July 4, 2022

White House envoy to Haiti resigns

President Joe Biden’s envoy to Haiti resigned on Thursday, protesting the treatment of Haitian migrants crossing the Rio Grande River to gather under the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas.

“I will not be associated with the United States’ inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti, a country where American officials are confined to secure compounds because of the danger posed by armed gangs,” Daniel Foote said in his resignation letter.

“The people of Haiti, mired in poverty, hostage to the terror, kidnappings, robberies… simply cannot support the forced infusion of thousands of returned migrants,” he added.

Many responded in anger after watching Texas Border Patrol riders on horseback protecting the border from those attempting to cross. A false claim arose that whips had been used on the migrants, though the accusation what later proven false.

However, this did not stop California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.

“Haitians fleeing violence & the lack of a credible government in Haiti are being treated like animals. U.S. government cowboys on horses used whips on Haitians as they sought refuge. Why are we following the Trump policies? This horrendous treatment of Haitians must STOP NOW,” Waters tweeted.

The controversy has now led to the ban of using horses in Del Rio by Border Patrol, adding more the drama at the border.

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