May 26, 2022

White House Report Card indicates most Americans think Biden has put America in reverse

A recent assessment of the opinions of the American people indicates that most Americans think that the White House has put the country in reverse.

According to a report by The Washington Examiner, the White House and President Joe Biden have moved the country away from progress in the past year.

“Ignoring his Republican critics, Democrats are now wincing at crushing inflation and high-interest rates that are erasing wage gains, putting homeownership and retirement further away for many, and making it harder for some to fill kitchen cupboards,” the Examiner reported in its assessment.

Seven Democrats are having trouble with the administration’s lax immigration policies that have allowed around 1.5 million illegal migrants into the country, and just days ago, the administration reintroduced the program that would fly immigrants into communities around the country under cover of darkness.

Somehow, that has not set well with Americans, which was reflected in a Quinnipiac University National Poll, which put Biden’s approval rating at 33% this week.

Immigration, the withdrawal from Afghanistan as well as the scandal involving his son, Hunter Biden, seems to have begun to leak into the president’s approval, even with his own party. Both of the graders assessed in the poll gave the country a “D” for this week.

Conservative analyst Jed Babbin said: “Even Democrats are worried now about the November midterm congressional elections. They know that ‘improving their messaging’ isn’t going to change the price at the gas pump or the grocery checkout line.” And Democratic pollster John Zogby said, “Biden desperately needs some wins.”

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