June 15, 2021

White House says ‘goodbye’ to masking rule for vaccinated individuals

The White House has updated staff members with the news they will no longer need to wear mask if they are vaccinated, according to a report from Fox News.

The news came as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced its new update that individuals who have been fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask in most settings.

“We’ve gotten this far. Whether you choose to get vaccinated or wear a mask, please protect yourself until we get to the finish line,” the White House wrote on Twitter.

Vaccinated members of the media will also not need to wear a mask at President Biden’s Covid-19 remarks, according to the Fox News report.

“We have all longed for this moment,” CDC director Rochelle Walensky said in a press briefing on the news. “That moment has come for those who are fully vaccinated.”

“I want to be clear that we followed the science here. While this may serve as an incentive for some people to get vaccinated, that is not the purpose. Our purpose here is as a public health agency to follow the science and to follow where we are with regard to the science and what is safe for individuals to do,” Walensky said.

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32 Responses

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    1. You get vaccinated! I have a working immune system. You be a follower and my family will walk there own path. God save America from dumicrats and people like you!

    2. Enjoy your alteration delivery system, soon you`ll be able to see from the back of your head!!

  4. I will not go anywhere with out my MASK until my Doctor tells me DIFFERENT. I’M NO FELL I’M GONNA LIVE TILL I’M 102 . And BOZO in the WH and the Clowns within the Administration ain’t gonna tell me when I can take off my MASK.

    1. My doctor (primary care) was honest with me from the beginning — spring 2020 — that the masks were not needed. Other doctors agreed with him.

  5. Someone “Please” let OHIO know that we do not have to wear masks any longer!! I am in my late 90’s – have received both shots etc. and have a difficult time breathing with mask on…I am all for NOT Wearing the mask!! Thank you!!

  6. Really, I won’t take the vaccine because it’s not been tested for long term affects and I won’t wear a mask. What I will do is apply common sense and good hygiene to keep myself healthy. I’m an adult who can think for myself and I don’t want or need any politician or political lackeys to tell me what I can or can’t do, remember these are supposed to be public servants not dictators.

  7. I am a 92 year old Veteran and have not taken a flu shot in over 40 years and do not plan to take the poison at all. So the Mob Boss Biden and his Henchmen can stick it where the sun never shines. Question: How come the murder of over 120,000 each year from FDA Approved Poison is never mentioned? Answer is that the slime Politicians and FDA people do not want to give up their Payola from the Pharmaceutical, just like now with the poison jabs where the Pharmaceuticals rake in billion of dollars. Do you really in any way think they are doing this for the Citizens of the Republic, if you should wake up and do some real searching for the truth.

  8. Forgot to mention I have not worn a mask from day one and will refuse to do so, as I do not want to poison myself for CO2 is not good for me, but good for the Plants and Trees. Plus I am not on any of the Poison drugs that are being pushed by FDA and others to increase their Grease Palming Payola.

    1. Im with you 100% The ones wearing mask outdoors, in there cars and everywhere else have no common sense. Then again, common sense isn’t so common anymore. After all what does COVID stand for? Certification Of Vaccine ID. Take there poison and your marked for life! As short lived as it may be!

  9. This violates the rights of those who choose not to vaccinate. You are essentially forced to wear your vaccine status on your face.

  10. CDC says if you are vaccinated you don’t need to wear your mask. Am vacationing in Florida. I thought Ron DeSantis did away with all of this garbage. Staying at New Smyrna beach and some places are requiring the mask. The only thing that it is good for a sneeze or coughs.

  11. I do all the surveys that you put out and all of them show the percentages. However to me it seems as if all of you do not pay attention to them. Why do them if that’s the case.

  12. This is in all alliance for the GAVI Agenda to push for a “vaccinated world”. It is what Bill Gates wanted, it is what the Democratic Chinese Communist Party ™ wanted, it is what your state government wanted regardless on whether or not they are Republican or not.

  13. About time, quit the damn Mask games OK
    & U leftists wear YOUR masks so we can ID U better

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