June 18, 2021

White House moves to force Trump-era postmaster general out

The White House is currently moving to lay the groundwork for firing Trump-era Postmaster Louis DeJoy as the United States Postal Service (USPS) leader faces increased calls to resign due to ongoing service delays.

Current postmaster Louis DeJoy has stated he has no plans to leave his role over slowdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic and holiday season. However, the Biden administration may have a different agenda, as it has appointed two Democrats and a voting rights advocate to the Postal Service’s governing board.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted in a daily briefing that the USPS “needs leadership that can and will do a better job.” Current nominees include retired deputy postmaster general Ron Stroman, Amber McReynolds of the National Vote at Home Institute, and former general counsel for the American Postal Workers Union Anton Hajjar.

If confirmed by the Senate, the nine-person board would easily have the power to change leadership at the USPS. The leadership change follows a volatile year that also included many allegations regarding the role of the USPS in mail-in ballots during the 2020 election.

Most Republicans defended current postmaster DeJoy during complaints in 2020. However, with Democrats in power and pressure to include increased diverse leadership, the postmaster’s days may be numbered.

Both parties hold high interest in any changes made regarding  USPS leadership. Democrats alleged in 2020 that the Trump-friendly boss would delay mail-in ballots. As Democrats sought mail-in ballot rule changes, the leadership of USPS became a volatile political issue.

Conservatives deflected the accusation, instead concerned regarding the dates of postmarked ballots. Further, verifying ballot signatures and identities arose as a key issues in certain battleground states, such as Georgia, where a hand recount was required.

Most Americans just want their mail delivered on time and without damage. In 2020, even that became too much to ask on too many occasions.

The current crisis has instead turned into another Trump-Biden battle, with plans to remove a postmaster because he was appointed by Trump, while the left is ready to add new leadership to further its agenda.

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42 Responses

  1. Louis DeJoy should have been fired as soon as Biden took office. He was supposed to lead the USPS, instead he has been trying to destroy it.

    1. He actually brought some business sense to the office. Cut out overtime and saved tax payers a billion dollars. Mailmen were purposely working late to get the overtime and it was overlooked until trump took over. Its time to get our govt running better ad stop wasting tax payers money.

    2. Again, the Dems want to take control of how we communicate with each other.
      Also, when is a Government employee as productive as a private company employee for the compensation they receive? Now when somebody starts to hold them accountable, they rebel.
      DeJoy is the new sheriff in town.

    1. Joebama and his unethical Administration is doing everything possible to erase everything that Trump did. Where is Madonna and her dream of blowing up the White House? DO IT GIRL!!!

      1. That’s why they have all the Security at the White House.
        FBI heard chatter that somebody dreaming of blowing up the W.H., arrest Madonna
        Is that the excuse there using.

  2. Sure lets give control of the post office to the Democrats. then when we have our elections all done by mail it will be easier for them to stuff the ballot boxes and remove opposition.

  3. Biden is just unhappy that the United States Postal Union supported Bernie Sanders for nomination. This should teach them to never support the Democrats ever again.;

  4. This is SOP for the party in power and the Donald should have done it when he was elected but did not a big mistake and now communism reighns

    1. Strongly agree! Trump should have fired Christpopher Ray long time ago and listened to Michael Flen by using the Martial Law. I hope Trump learned many lessons from his presidency!

  5. This is not about personnel it is about any potential investigation into mail in fraud and taking defensive action and shutting down any future moves to conceal any probing..

  6. Democrat Freaks in action! Every thing they touch becomes dishonest, and certain to fail! Biden shouldn’t even be in office… “He lost!” Where’s justice??

  7. He has been destroying it on purpose, he and his wife have an investment that they can benefit from if the USPS fails. Conflict of interest!

  8. The LEFT wants to spend MORE MONEY. Dejoy says he has money left, needs changes in the way they do things. Pelosi is obsessed with spending ALL she can.

  9. I want to know who the mental giants were that voted to put
    that disaster Biden in a position of having the “Key’s to an
    Aircraft Carrier.”He is at the mental level of having the handle
    of a “Radio Flyer Wagon”and that is even a bit dangerous for
    him to be around.Time for a third party President..

  10. This will be my third try to post. The democrats are censoring and taking over all means of communications. First the media, next they are trying to force all cable companies to ban FOX, OAN, and any other conservative news stations, now the post office to further total control of any form of communications. This also will block any fair elections by flooding fraudulent mail in votes.

  11. No party should be in control of the usps! The demonrats want to make certain that mail in voting is the ONLY way we can vote! Then have the carriers toss all Republican votes, only keeping enough to make it appear Republican votes are coming in as well! Bunch of sewer rats!!!’

  12. The simple fact is, the USPS has been a Fustercluck for over half a century. Union Woes, Mis/Poor Management, and the Discontinuance of Services that have been poorly done or poorly thought out, all have contributed to the mess the USPS is.
    They can fire PMG DeJoy, and give the job to some other idiot, but the problems the USPS has aren’t ever going to be resolved, no matter who’s in charge.

  13. The postal service really started having issues when the Democrats arranged for all the illegal mail in ballot fraud launched upon America. Democrats cannot be trusted with anything! Especially if Biden is in office!

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