May 24, 2022

White House is looking to ‘reduce tension’ with Putin

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday that the administration is looking to “reduce the tension” that is being brought to the nation by what appeared to be nuclear threats by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to The Washington Examiner, the American people might have reason for concern considering that Putin put Russia’s nuclear capabilities on high alert over the weekend.

The Russian leader had previously threatened Western nation’s with consequences if they take any steps to intervene in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Psaki told reporters at the White House was “provocative rhetoric.”

The press secretary also said that Putin’s threats are “dangerous, add to the risk of miscalculation, should be avoided, and we’ll not indulge in it.”

Psaki went on to add that that the White House is “assessing President Putin’s directive, and at this time, we soon see no reason to change our own alert levels.”

As the world has its eyes fixed on Eastern Europe, the press secretary told reporters that the No. 1 way the United States is actively working to “reduce the possibility of nuclear war” is by “not escalating our own rhetoric.”

“We have not changed our own posture,” she closed. “What we are trying to do is reduce the tension, the tenor of the rhetoric, and make clear that we have seen this pattern in the past, which is posing threats or suggesting through misinformation of sorts that there are threats posed to President Putin in Russia that don’t exist.”

As for President Joe Biden himself, he seemed unwilling to engage in the conversion, saying simply “no” when he was asked if a nuclear war with Russia seemed like a realistic possibility.

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