228969)
Reply to  MAZECANE
1 year ago

Biden is antisemit. He created racism in our country and try to rule and create a world war in other countries.

David (@guest_1229009)
Reply to  Inna
1 year ago

Don’t leave Obama out of the Racism comment.!

delaine (@guest_1229284)
Reply to  David
1 year ago

Or the JFK suggestion.

don (@guest_1229024)
Reply to  Inna
1 year ago

Biden’s daughter is married to a Muslim and his family is from Iran—Kerry is a traitor to this country—Robert Bird has a daughter married to a Muslim —how many more senators and congressmen have daughters married to Muslims——-Sunday dinner I bet is interesting !!! Americans working for IRan.

badugly (@guest_1229328)
Reply to  MAZECANE
1 year ago

These websites that allow this junk will be marked as spam if they can’t stop this trash!!!!

Claxson 68 (@guest_1228957)
1 year ago

2021 will be the year that Biden stops the United States from being a super power & Chins & Russia will walk all over us while the world laughs!

JC (@guest_1228959)
1 year ago

That turkey needs to be removed from that office along with the trashy VP and the Speaker from hell. The Dems have tanked and there are no backups. Bring back Trump!

Cougar (@guest_1228970)
Reply to  JC
1 year ago

JC, I agree 100%

Kenneth (@guest_1229007)
Reply to  JC
1 year ago

I absolutely agree, couldn’t have said it any better if I tried!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1228960)
1 year ago

Wants Iran to send missile to the US?
unless Israel blocks missile enroute.
Or hits launch site

Thomas (@guest_1228971)
1 year ago

shame on ignorant voters

dems are flat out evil disgusting anti american trash

Nancy Portia Barberis (@guest_1228978)
1 year ago

Israel is not the only ones being stabbed in the back.
THE CHILDREN OF AMERICA takes the number one spot with me.

Pl4ease let us know which sin you consider the #1.

Eugene Gate (@guest_1228987)
1 year ago

Old Stupid Joe Biden. Worst president ever. Needs to be removed from white house at once by whatever means

Sandra H Haddock (@guest_1228991)
1 year ago

As a Conservative Christian, I feel that biden needs to ‘beware’ of anything he does to allow or cause harm to Israel. Israel is the apple in God’s eye – and in Deuteronomy 32:10 Moses relates a poetic description of God’s care for Israel: “In a desert land he found him, in a barren and howling waste. He shielded him and cared for him; he guarded him as the apple of his eye.”
biden’s admin and foreign relations are very close to being called blasphemy, which is the only unforgivable sin. Have mercy, Lord, call your believers home so this world can be destroyed.

Kay (@guest_1229327)
Reply to  Sandra H Haddock
1 year ago

I have always heard that to. You don’t mess with Israel. Heaven help us.

maria c GEBROSKY (@guest_1228996)
1 year ago



Kathy (@guest_1228997)
1 year ago

Who is it that is dictating to Biden? He is not possibly working all of this idiocy by himself. WHO is vetting him? I’m guessing it’s the idiot from Germany who helped Hitler round up decent humans to destroy….cannot think of his name at this time.

Liz (@guest_1229014)
Reply to  Kathy
1 year ago


RICHARD HUTCHINSON (@guest_1229059)
Reply to  Kathy
1 year ago

Kathy, that would be George Soros, from Hungary. Let’s not forget that Obama said that he wanted to change this country!!!

Americans first (@guest_1229080)
1 year ago

And George Floyd was just the catalyst
he needed to create a new citizenry in

Vietnam vet (@guest_1228999)
1 year ago

At this very moment the Israelis have their finger on the button
ready to destroy as much of Iran in the shortest amount of time
now that both of the mental morons,Biden and Kerry have desided
that America is no longer of any value to the world other then a
target that both of those idiots have sold to Religious Fanatics for
less than 30 pcs of silver.
I suggest we rememeber the words to a song called “Eve of Destruction”
If Biden and his dangerous Minions are allowed to continue on the
track they are on this Country is going to taken over by the enemies
of our freedom and it will be the Fault of the current fools that made
it so.

