July 31, 2021

White House says Jill Biden will no longer lead migrant reunification effort

As the situation at the southern border continues to escalate to crisis proportions, it appears that the White House is taking steps to shield one of its key assets from the rising political heat.

Despite earlier indications that she would be taking the lead on an administration migrant family reunification initiative, the Daily Wire reports that first lady Dr. Jill Biden is now backing away from the previously announced role altogether.

Late last month, the Washington Examiner noted that Mrs. Biden had been tapped to be the public-facing voice of a family reunification task force, in what some saw as a way to capitalize on her popularity, then pegged at roughly 57% favorability, according to a Gallup survey, and to provide political cover for other administration members who have future designs on higher office.

At the time, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hailed the move, saying that the first lady “has driven us to action through her personal commitment to this moral imperative,” adding:

…that moral imperative is to reunite the families and restore them to the fullest capacity that we, as the United States government, can do.

According to reporting from Forbes, sources close to the matter confirmed that Mrs. Biden, “alongside her East Wing staff” would have an “active role” in the reunification process, a decision the first lady made after a visit late last year to an asylum camp for migrants impacted by former President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy.

Politico now reports, however, that Mrs. Biden will play “no formal role” in initiatives designed to reunite migrant children with their families, something which has disappointed immigration activists, with one advocate telling the outlet, “I’m a little worried it’s deprioritized or viewed as politically sensitive.”

The first lady’s own staffers have taken pains to assert – despite Mayorkas’ earlier suggestion to the contrary – that she had never been given an official position related to this issue, saying:

The work of the task force is being led by the Department of Homeland Security. As the task force is an interagency task force, with members comprised of representatives from the relevant federal government agencies, the First Lady does not have any formal role.

The Biden administration’s decision to backpedal on putting the first lady in the middle of an increasingly volatile political issue is not terribly surprising, especially in light of recently released photos and witness accounts that lay bare the deteriorating conditions under which migrant youth in massive numbers are being held.

As the migrant surge resulting from the reversal of Trump-era immigration policy continues to spiral out of control, it may indeed be possible to protect Mrs. Biden from the worsening fallout, but hopefully the decision-makers who bear ultimate responsibility for this disaster will not be similarly spared.

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92 Responses

    1. Hillary seemed to think she was on the election ballot during Clinton’s terms. She headed the failed health care initiative.

      1. Stupid HILLY failed at everything she took on. Her stint as “First Lady” was a blo-out for 8 years,,Her stint as Sec. of State was riddled with illegal garbage, from using an unsafe Email server, Making “Deals” that garnered MILLIONS $$ being “DONATED” to the Clinton World Foundation, which underwent extensive investigation for Illegal activities,,, Then there is her part in selling American Uranium to Russia,,, AND NOT TO EVER FORGET HER RESPONSIBILITY IN GETTING 4 AMERICANS KILLED AT BENGHAZI, and saying to Congress,,,AT THIS POINT IN TIME, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?? and LYING TO THE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE AND DESTRUCTION OF THE MANY THOUSANDS OF EMAILS DESTROYED>>>> I COULD GO ON FOREVER!!! She is so DENSE she STILL thinks she should have been President!!!

    2. if biden is seriously dedicated to helping those that are not u.s. citizens why don’t he focus on the homeless problem in america and leave the goddamn border where it was closed and operating safely?????????????????????????????

    3. Right! In fact the ONLY First Lady I can recall who quietly did what was expected of her was Melania Trump. All that came before her seemed to feel they were some kind of royalty.

    4. Neither have I, same with appointing the VP to handle border issues, she’s lucky if she can find her way to the White House!!!!

    1. YOU MEAN OF COURSE “DR.” Biden and she would not take on a CRAZY IDEA of getting involved in a NIGHTMARE with HARRIS , bad enough to change BIDENS DIAPERS!

      1. “Dr.” Biden has a doctorate in EDUCATION! If you are familiar with the rigor (actual the LACK of rigor) in Education degrees from our deeply declining colleges and universities, you understand why she highlights the “Dr.” part, without any reference to “Dr. of Education”! Likely a focus on “changing diapers”, is suspect!


    2. I see it as the other way around. What is wrong with a wife who allows her husband to be abused in this fashion. She seeks power. No flotus has ever had a public persona in the politics of the country. Her title DR is only honorary. Very few who have had the honor presume to use the title. I find that offensive to those who worked hard to achiever the title Dr. Biden is a puppet on a string and achieved his lifetime goal of holding the title PRESIDENT but he has no wits to handle the job. ELDER ABUSE>

    3. I agree with you. Beijing Biden is unfortunately clueless as to what is going on outside his room. I guess the job is too tough for Dr. Biden.

  1. Jill Biden and Harris should go to Texas and stay for a week or two, that is if they live through it,

  2. If you hadn’t let the mob through, you wouldn’t have to reunite. Send them back where they came from.

  3. First off ,, $LUT Jill knows it’s a complete mess at the border because of hair sniffing , PERV , CREEPY Joe . Second , she knows where she REALLY belongs ,,,,, on the corner of 5th and main swinging her purse looking for spew !!!

  4. Topic is too hard for her to handle w/a basket of freshly baked cookies. Best to stay home and learn how to open cans of dog food to feed your 3 dogs.

    1. If Jill truly cared about her husband instead of seeking power and fame she would not let him be abused this way. His cheese has slipped off his cracker and she an who knows how many others are taking advantage of a man in his declining mental capacity and health. I don’t approve of his policies but he is incapable of putting a coherent sentence together and THAT is not his fault IT IS A DISEASE and ELDER ABUSE.

