September 29, 2022

White House removes Christmas stocking decorations after observers notice Hunter Biden’s illegitimate daughter was missing

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has always been a liability. However, this time, it’s the president’s handling of a family scandal that has him in hot water.

The White House was forced to remove Christmas stockings from its official decorations after Hunter Biden’s illegitimate daughter was left out, Breitbart reported. Stockings with the names of the rest of his grandchildren were part of the “Gift of Family” theme.

The much-touted holiday display by the new first lady, Jill Biden, was supposed to be a heartwarming tribute to their family. In the State Dining Room, stockings were hung with the names of their six grandchildren ranging in ages from 27-1.

However, noticeably absent was the stocking for a grandchild that Hunter fathered with ex-stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts. Hunter had tried to deny his paternity, but a DNA test in 2019 confirmed that Navy Jones Roberts was indeed his daughter, forcing him to pay child support, the New York Post reported.

It looks like the president and first lady were also trying to distance themselves from their grandchild. To make matters worse, the staff simply removed all of the stockings ahead of the president’s speech on the economy he was set to give from the dining room after the backlash that came when people noticed.

Families have their share of secrets and scandals, but the Biden family has been humiliated time and again by Hunter’s antics. Though the media have attempted to suppress it all, revelations from his abandoned laptop continue to shed light on the sordid details of his life.

Hunter has claimed to have no recollection of the sexual encounter when his daughter was conceived. However, information from his laptop revealed that Lunden Roberts was on the payroll of his consulting firm until she was taken off just months after giving birth.

It’s a shame that in a celebration of family, the Bidens would intentionally omit one of their own because of the perceived shame. Maybe that’s all we can expect from the kind of people who support abortion — they only see illegitimate children as problems to get rid of instead of surprise blessings from God.




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