April 21, 2021

White House protesters attack elderly man, execute effigy of Trump during final night of RNC

Anti-Trump protesters gathered outside the White House Thursday night as President Trump accepted the Republican party’s nomination for re-election.

According to the Daily Caller, an elderly man was violently attacked by protesters as the night progressed. Elsewhere, protesters executed an effigy of President Trump in a makeshift guillotine. 

According to the Daily Caller:

An elderly man was assaulted by protesters outside the White House in Black Lives Matter Plaza, Washington, D.C. Thursday night.

Protesters reportedly punched him in the head before he fell to the ground near Lafayette Square Park, according to a video of the incident.

Video footage of the attack shows protesters shouting “get the f— out” at the man as they followed him towards St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Protesters also joined voices in a chant threatening to “burn down” St. John’s — which was already partially burnt during the June riots –, “if we don’t get justice.” The subject of their pleas for justice is unclear.

Crowds of “protesters” also attempted to block attendees of Trump’s nomination speech from leaving the premises after the event ended, pushing some up against the White House perimeter fence while shouting expletives at them.

Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones — who is Black — was accosted by a group of BLM protesters who shouted “Are you a black Trump supporter? You’re a f—— disgrace! Shame!” Others lobbed racial epithets at him as he made his way back to his hotel.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was also attacked by the angry mob after leaving the White House, and said on Friday that “the threats were to f— you up, to you know, to kill you.”

“The threats were if they could get ahold of you, and I truly believe with every fiber of my being, had they gotten at us, they would have gotten us to the ground,” Paul continued. “Had we not gotten to the police, I truly leave that the police saved our lives, and we would not be here today, or we’d be in a hospital today had the police not been there.”

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179 Responses

  1. The violence, running rampant in our cities across this nation, are unlawful and UNFORGIVABLE; President Trump needs to unleash the FEDERAL HOUNDS OF HELL and take them ALL out – – do it NOW!

  2. We need to have the bikers from Sturges
    Show the rioters a thing or two.
    They ran away with their tails between their legs when they tried to take over Sturges a few weeks ago.
    That’s what they need
    Someone to
    Beat the crap out of them for a change.
    They think they can do anything they want and we will submit.
    They don’t know the rage that is building up
    In America.

    1. I agree with all of the above. This lawlessness should have been stopped immediately, it wasn’t and they became more powerful and more destructive. The problem being many of the Democratic mayors and governors (like in my state of Washington) actually were marching with them and encouraging their lawlessness. Does this not violate what our constitution stands for? When government officials behave in this manner they shouldn’t have the privilege of being voted out of office. The President should have the authority to oust them immediately. Same goes for the corrupt city council. (in Seattle) The places that had armed citizens on corners, the protesters left. Idaho and Oklahoma. BLM and Antifa have ruined peoples lives and livelihoods. Why should they be able to continue this behavior? They’re violating my rights. I’m glad the bikers in Sturgis were successful. I wish they would go around our country and help eliminate the destructors. I have no mercy for them whatsoever.

      1. Well stated. The demo leaders should actually be charged for aiding & abetting. How about the worthless New York Governor with his sleeves pulled up with a paint roller destroying the streets with graffiti? What a shame!

  3. Time for law and order to be back on the streets,not thugs. They get bad we get badder and lock their butts up for at least 10 years to start/no parole.They have no respect for us why should we respect them when they act like criminals.Lock their butts up and throw away the key. Support the police. vote Trump in Nov 2020 We need to set term limits now….

  4. They have become rabid dogs and they got shot and this is what these animals have turned into and they must be destroyed!!!

  5. I have a comfort zone I stay in and a line I don’t cross becuase things happen on the other side of that line and hasn’t come out to my rural area, as of yet. knock on wood. And I’m prepared if they come to my door or try to harm my critters or worse yet, myself. I do a lot of mail order now, way more then I did before all this craziness. I’m 65 and unlike in my younger days, not as able to protect myself as I did back then.
    Bring on the bikers!!!! The govt can’t handle them. make the bikers cops and sheriffs, I bet they get it under control real quick. How about some of the southern Rednecks, tell them it’s open season and put a bounty on each one brought in, I bet you’d be suprised how quick the streets would be cleared up. Until Portland and Seattle are cleaned up, they are just go keep on running roughshod over anyone and everyone in their way. They’ve had their way way to long now with these scared Democrat leaders.

