April 21, 2021

White House: Sending the military to Seattle is ‘last resort’

Protesters and anarchists have seized several blocks of the city of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and established an “autonomous zone” complete with a border wall and armed guards blocking entry.

Local leaders have made it clear that federal intervention is not welcome, and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News on Thursday that Trump will only send federal troops to reclaim the seized areas as a “last resort.”

McEnany told Fox that Trump will defer to the wishes of Seattle Gov. Jay Inslee (D) and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) who kindly told Trump to “go back to his bunker” as the city grapples with how to handle the hostile protesters.

McEnany explained that Trump’s “message is that he will secure the streets in this country,” but that calling in the military is “an absolute last resort backstop” if Washington leaders fail to control the situation.

“He’s emphasizing that tool is always at his disposal, that security is number one,” McEnany continued, going on to say that “ANTIFA will be stopped under the leadership of President Trump from wreaking havoc and burning down buildings and injuring 750 law enforcement officers and destroying 150 federal buildings.”

Though the zone has reportedly remained fairly peaceful since being declared earlier this week, residents in the neighborhood have told Fox News that it’s not all fun and games.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, some people living in the area have told Fox that rogue “law enforcement” systems have already sprung up in the roughly six-block occupation and that they are “starting to extort money from the local businesses within the border for ‘protection.'”

Armed guards are demanding residents and business owners show proof that they “belong” there. “It’s like checking in with somebody to get into your own home,” said Mckenzie Diamond, a resident of the area. “Just making it so people can get into their buildings. Keep the zone however they want, and move the fencing so people can go home.”

City leaders have warned actual law-enforcement officers to back off and only enter the zone if 911 is called.

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44 Responses



    1. Send in the Militazry NOW Mr. President!!!! Must put a stop to this madness before it spreads to the rest of the country. }these vandals and Thugs are under the direction of Soros and are getting paid for it, Dont waste one more minute!!! And Settle Seattle at ONCE!

    2. Absolutely! The Democratic Party needs to be put on the terrorists list and outlawed until they can get their house in order! Go Trump 2020! Whatever it takes. The country we know and love can’t stand for this anarchy & sedition from the democrats and the OSI/OSF. They’re doing their best to destroy the country (and blame it on President Trump!

    3. raymond I so agree with you. I just can’t hardly believe that these Demorats let Antifa control part of Seattle Wash. If this is not stopped now, this could be the end of AMERICA as we know it. PLEASE PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP STOP THIS NOW.
      BOBBY ~!~

  3. The so called local Leaders in Seattle are not Leaders. They are coward Wimps. Letting a Terrorist Group ANTIFA seize a part of Seattle , putting up barricades and armed guards ,not allowing entry, then telling the Police to back off. What are the so called leaders going to when the demands for god only knows what. Are they going to cane into a bunch of Punks?

  4. Seriously? The state stands by while thugs take over part of an American city. Hope y’all don’t vote for them again. Total bullsh!t.

  5. Are you kidding me? I’d send in the military with orders to shoot if fired upon. Arrest them and put them where they belong, in jail. These people are nothing but thugs and if you give them an inch they’ll want a mile.

  6. If they can’t do the job then the President needs to send in the troops, No one should seize any city, This is uncivil behavior and you don’t fed into in it.

  7. …….Seattle’s leaders are lost in lala land… Wait it out for awhile than drop the HAMMER……. TRUMP 2020……..
    ………..ALL LIVES MATTER………

    1. I so agree with you Gary. It’s horrible what these terrorists thugs have done to our Country, destroying more of our statues and History. Our grandkids need to know the History of their Country and see the good the bad and now the UGLY. I’M 76 and I have never seen anything so disgusting. Democrat n rhino governors n mayors are traitors and need disbanding , not the police forces. They not only make our police stand down they endanger our innocent ppl .antifa and others won’t stop and more ppl will die. They’ve not only taken over but are extorting money to give protection from themselves to the ppl living there. How sad for those innocent ppl. Democrats are the ones letting them do this and Democrats are trying to start their One world order take over. These are liberal ppl and would never VOTE for Trump cuz they hate him as well as they hate America. They all need to go to jail, I’m sick of seeing our Country get destroyed. Is this yet another plot from Democrats to try to destroy a duly elected President, what’s next, Ovama sending out all his muslim refugees living in the training camps all over America? This is why Democrats want our guns , so we don’t go after terrorists thugs like these traitors. What cowards antifa and you protesters that have turned traitors are , you go after the police that have their hands tied behind their backs cuz of their democrat leaders. How about you show us some courage and try to take over a Military Compound? Let’s see what happens there since our President refuses to tell HIS MILITARY not to stand down. Our Military personnel are the bravest in the World going up against cowards like antifa and traitor protesters is a piece of cake. Isn’t holding up the pointer finger the sign of isis? Could it be we have members of isis that tore down our statues ? I saw several of those pointers go up when the statues came down. My prayers are for those ppl living in the area that was taken over. If anyone one of those ppl die there’s s blood on the hands of the democrat s running that City. GOD BE WITH YOU THE INNOCENT PPL THAT LIVE THERE. AMEN

  8. The only way to stop this is vote all democRATS out and then there will peace. They r so full of hate that they r willing to let this happen to out country because of hate. This president cares and loves this country so vote come November 2020 TRUMP all the way TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020





    2. This is all because President Trump Is firmly in support of Pro-life and a pro-Constitution SCOTUS! That sticks in the craw of the democrats so badly that they will destroy the greatest country on earth in order to continue their “right” to keep murdering inconvenient babies! “Freedom to pursue life & liberty” be [email protected]!

