July 4, 2022

White House breaks precedent by listing ‘Biden-Harris’ administration on official documentation

Despite the liberal media’s dismissal of Donald Trump’s warnings that Joe Biden would not be the one in charge if Biden was elected, it appears that Kamala Harris has been elevated to a level of influence and power that no other vice president has enjoyed in recent history. 

The White House has broken with longstanding tradition to now list “the Biden-Harris Administration” on its website rather than “the Biden Administration.” The move stands out as one of many recent changes to elevate Vice President Kamala Harris within the current administration.

The "administration" tab on the White House's official website. 

Source: whitehouse.gov

Another recent change includes Harris alongside Biden includes the White House Twitter page.

The changes are also notable in official White House communications. “Biden-Harris” is increasingly included in press releases and media sent from the White House.

The new status given to Harris has fueled speculation about her own political future. Though Biden has stated his plan to run for reelection in 2024, much speculation has highlighted a run by Harris.

Biden would be 82 years old upon reelection. His ongoing gaffes and invisible status have only added to the rumors of a potential one-term presidency followed by Harris.

If so, Harris would have the potential to serve as the first woman of color as president. The narrative would stand strong against a conservative Republican challenger.

Former President Donald Trump continues to tease a 2024 presidential run. If so, he would be the comeback presidential candidate, offering an epic 2024 election battle between two strong and contrasting political voices.

In the meantime, Harris will enjoy equal billing with Biden. Her role will continue to grow as Americans await whether she will take the next step to run for president herself in the days ahead.

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JORDAN (@guest_1188945)
1 year ago

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Thomas Breen (@guest_1188972)
1 year ago

When do we get biden and harris impeached and thrown in Jail for treason ? Make sure that Nancy goes with them<

andrew (@guest_1188981)
Reply to  Thomas Breen
1 year ago

i agree this what we get for scotus not having balls when all this fraud started

H (@guest_1189035)
Reply to  Thomas Breen
1 year ago

Fraud against the American people with Biden as the Trojan horse.

George (@guest_1189064)
Reply to  Thomas Breen
1 year ago

America is going to hell in a hand badket.

Lois (@guest_1189141)
Reply to  George
1 year ago

If ever there was a time when the inmates are in charge of the asylum, this is surely it. I can’t believe the vast majority of Americans (including reasonable/rational democrats) are not very concerned with what is going on in our country right now. There is a double tier of justice. We have people in positions of power who are getting away with treason and know they don’t have to worry about being punished. Nothing gets done about it. We talk/complain about it and that’s as far as it gets. Even the Supreme Court looks the other way. Maybe we should take a page from their playbook and start rioting, looting, burning No justice, no peace. We need a strong leader to step up and demand equal justice for all, including the favored elites. Anybody up for it?

Kathy (@guest_1190390)
Reply to  Thomas Breen
1 year ago

Well said and long over due to get that house cleaned. Our country is going downhill quickly under their directions and it’s all intentional!

Margaret (@guest_1188974)
1 year ago

Kamala, may be pres. Now Obama is also in there, he has been busy there, Biden is ghost, Obama is also running it, we all know Biden has not been able to take care of it, he is ill, no fault of his, dementia doesn’t care. Feel bad for him, guess his wife had to be first lady regardless. It’s elder abuse.

Pedge12 (@guest_1188975)
1 year ago

Won’t be long now before Harris takes over completely!!! UGH!!! Good-bye to the United States as we know it!!! NONE of the Democrats give a damn for this country and want to tear it down!!! More Communistic antics and before you know it we’ll be another China/Cuba/North Korea!!!!

Lauren Hillquist (@guest_1188984)
Reply to  Pedge12
1 year ago

Venezuela we will be!

PAT (@guest_1190230)
Reply to  Lauren Hillquist
1 year ago

Only if the American People don’t stand up and fight for America, against these Communist.

H (@guest_1189036)
Reply to  Pedge12
1 year ago

ASe is waiting long enough that she will be able to run in the next TWO elections.

Be Authentic (@guest_1188976)
1 year ago

So the name “Prostitute Harris” is official?!! What about “Adulterous Jill” and “Clinically Impaired Criminal Biden”?! New official titles Yes let’s get real But let’s not leave out Bathhouse Barry and his husband, Ex linebacker, formerly known as Big Mike We don’t want the Oscumas to be left out Big Mike might whine

ROG (@guest_1188978)
1 year ago

and just think that just a few 13 months ago she could not muster up a percntage , and droped out of the race befor the primaries. now she is dam near the president, NOTHING TO SEE HEAR, SOMEBODY PULLS THE STRINGS, AND BOOM SHE IS IN . YEP NOTHING TO SEE HERE. ALL WHAT THE PEOPLE WANTED RIGHT.

Lois (@guest_1189148)
Reply to  ROG
1 year ago

All orchestrated by Obama, either using money or threats. He must be salivating at the thought of having another bi-racial president who’s as corrupt as he is.

jeff (@guest_1189030)
1 year ago

Biden isn’t worth to be dog catcher. He is doing nothing but tearing this great country down.

David Brees (@guest_1189115)
1 year ago

Please unsubscribe me from this despicable Republican trash. Why do you not have an unsubscribe button on your publications.

Katydid (@guest_1189135)
Reply to  David Brees
1 year ago

You don’t have to read it. Whine, Whine, Whine

2A Girl (@guest_1189144)
Reply to  David Brees
1 year ago

Poor baby can’t handle the truth

2A Girl (@guest_1189146)
Reply to  David Brees
1 year ago

And yes there is an unsubscribe you’ just too triggered to find it.

Lois (@guest_1189150)
Reply to  David Brees
1 year ago

Buh-bye. BTW, democrats are despicable, Republicans are PROUD deplorables.

Kenneth (@guest_1189154)
1 year ago

Harris has already fallen flat on her face. No re election for her.

Connie Phillips (@guest_1189166)
1 year ago


Sue (@guest_1189205)
1 year ago

If everything is now known as Biden and Harris then that make them equally responsible for what their doing with allowing all these illegals into our country. She accepts taking over than she is also responsible for all the EO that are signed. He follows her into his desk she stands behind him , he sign all the EO than they leave together when he’s done what was expected of him. That’s tell everyone a lot . They need impeach together . Than Pelosi, And everyone in the Democratic Party that is taking part in trying to take our country down. Let’s stop talking it over and just do it. If it’s against the constitution that their problem ,they don’t go by it unless the can use it for their benefit.

David L Druif (@guest_1189261)
1 year ago

My last name is not Brees, I am informed and intelligent. The track record of Biden / Harris is and will continue to be so bad, all but the most ignorant of the other side will have enough sense to abandon that party.

Lemont Cranston (@guest_1189792)
1 year ago

This is an ongoing sham against the American people. There has been no investigation into the election fraud and these clowns are taking power they do not possess legally! “We the People” did not accept the outcome or the certification by electoral college or congress. This is not over. The dem’s have shown total disregard for the Constitution, the law, the rights and freedoms of the people. All of the things they have done prove tyranny and lawlessness.
Thomas Jefferson stated,”The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
George Washington described government, “The government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is FORCE. And FORCE, like FIRE, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
Any one owning and using a wood burning fireplace, understands the meaning of this phrase. Fire, when under control, tho still dangerous, can be used for heating(serving) but allowed to get out of control, can burn down the house.



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