July 1, 2022

Top White House official appears to confirm forthcoming lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows announced on Monday that the Trump campaign may be poised to file lawsuits against social media companies by the end of the day. 

The big-tech suppression of reports exposing emails that could incriminate Hunter Biden has shaken the nation to the core, and the Trump campaign appears to be ready to retaliate.

“I can tell you that as we look at the level of activity that we’re seeing with Twitter, if there’s any interference in the election, it’s by Twitter and Facebook right now and trying to put a particular narrative out there,” Meadows said during a Monday Fox News interview.

“They’re going to have not only a problem with the American people, but they’re going to have a problem with Congress as this will bring Republicans and Democrats together to make sure that they, once and for all, are held accountable for their actions.”

Twitter has acted unilaterally multiple times over the last several days to remove and suppress official government accounts that are disseminating the story, including White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

“They have two standards, one for one campaign, one for the other,” Meadows continued. “But I do believe that additional lawsuits will be filed perhaps as early as today to go after that.”

President Trump himself also hinted at potential forthcoming lawsuits last week.

“It’s going to all end up in a big lawsuit,” Trump said during a Fox Business interview on October 15. “There are things that can happen that are very severe that I’d rather not see happen.”

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Tom (@guest_1064725)
1 year ago

Go get them put them out of business.

don (@guest_1064768)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

fine them millions of dollare put it where it hurts the most
their money

Robin Andrews (@guest_1064914)
Reply to  don
1 year ago


don (@guest_1064769)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

fine them millions of dollars put it where it hurts the most
their money

Dolores (@guest_1064935)
Reply to  don
1 year ago

Meant to say they support Joe Biden

Dolores (@guest_1064934)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

They are doing this because they supposed the corrupt Joe Biden. They probably profit from this.
The people need to know the correct information and not be cut off from any of it.

larry ossler (@guest_1064750)
1 year ago

Sue the ….s KGB was at work!!!!

PATTY (@guest_1064759)
1 year ago


Janice (@guest_1064770)
1 year ago

I am sorry I can’t voice my opinion on these dumb sites get off my email

Trish Poynot (@guest_1064847)
1 year ago

SUR the commie-censoring outfits‼️ The USA 🇺🇸 is NOT, & WILL NOT BE A COMMUNIST COUNTRY‼️ God bless America, the home of the BRAVE & the FREE, from sea to shining sea❣️

LONE WOLF (@guest_1064865)
1 year ago

The more I listen to and read about the biased media, the more convinced I am that someone is paying them off in an effort to remove Trump from office! It’s certainly not because they love Biden but, money will buy some peoples’ souls. If the public can’t rely on the information given to US by the media, we really don’t need them, do we?

Theodore (@guest_1064950)
1 year ago

A fine?
They will snicker and laugh!
They need worse. Forfeiture of company.
Give it to “We The People”

Daniel (@guest_1065018)
1 year ago

Both Twitter & Facecrook Twats are propaganda da mouthpieces for the Chinese Communst Party. Both are linked to China. The FEC NEEDS to simply look into the shareholdings in both. Fb is desperately trying to have their banning overturned. Twitter? Collusionists for sure. Time to take these dirty scheming Anti-America dogs down and put them out of their misery once and for all.

Carrie Annette Fortney (@guest_1065091)
1 year ago

I think Twitter and Facebook should be sued regardless of what they are suppose to be doing now. The damage is already done. Section 230 should also go away. If they want to act like a publisher then so be it and they can lose their 230 status. I think the Trump deal needs to own a certain couple of social media sites. Hehe😁



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