    3. BINGO !!


  9. If they are hostile they are not protesters!! Get your heads on straight and take back your street for those criminals!! I pray for you to do what’s right for the people of Seattle!!

  10. Visions of East & West Germany/Berlin Wall. You get shot trying to cross from one side of the city to the other! Apparently that’s what the socialist democrats are now doing to the USA. Who in their right mind can support this movement 👹!!! Goodbye USA!

  11. It appears feds are playing the pacification roll that created this criminal situation. Now we find out who the real socialist globalist traders are.

  12. President Trump needs to put a stop to this now terrorists is what they are SEND IN THE MILITARY NOW !!!!!

  13. These are communists Mr. President. If you don’t act,and at quickly, your presidency and this country are fixing to go down the drain.

  14. These people are communists Mr. President. If you don’t act,and act quickly, your presidency and this country are going to go down the drain. No doubt about it.

  15. If this is what these people want, let them have it. In no time when they are forced to start taking care of themselves, they will fall apart and beg for help. Let them self destruct, they’ll never learn.

  16. Washington state has had the crappiest leadership since Dixie Lee Ray, and it continually worsened until now with our useless “Village Idiot “. With such useless representatives like murray, the V.I., cantwell, Supreme Court, judges, and the spectacularly useless mayor of the Enema City, and I-5 corridor morons. They keep putting this garbage in office, and wonder why nothing changes, DUH! With fifty + years of power hungry bumbling useless criminal left dems, they’ve ruined this beautiful state and should be held criminally liable for what they have done! Most of all we need to get rid of the lying, cheating, stealing, incompetent whacko left and get this state back to its beautiful self.

  17. Why wait any longer? The state has not called in the National Guard to stop it and it needs to be stopped NOW!

  18. Mr. President, Anyone can see that most of the violence is in area’s where the Dumbocraps are and they’re destroying our country and the longer it goes on the worse it will be.
    It’s time to unleash the military on these people and bring security back to those that love this country and our Freedoms and Constitution.
    In the name of God, Please do what ever it takes to bring our Country back to the Country that our founding fathers established. I don’t like the thought of Marshall law but it’s about saving us from those that want to destroy everything about this country!
    God Bless and Heal our Land!

  19. The Democrats have done everything they can to ENSURE that President Trump is defeated & removed from being our President in November. All their efforts have been colossal failures, the final blow coming when they realized they did not have one person that could defeat President Trump. So what did they do? They’ve tried every dirty trick in their play book & failed. What about a natural disaster? Suddenly we see an “Earthquake” among the Democrat Party with the ‘After-Shock’ being their choice of a Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden. A man that can barely speak a cognitive statement, seemingly well into stage-2 Dementia. So why would Democrats do this? Listening to the News this morning I may have figured it out. Think about all that has happened in the past couple of months. We’ve had a Pandemic with our entire Country put into a Shut Down, our Congress & Senate that has decided to indefinitely stay in Shut Down, our Economy beginning to suffer, Riots all across America with businesses being looted & destroyed just when the Owners were preparing to reopen, a Racial war against every person that is not among the Black community of Americans, & now, this morning learning that our Police Departments are being shutdown with our only alternative being to contact Social Services if we have an emergency. There is definite evidence coming out of the mouths of the Democrats that they intend to do nothing until AFTER the election in November. Stop & think about how this will affect the election. The Democrats plan is to have Biden elected with their Pick for Vice President being in place, ready to step in as POTUS soon after Biden is sworn in. He will be declared incompetent to serve due to Final Stage Dementia. All this is a scripted plan by the Democrats because they want Total Power which leads to a Totalitarian Government. I think that means we will be living in a Tyrannical Country. And this is what we will be leaving for our children & grandchildren.

  20. The President needs to immediately stop any and all Federal payments to the City of Seattle and ONLY resume Federal funds if and when they restore Law and Order. You CANNOT allow thugs and terrorists and criminals to take over a portion of any place in the USA. The sooner these Democrat politicians realize tht, the better off this nation will be. The ONLY reason they are allowing this is to embarrass the President. Guess what stupid, this is embarassing YOU AND endangering the people that you have been elected to serve and protect. It is on YOU Seattle Government Officials! When they finally do ask for help then the first order would be the Washington National Guard under the direction of the State Police and if they cannot do the job then the US Army Special Forces Response Teams should be called in to take the criminals there into custody and lethal force IS authorized as they can then be declared as traitors and/or insurgents.

  21. I am really sick and tired of having my comments deleted. I am not using profanity or threatening anyone or condoning violence against anyone. My comments have been about common sense and the LEGAL AND PROPER methods to enforce the law and the justification for it. I have not ONCE been told WHY my comment were never posted.

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