  6. The so called peaceful protesters need to be arrested and put in prison at the super max in Colorado. Maybe after a few years in 23 hour lock down they could be moved to a nicer place like Leavenworth. Or maybe just use them for live target practice. Either way is ok with me.

  7. I am sick and tired of these jerks who attack innocent people and burn and loot. They are not peaceful protesters and should be stopped by any means. Let the police do their jobs and if it means shooting their useless butts, so be it. I blame the spineless Democrats for these problems. They want to cater to the BLM and socialist members of their party. To all the white people who are protesting and causing hell with the BLM crew remember they hate you for your color and your life doesn’t matter because you are not black, so wake up stupid idiots. Pity the fool who comes my way with this bull, we will lock and load on their worthless butts. This American Hispanic woman backs up President Trump all the way. Vote Republican or lose our country!

  8. They need to have a dye dropped on them So they will be easily identified then arrested. Check their finances and see who is funding these people then seize their assets for sedition/rebellion against our government and collect for the damages they have called

  9. This is war against our country!
    We need to take this seriously and End
    this cancer in our country. Cut off the head of the snake!
    Whatever it takes to get rid of this cancer.
    It has ruined families lives, their lively
    Hoods, killed little innocent children, this is a disgusting disgrace
    That has to end.
    Innocent people die and these terrorists keep coming.
    We are not letting them take over our America.
    This is our country!!!🇺🇸

      1. Be careful with what you say or you might have an accident. I don’t trust anyone unless I know them. I keep telling myself that God is in control. But it is hard.

        1. GOD is in control and everything is under his control. I have to keep reminding myself that GOD is not microwave popcorn where it is finished in 3 seconds. Everything is in his timeframe. So I guess I will set back and enjoy the journey. OH!!! and eat my popcorn.

      2. That would be fine with me. Obama started this, when he was in office, and I believe that he is right in the middle of this.

    1. These rioters are acting like terrorists. When they are attacking our police officers they should give the officers the right to defend themselves and issue shoot to kill orders. It would put a stop to this crap now and forever


        1. If these protestors are paid terrorists and paid by globalists elites, then shouldn’t the global elites be cited for exciting a riot?

    2. Yes, and the Democrats prosecute anyone who defends themselves or their property as authorized by the Constitution in order to aid in this killing and attempt to overthrow the United States Government.

      1. I’m already at my limit with these people. Maybe its time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our country.

  10. What makes me furious is the dumb white jerks who are protesting with Black Life Matter crew. Don’t they understood that because they are white their lives doesn’t matter, that you have to be black or else you don’t exist! I say let the police do their job and start shooting and I don’t mean rubber bullets. I blame the Democrats for this mess, they want to defund the police and call these criminals peaceful protesters! I support President Trump and I support the police. I say fight back and these fools will run for their lives because they are cowards. Arrest them or shoot them, I personally say just shoot first and ask questions later. We need to take back our communities and chase these fools out.

    1. Don’t you realize that they are being paid very well. I believe that the demorats, Soros, and Obama are all behind this.

  11. Like a snake, if you cut off his head the red of the body will die! If not the government someone needs to take off the head’S!!! I know they are in hiding and have their hired thugs to do their dirty work but they can be flushed out and taken care of! Probably need to start with some of the elected?

    1. If you cut off the head of a rattlesnake, for instance, the body does die. however, the head still lives. You have to dig a big hole, place the head nose down and cover it up. that’s what needs to happen to the Demonscats.

  12. This crap has to be stopped, by guns if necessiary, 12 ga. shot guns will clear the streets. All such people should be rounded up and givbe 5 years of hard labor.

