July 28, 2021

White House has yet to comment on John Kerry traveling without a mask despite backlash

The White House has yet to respond to reports that John Kerry, special presidential envoy for climate, traveled without a mask on a commercial airline flight. The Biden administration has been very clear that wearing masks is non-negotiable for normal Americans, but it’s apparently no problem for administration officials. 

The Tennessee Star first published the photo of the maskless Kerry. The report claimed he was not eating or drinking at the time the photo was taken of his trip from Boston to Washington, D.C.

Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office requiring a federal mask mandate for every American traveling by plane.

Kerry responded the report was “malarkey.” He noted, “Let’s be clear: If I dropped my mask to one ear on a flight, it was momentary. I wear my mask because it saves lives and stops the spread. It’s what the science tells us to do.”

The Hill reported, “The crew did not observe Secretary Kerry without a mask, and they were not alerted by other customers to a non-compliance issue,” a spokesperson for American Airlines later said.

“We continue to review the matter and we are reaching out to Secretary Kerry to underscore that all customers are expected to wear masks for the duration of their trip.”

American Airlines noted their current policy on Twitter and claims they will investigate.

“We require masks on board our aircraft and are looking into this,” they wrote.

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47 Responses


        1. ICE,
          Do you remember what he did during the Vietnam War? He had his own film crew shooting pictures of him doing heroic things. He is just a Glory Hound.

    1. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that that arrogant *** had a stroke with terminal results….

    2. Not a fan of John Kerry, yet take a close look at the picture. There is a plate of food in his lap. Unless there are more pictures of no mask when not eating, that is a different matter.

      1. There is NO plate of food in his lap. That is a book in his lap and he is attempting to turn the page of the book. It is clearly a book. I doubt Kerry puts his fingers in his food or puts his food on top of a book.
        Don’t give that lying liberal a break!

      2. The picture clearly shows a magazine or reading material in his lap. No food any where to be seen. Expand the pic , only thing visible le is reading material and his left hand.

      3. Since when is food served onboard on a piece of paper? The last time I had food inflight it was on a tray!

  1. Typical democrat hypocrite…what’s good for me is not for thee attitude! He is one of the worst people biden put on his team…full of lies…

    1. Did Biden put any good people on his team? I have never seen so many worthless to outright horrible. corrupt, people on any presidents team or administration.

  2. But the picture of Kerry shows otherwise. He is clearly wthout a mask! They do whatever they want and the rest of us have to comply. Is that not CONTROL? BULLYING; SUBMISSION?.?

  3. Shame on you American Airlines!! Check manifest to see who was on staff on this flight and fire them. These are the rules-no mask-no go anywhere on airplane. We have proof-did you see the picture? It is indeed John Kerry-can’t mistake him for anyone else. Shame on you John!! Need to go to confession and also pay a fine for your misdeed. You are certainly no one special although you think so highly of yourself-Note to self-you’re a nothing burger so get used to it. Get with the program…we’re going on over a year of this now.

  4. Where would Kerry be if he was forced to live on a senator’s salary? Teresa made it very comfortable for him. He surely would not have his own private jet. Does the name Heinz ring a bell? He is privileged because of Teresa’s money and status, not his brains or work.

  5. they get away with it because they are criminal. Asama bin laden is cherry’s main squeeze. Can anyone say meena airport. drug for guns. Oliver north. ringing any bells yet. Governor Clinton????

  6. of all the people who should wear a mask, lurch is voted most in need to cover that ugly mug of his

    1. hey Geoffrey: I love the “lurch”, but now just imagine a bolt on each side of his neck. NOW who is it???….LOL

  7. It makes for a great excuse to now use his private jet or more than likely one of the jets out of the fleet of planes avail to gov’t “officials”. Maybe Kamala will let him use Air Force 2…you know, the plane Joe & Hunter used to commit treason when flying to China!

  8. “You didn’t build that” is a phrase from a 2012 election campaign speech delivered by United States President Barack Obama on July 13, 2012, in Roanoke, Virginia. In the speech, Obama stated
    Senator John Heinz was a Republican builded “Heinz Company”

  9. Kerry is an entitled jerk, everyone knows this. He is as fake as the global warming movement he touts.

  10. Remember we the people have to follow the laws DEMOCRATS do not have to follow the same laws it is laws for you not for me !

  11. John Kerry Haven’t you heard your “boss” Joe to speak about masks that must be worn in federal areas federal buildings and while flying ..that is all he speaks about to the American people he doesn’t seem to have fate that we the people can be and are responsible people and wear masks wash our hands and so worth…but you, didn’t wear a mask on the plane. And neither are all those hundreds of illegal aliens that are waiting to come into USA – they don’t need a covid test and they don’t wear masks??? There’s something wrong with this whole picture. Biden is not well it is clear. In such short of time America is in distress and going downhill this I terrible.


  13. Commie john Kerry collecting his frequent flyer miles on the taxpayer dime.
    It is very evident that the communist democrats are bringing all of there commie buddies in to suck on the taxpayer tit.

  14. It’s pretty pitiful that an airlines actually threw a four year old artistic boy off for not wearing a mask but if your a politician no problem. How hypocritical and pitiful, your right the crew who let this happen should be fired, but they won’t because Biden’s unions will protect them.

    1. Philip.
      Yeah He had his own film crew to record his heroic actions in Vietnam even though he wasn’t a combatant.

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