Michael C (@guest_1229008)
1 year ago

The Biden miss-administration has done NOTHING but weaken our stance with ALL our enemies and is tearing this country apart internally also! The “SWAMP RATS” must be removed from power at all costs or an actual civil war is going to happen.

David (@guest_1229070)
Reply to  Michael C
1 year ago

Harris is the inside connection for BLM she has
brought nothing to the position she holds other
than a major tax burden capable of laughing at
the misfortune of others that have trusted her to
be something other than a mouth piece for her
Idiot phony President.
We will know when the moment is near for war
by the truck loads of sandbags delieverd to the WH.

Americans first (@guest_1229013)
1 year ago

There will come a time when the cannons of
Lexington&Concord will be heard again.Duty,
Honor,Country will prevail.

Thomas Phillips (@guest_1229017)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is a incompetent moron and along with all Democrats. They have BETRAYED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND SHOULD BE CONVICTED OF TREASON ALL OF THEM ARE TRAITORS TO AMERICA!!!!
GOD will deal with you soon!!!
Christians it is time to stand like David did against the giant and slay the Democrats. They are treasonous traitors and evil. They pray to the devil and not to God Almighty. We need to take a stand on July 4, 2021, and put God first, take back our Constitution and Freedom!!! This is a time for WAR!!!! The troops will not stand in the way. They don’t take order from a Dictator. They took the same oath as I did and that is to protect America from foreign and domestic enemies and Biden and the Democrats are traitors

Michael C (@guest_1229021)
1 year ago

The biggest lie heard “round the world” is when Biden took the oath to uphold The Constitution of the United States. Of course, him being a “devout Catholic promoting abortion” his putting his hand on the Bible meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”!!!!

david (@guest_1229026)
1 year ago

Stupid is as stupid does

Marie (@guest_1229046)
1 year ago


WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?


BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONFLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

Members of the House

Members of the Senate



Please, don’t make an excuse not to make the calls, excuses as they say are like A-*****, we all got one!

McRant (@guest_1229143)
1 year ago

If you don’t like calling, email. Look up your reps’ names and search ’email Cruz’ or whoever. A form comes up, you fill out name, etc and then write in your opinions and concerns in to blank area. Easy peasy. The staff stack concerns up by category, like me COVID or guns. They identify big issues and give them to rep to scan. They look at them. I evem got a written letter from Trump once!

McRant (@guest_1229147)
1 year ago

Great, the censor site.
So Netenyahu said years ago, ‘Iran isn’t building long-range missiles for Israel. They can already hit Israel. They’re building them to hit YOU!’. EXACTLY RIGHT.

michael j doyle (@guest_1229168)
1 year ago

really he wants to deal with a country who terrorizes it neighbors???? how about you protect your soldiers in Iraq from the rocket attacks on 3 US military bases. Iran knows you have no balls to protect your forces in the middle easy.n if not resign your post and let someone run the country and protect their military. everyone but you that the nuclear policy under obama was no good to enforce. Ask the UN Nuclear regulatory agency

Billy (@guest_1229181)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is being lead by the CCP thanks to Hunter. His son should be in prison but daddy is protecting him from his Communist pals, Took the money now must put up or die. He is also a tax evador just like Capon who went to jail. I do not see that in the future for Hunter.

R. KERCH (@guest_1229231)
1 year ago

Dem’s should be worried! The white house and capitol are protecting communists—they do not honor our constitution or beliefs in true democracy—-Americans will back the insurgence–Evil will lose–Main stream media will go bonkers since they are a part of the dem(COMMUNIST) party ALLELUIA!!!!

Sean Richman (@guest_1229521)
1 year ago

BIG MISTAKE by both china joey and scary iran kerry.

David (@guest_1229858)
1 year ago

John Kerry….AKA….Benedict Arnold

Mad as Hell (@guest_1230186)
1 year ago

Of course he will allow Iran to do anything they want cause he is a CHICKEN, Scared to DEATH he might have to actually get tough & give them an ultimatum. It is like the big bully at school once you punch them in the mouth they run away with their tails between there legs & that is where Joe is going to hide in his room & take a nap!



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