  13. I cannot believe those who are siding with the politicians. To be a good, and effective politician, you must have abundantly more Evil in you, born with more Evil, and go through life lying and being as smilingly deceitful as possible to get votes to elect you, and or stay in office. This is a honed craft, and if you look at the real record of our ‘ current president ‘, he is just about the biggest, three-faced SOB that was ever born. He says something in the morning, denies it by noon and has another miracle moment right after dinner, which he denies saying by the next morning.
    There is no adjective or adverb to fully and accurately describe him, but I am sure he could come up with one since he has pushed the area of dirty politics to the most extreme, just short of those mass murderers who started wars with unbelieve fatalities in the private sector. He makes Satan himself laugh since they must come from the same breed of deranged animal, which is nothing more than a newer breed of the old one. Just ask yourself, how quickly did he put our country on the map to be the leader against the COVID-19 Virus, which by the way, was a produced virus, not one that fell through the cracks in nature, but one that was specifically developed to do mass extinctions of the earth’s population.
    Even Mr. William Gates made mention of something similar in one of his TED appearances…but Mr. Gates feels that a vaccine should be the key to controlled population reduction, perhaps a vaccine to selectively innoculate almost everyone against the COVID-19 virus. This has already started in France, with the children, who are m lining up like good little soldiers and do what the adults tell them is good for them.

    1. It is people like you writing this drivel that keeps fanning the fires! Shut the hell up and try to do something constructive, like, pulling your head out and NOT keep talking your not so bright ignorant rantings! You, and your DemocRAT comrades are the ones causing all the strife to the American people, that DO have a brain, and it is past time to STOP? You people are shameful!

    2. Sorry you feel like, my friend. I think you watch too much of the left wing media. I pray for , my brother. If you’re not behind President Trump, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

      Just sayin.

    3. You need to do some research. You are laying blame to the wrong side. Wake up! Everything you said is about the other side. Democrats = socialists.

    4. Do your comments apply to Obama or Clinton since both of them are the most disgusting morons to ever occupy the White House!!! Donald Trump is definately the BEST PRESIDENT this country has ever had! You have to be the most stupid democrat on the planet!!!

    5. Maybe you should explain how the virus is Trump’s fault when it was Obama who gave a lot of money to that lab in China. And samples of that virus to China. The measure of a political figure is not what they say but what they actually do. And anything Gates has a hand in I don’t want, I would rather take my chances with the virus.

    6. And who do you think produced the virus? China… and who sent millions of dollars to the Wuhun lab in China?
      The global elites, Nancy Pelosi, Dr. Fauci…… and I ask WHY? The US have labs so why not invest in them? Control and kickbacks….. The Democrats care nothing about America or its citizens… they only want total control of everyone and everything in America and we will become a third world crappy country. I say NO.

  14. The mayor of DC is an ass. The whole security effort by the DC police force was mismanaged by the city and the blame has to go to the Democrat city government. Our election in November has to feret this trash out of office. Say no to revolution, say no to Marxists, say no to Bernie, say no to AOC and fool green deal she spews about. The liberal efforts in America are criminal.

  15. Round them up and take them automatically to jail, prison, face capital punishment for extreme crimes. This is no longer about protesting other than the leftist andcpoliticians creating total chos and trying to lay the blame on Trump.
    This country needs him to prison Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Waters, Biden, Harris, Schiff, the rest of the disgusting democrats including the mayors and governors letting their cities burn down, BLM, and ANTIFA.
    These people are appalling and an utter disgrace to this country!

  16. I think the dems need to have a history lesson. Remember reading about the war of 1814. Remember what happen to the British…..

  17. They have declared war on the U.S, so instead of arresting them, treat them like POWs. POWs don’t get bail or parole.

  18. Declare Antifa and the BLM as terrorist organizations and deal with them as we do with all terrorists . As for The House leader Pelosi bring her up on charges of inciting a riot along with the Squad and Biden. Then find out who is backing them and apply the appropriate justice to them too.

  19. BLM & ANTIFA have never contributed a damn thing . The leaders are dumb as shovels. They burned down America, Raped young girls and KILLED BABIES and bragged they don’t care.
    Activate the whole country of National Guard and arm them with Real bullets and treat this Scum with ZERO Respect as they do others. 1000 body bags a day delivered to Soros prison cell and they will start to understand they are getting the hell beat out of them and they are getting Dead in large numbers

  20. Mr President, the time to act has past, now you must put a stop to this before the next civil war will be here. There is no resoning with these misled brain dead people. The democRATS must be stopprd and george soros and any others backing this fiasco. Still support you but running out of time PLEASE DO PUT AN END TO THIS TREASON NOW.

