September 26, 2022

White House doc says Biden’s physical included neurological exam

President Joe Biden’s recent physical included a neurological exam, with his doctor claiming he is fit to remain in office.

The medical exam included the surprise temporary transition of presidential powers to Vice President Kamala Harris as Biden underwent anesthesia for a colonoscopy.

“Dr. Kevin O’Connor, physician to the president for the last thirteen years, released the findings of the physical exam Friday. The exam took over five hours and was conducted at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center,” HotAir reported.

Many still remain unconvinced, however, that Biden has the cognitive ability to lead the nation.

Former White House doctor and Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson tweeted, “What a BIZARRE speech by Biden yesterday. He fumbled over his words, made up a story about a house burning down – he was totally LOST. Why hasn’t he had a cognitive exam? What is this White House HIDING about Biden’s health?”

Regardless of Biden’s positive exam, many Americans will continue to have their doubts based on his actions rather than the words of his doctor.




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