      1. So true. I dislike most of what Biden (?) is doing but I feel sorry for him. What his wife allowed to happen is despicable.

    2. The problem is – she IS NOT TAKING CARE OF HER HUSBAND. She is using him to get what she wanted – First Lady of the United States. She is no First Lady. She is disgusting and couldn’t care about her husband. She is guilty of elder abuse and should be arrested for putting her husband through this nightmare.

  5. Forget the Biden’s!!! Our country desperately needs President Trump back in the White House—Where he belongs!!’

      1. The Democrats need to go to work at a job Where they are too busy in the daytime to gripe and too tired at

  6. I agree. None of you had any business deciding that more people should be coming to America. There isn’t enough for all of Americans anyhow. So you send them back and let us get on with life. Or You pool your money and you take Trucks and you take them back to where they came from and you take care of them there.

  7. And we still have nearly four years to go with J & J. It’s going to be difficult to endure. Good luck to the American people and to our great County!

  8. WTF, Jill couldn’t unite her own family! Her own daughter cried out for help from her father’s misgivings and Jill went and hid or made sure she wasn’t around for her. Everyone in that family seems to be estranged or better yet, just strange. Jill has carry through for herself ONLY. She wanted to be FOTUS and by God she made Jo e withstand the rigors of running for president. (k is missing) There was no way Jill was going to help someone else. Ask her kids when she did something for them.

  9. What a joke this whole mess is, No plans, and now no one in the white house trying to take responiblity for what they have done to bring this mess about, Jill should be banned from any school in which there are young people that she might be teaching She has made sure that her creepie husband is being lead around by a chain and slobbering all over himself and she should be ashamed of her self and jailed for Elder abuse.. Where is the Justice dept on this mess Oh thats right they are too busy cleaning up after the fBI and hunter Biden , What a bunch of terrible crooked people Why hasn’t the congress put in to get them all impeached and out of our beautiful house.. slim bags all of them..

  10. If the country survives until Pelosi or Harris take over with Obama or Hillary as VP we will be lucky then things will really go to sh*t !

  11. We have a senile old man as a make believe President who has a son who is a drunk and drug user and possibly influence peddler and now a wife who says don’t include me in this mess.

  12. Reunite families? Gotta be kidding. They can’t or don’t want to be reunited. The last thing they want is to be tracked down. Jill knows now that that might lose potential dem voters.

  13. Looks like Dr. Biden and Dr. Seuss are on the same chopping block. She just doesn’t want the acronym Dr. removed from her name.

  14. Hey, Jill is a “getting her nails and hair done on a regular basis” and is not the type to dirty herself mixing with immigrants. She didn’t get to the white house by helping other people, only by helping her senile husband.

  15. Jill and Joe should stay at least over night in one of the cages that Joe and Obama built to keep illegal immigrants.
    Joe made the mess and he should clean it. Who voted for this misfit.?

    1. OMG! If Biden ever stayed for one night in the cages, he would REALLY go NUTS! Even worse than where he is now! Hmmm….that’s really not a bad idea! If Joe really lost his marbles, it would give us a chance to reinstate Trump for president!!

  16. I think it might not be safe for them . I live on the border. We need to take charge of Bide ns mess.

  17. Surely she could see that her ideas were/are worthless! She had no idea how to organize such a huge project. Unlike joey, she at least bailed before becoming a totally manipulated fool!

  18. This is so sad…………I never dreamed the Great United States of America would become
    the laughing-stock of the world…….What do you think Russia,China,North Korea and all
    of the other countries that hate us are thinking?
    I served my country and hundreds of thousands have died for it…and this is what we end
    up with….How did we let this happen???? How long are we going to let it go on???

  19. The whole Biden family sickens me,they’re nothing but but lying money hungry thieves who don’t give a crap about nobody but but them greedy cheating selves

  20. Jill can’t handle her own family’s relations. She must be so proud of creepy joe, that’s HER man.

  21. She should be tending the spawn in her own household before making a mess of other people’s lives. Go look in the mirror lady, hope there is some kind of reflection.

  22. Gee, I thought that she couldn’t take on any other responsibilities because people are calling her an elder abuser letting her husband take on heavy duty responsibilities that he cannot mentally and physically able to handle she’s a very selfish wife She got her 15 minutes of fame and it makes her look evil

  23. Jill Biden is no doctor and China dictator Joe is no president election fraud and everyone knows it 80million votes I don’t think so I was born at night but not last night he is a dictator from the word go treason is not good enough for Joe dictator Biden and his sick family son that hooks up with his dead brothers wife sick and Joe showing with his daughter how sick put him in his basement and lock the door

  24. Biden’s wife should not nothing to do with any thing in our government. She don’t know anything about what is really going on at the border. Nether done Biden.

  25. Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
    US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Members of the House
    Members of the Senate
    Stop complaining start calling and writing before its to late. I call and write everyday. 74million of us voted for Trump bombard these people with calls and letters.

  26. The fake doctor was not elected and shouldn’t be heading anything. She’s a lying snake just like her senile demented pervert of a husband.

  27. Adulterous Jill, AJ, a title actually earned and deserved is no pillar of intelligence nor sincere notable accomplishments She is present based upon her level of greed and selfish accord Did anyone have true expectations?!! The migrants should be houses at the White House AJ can put out her cutesy heart cards for welcome Prostitute Harris can put on her phoney smile serve tea

  28. This woman needs to stay in Delaware were she belong not in White House she is one piece of worthless piece of dogging crap.


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