April 17, 2021

Report: White House mulling executive action on coronavirus stimulus

Congressional Democrats are slow-walking solutions for economic relief for Americans suffering under extended lockdowns, and the Trump administration is reportedly tired of waiting for a consensus.

According to a senior White House official, Trump is working with his economic advisers to craft unilateral actions to bridge the gap.Β 

“As the negotiations continue to progress at a snail’s pace, the administration is considering a number of options that might be available without congressional legislative action,” the official told Fox News on Monday morning.

No further details have been released, but Republican and Democrat leaders in both chambers of Congress have signaled an unwillingness to budge on a number of major issues each side wants included in the bill.

White House chief of staff,Β  Mark Meadows, blasted Congress’s inability to come to a bipartisan solution in a Fox News interview:

Those that are counting on enhanced unemployment need to be gravely concerned about the lack of progress. My recommendation would be for them to call their members of Congress and their senators and ask them why they are not willing to compromise when obviously the White House is willing to compromise.

Meadows revealed last week that the White House had offered four different proposals for the coronavirus relief package, all of which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) rejected without offering a counter-proposal.

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19 Responses

  1. If Pelosi et. al. were not getting paid they might see things differently! Usual double standard!😑😑😑😑😑

    1. Democrats want to get paid when they don’t even go to work.
      Try that on your own job and see what happens.

      1. I have an idea…..since they don’t ‘work’ all that much but still get paid, have the stimulus/relief package money come out of their own paychecks since most of them are millionaires anyway. See if they would like that. Just a thought.

  2. Stand behind your President you jerks! Its for the good of the American citizenry, those who youre supposed to be representing! TRAITORS to your own constituents.! Of course you dont have a worry in the world since you get your juicy pay. You make me SICK!

    1. I already signed the petition for both to be kicked out of office!! If only Trump had someway to inform the people on how we can stop paying these fools!!

  3. I am sick of the lack of concern for the citizens of this country by the democratic house. I would like to see less stalling, rigid restrictions on the money given for aid to the citizens and businesses that can reopen and employ them and not the frills and perks and money to not even remotely corona virus entities.

  4. How about recall petitions for all the left walking politicians? Get them away from the ability of destroying our Nation! Any way of stripping them of their incomes, if they don’t behave? Can the “people” have a say as to what is being done to us? Or must we mob the Capitol?

  5. Thank You, Mr. President. Enough! They have had you on the canvas, pre-inauguration to date. Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches The other branches have pre-empted your responsibility since before day one. Such as, banning travel from certain countries/areas, the march across our southern border( and now a mandate from the Governor of California that Money be given to ILLEGAL immigrants from the Covid19 related fund. Since the traditional ( Lawful ) path is not open to you, then kindly follow the precedent of others and yield the terrible swift sword – The Executive Order. Again, Mahalo

  6. Pelosi is holding out to hurt the economy.and for the extra two trillion dollars to bail out the failed Democrat states and their lobbyists. Use the virus to cheating in mail in voting.TRUMP 2020

  7. If Trump can implement an executive order for a bridge to support the virus needs, I strongly support that.

  8. I am very much for that if President Trump can do it. Let’s go President Trump. Overrule the idiots and get it done. Pelosi needs to be impeached!!!!!!!

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