    1. I support President Trump and I realize the America people are tired of the BLM, Antifa and other terrorists groups.
      I really don’t like Martial Law, but I believe it may be time to enact it until these people are in prison and law and order is regained.

  21. Democrates are B L M and antifa ! No doubt about it , they continue to fund all their horrific hate for America , it’s not just Trump it’s law and order ! Morons think with violence , losers so to speak , until we’re a military state , and President Donald Trump will be President forevermore Ooooo yaa !

  22. Everyone who was “protesting ” and attacking people by the WH needs to arrested and procecute to full extent of the law. People who run this and paid for those anarchist Antifa BLM needs to destroy procecute charge with domestic terrorist and send to where other country’s sends terrorist, in socialist country is a military squadron. Here should maybe life in prison without possibility of see sun light. That also applies to mayors, governers Hollywierds agitators and members of Congress who promote violence like maxine, pelosi sanders harris and others

  23. These cretins are rioters, not protesters.
    These cretins are enemies of the United States of America
    I remember in the LA riots in the 60s the soldiers came with rifles and tanks and took care of the problem.
    Let us do the same now

    Yolanda Martinez

  24. Stop them anyway you can.If you have to shoot,then shoot.What ever happened to rubber bullets,It won”t kill them but would make them hurt.They deserve pain after all they has caused.Either let the police handle them or send in the guards.Enough is enough.

  25. This is a joke, these animals attack civilians and know politicians ,they really need to put a stop to this disgusting bahavior. One more thing, isn’t there a age limit in Congress, because Nasty Nancy is clearly as dillutional as Creepy Joe

  26. just more reasons why the dem party must go! they are going to lose so bad! after months of cheering this on! they even no it as their song has turned on them!

  27. Adam Power use your head for something besides holding your ears apart you sound like you have a lot of empty space up there

  28. We have got to get to the bottom 0f this rioting before it’s too late. We need to have some real issues resolved on both sides for the good of our country. Hershel Walker is willing to intercede. Please listen before we lose our country!!

  29. Did not read about Trump protesters acting this way at the Democrat convention. Guess only democrat supporters are allowed to attack their opponent. Sure par for the course on their part. No one dare say anything anymore for fear of offending those around them. What happened to the days when we were allowed to have different opinions without consequences? Surely this is not going to be normal in our nation from now on.

  30. I just listened to another ‘rant’ of Pelosi!
    Then, being sick and tired of her accusations, I looked up the definition of ‘treason’.
    Perhaps everyone should refresh their memories also??

  31. What a disgrace! They(BLM) do whatever they please and dare us to stop them. Imthink the time has come for all America to take up arms against these evil communists.How many cities have to be taken over by force and with the help of the democratic party.????

  32. Adam power is clearly in agreement with the lawless Dems! Wake up! What would you do if those rioters confronted YOU, spat on you, threatened YOUR life? I bet you would be begging the police to save you! Your precious Obama lies about everything! And—- had all his puppets lying for him as well! HE released TALIBAN leaders, including the head of ISIS in exchange for a traitor/ deserter! But— according to Rice and Hitlery, those were “ heroic acts”! Nowhere close! Those were treasonous acts! But he was lauded as a hero! Disgusting! You accuse President Trump of lying, but the king of all liars, Obama lied every time he stepped to the podium, and STILL IS ! The demonrats lack the common decency to speak out against the violence and riots terrorizing our cities! But, I suppose that is ok, because demonrats condone the violence! And they are never wrong( so they want the blind to believe). Do you think they would protect you and your family? Not likely, they would say it was a “ peaceful protest” as YOUR home burned! Get a life, if you want anarchy, go to another country that has it!

  33. These rioters are traitors . . . And I cannot believe that they are getting away with all of these riots ! ! ! ! Outrageous ! ! And the craziest, they are getting away with it ! ! ! THEY CAN LEGALLY DO THIS ! ISN‘T IT WAY PAST TIME TO CHANGE THIS SO-CALLED LAW ? ? IF I WERE PRESIDENT, THESE PEOPLE WOULD HAVE LONG-AGO BEEN PUT BEHIND BARS. IS PROTESTING DEFINED AS BURNING MY HOUSE OR BUSINESS DOWN ? ? ? ? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! ! ! !

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