July 28, 2021

White House confirms Biden’s rescue dog attacked unknown individual, will not be euthanized

White House press secretary Jen Psaki reported Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s dog Major attacked an “unfamiliar person” but would not be euthanized.

Psaki answered a reporter regarding euthanization that, “Major Biden is a member of the family, so I can assure you that.”

Multiple outlets reported Monday the president’s First Dog bit a security officer at the White House. Psaki’s statement added Major “reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury.”

Champ and Major are the names of the president’s two German Shepherds. The dogs have been moved back to Delaware for care by other family members.

Psaki added, “The dogs will return to the White House soon.”

Major was adopted by the Biden family in November 2018 from the Delaware Humane Society in Wilmington. He is reportedly the first shelter dog to live in the White House.

The incident is not the first time Major has generated negative publicity. In November, the rescue dog was involved in an accident involving the president slipping, resulting in a hairline fracture in Biden’s foot.

In related news, mainstream reporters proceeded to ask Psaki when the White House will have a cat.

Her response? “I know the cat will break the internet, but I don’t have an update on its status.”

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62 Responses

    1. If i was the security guard i would have euthanized him myself the white house is not a dog kennel . its our governments presidents home to live in not degrade it by vicious animals .

        1. I was about to say the same thing. You don’t why, the dog could have been teased by that guard.

      1. Howard, you obviously don’t know anything about German Shepherds. Or rights given by God and according to our Constitution. The white house occupants have as much right to own pets and keep them on the premises as any American citizen. There can be a First Dog or a First Cat as well as a First Lady. I have a sign on my ranch gate: “This property protected by my 3 G’s: My God, my Guns, and my German Shepherds.”

      2. There isn’t a dog that won’t at some point attack someone – especially a german shepherd. It is a natural instinct and obviously had a dislike of the security guard. Some folks just generate that kind of aura to an animal. It was a natural event and to put a dog down for simply doing what is natural is stupid. I am not a Biden supporter. I didn’t vote for him. But, I am an dog owner and would never do such a thing to my dog.

      3. Your right, people are idiots, having dogs and cats in the house, pissing and sh>ting on the floor, I have a little out side house for my four cats, and it will be a cold day in hell that a animal will be in my house, and I guess that they think that our tax money is going to take care of this old want to be president critters.

      4. And it is the home of his pets as well. I had one bite my mailman. The dog was quarantined for like 2 weeks. it ruined her, I did end up having to put her down. She was ok if someone was home with her she was part Beagle, Not a big dog. She thought that the mail man was attacking the house when he put mail through the front door

      1. Amazing!!! This is breaking news 🤣come to think of it: Jen didn’t say circle back to that!!! That is news 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Dale Pettry–for sure–how could we get it started? Also that thing about the cracked foot Biden got. he was not in a boot enough to even mention. When my daughter slipped on the stairs here at home she was in a boot for over a month. I think he was a basket case and not even shown going into the Doctor office and only 2 or 3 pictures after that with a boot on at all.

    1. NO not really, if that were to happen the next in line( if I’m not mistaken) is Pelosi, & that would be a major cluster f–k!!

    2. impeach obiden = heelsup harris president’
      impeach harris = old piglosi president
      Who would be the worst????

  1. How very unimportant, just about the best we can expect from this demented old pervert and his mouthpiece.

  2. Yep I agree that would be more News worthy than a dog bite in peach them both and that will be news worthy

  3. Yes, I would agree that we are missing news worthy news but if one of us pheasants dog had bitten someone would the outcome be different? I think so.

  4. Don’t blame the dog. Blame the owners! We also have no idea what the person did to the dog before he was bitten. I wasn’t there, were you?

  5. These idiot reporters are more worried abou dogs and a cat at the White House then the DEMENTED MORON RUNNING IT!!!

  6. Send those dogs to the border let them have fun with the illegals they will be better than Biden on illegals he a dumb racist joke of a president he doesn’t have the sense of a dog

  7. All you people are nuts!! America has gone to the DOGS!!! The News Reporters rally miss Trump! Now dog stories are news!!

  8. Dogs are good judges of character but they are also loyal to someone who saves them. This poor dog must be awfully torn between grateful obedience and wanting to tear the throats out of every person it sees in the White House.

  9. Anybody else’s dog would have been put down immediately, but not Biden’s. Just another example ofr Democrats and their hypocrisy.

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