July 28, 2021

White House: Biden plans to nominate black woman to Supreme Court if vacancy arises

White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated on Tuesday that President Joe Biden is “absolutely” committed to nominating a black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court if a vacancy arises.

The issue arose as the Biden administration announced its first group of 11 nominated attorneys and judges. The diverse listed included multiple black women.

“I think there is an incredible group of nominees the president announced today. … As someone who served for 17 years on the Senate Judiciary Committee as chairman and ranking member, he has a long history on judicial appointments,” Psaki said.

“This is a priority for him, but our focus is getting the Senate to confirm this group of nominees and to continue to build … a pipeline of additional highly qualified nominees who are going to reflect the values the president has outlined.”

The commitment remains hypothetical at this time, as there is not a current vacancy on the court. The nine justices currently include six conservatives and three liberals.

The Supreme Court currently includes three women. Conservative Amy Coney Barrett is the most recent addition in 2020, alongside liberal justices Elean Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.

The court’s only black justice remains Clarence Thomas. President Bush nominated him as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court where Thomas has served since 1991.

The oldest current justice is liberal Stephen Breyer. He turns 83 in 2021, and has served since his appointment by President Bill Clinton in 1994.

Biden may be committed to a black female justice, but the decision will only matter if he has an opportunity to act. If a vacancy does arise, it is certain his choice will also be a liberal candidate, leading to high scrutiny from conservatives during the nomination process.

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78 Responses

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    1. OH, IT MUST BE A WOMAN OF COLOR, THATS THE ONLY QUALIFICATIONS THEY NEED!!! Everyday that goes bye with this IDIOT in office is a day closer to the end of our beloved country.

        1. This stuff with presidents nominating them should be stopped Supreme court justices credentials need to be placed out to the American people, & a vote by the American people needs to take place , no SCOTUS should be allowed to refuse to do their job or pick 7 choose when they could do it, what is going on here, we had a rigged election in 2020& they refuse to hear the cases what kind of stuff is this !!!!

      1. How about hiring someone who has the qualifications, it shouldn’t have anything to do with the color of their skin! Like I’ve been saying, democrats want to keep the racism going, they don’t want it to go away!

      2. Look at the idiot that trump put on the court the accused rapist and beers drinker bret kavanaugh You people shouldn’t have the guts to say anything about Biden’s picks

        1. and what about clarence thomas and what they did to him.another false claim only because he’s republican oh but he’s black!funny how the drunk accusing kavanaugh couldn’t remember where or when it happened nor her friends did either.you have to be a special kind of stupid to believe her.oh! and where is metoo? did they disband or just come together for republican nominees? where were they during clinton’s impeachment!

          1. You have to be a special kind of stupid to think Bret should be on the Supreme Court or trump should be president

        2. You should lay down and lick your nuts idiot . If brains were dynamite you wouldn’t dare blow your nose. Brain dead idiot…

        3. EVIDENCE MATTERS. WHEN THERE IS NONE IT IS STILL EVIDENCE. Despite a mind numbing sustained effort there just wasn’t any evidence so perhaps you are stuck in deep leftist wishful thinking denial.

      3. Democrats are gimic driven! Soon, it will be a LGBTQ, woman of color with pink and purple polka dots on her forehead!!

      4. I agree with you, Michael. The skin color should not be the defining reason for appointment. What about qualifications

    1. You hit the nail on the head, I saw last year where biden said if he ever become president that he would fill the SCOTUS with liberal judges preferably black women. I wonder who they are going to do away with.

      1. They don’t have to do away with any Supreme Court justices! All they have to do is ADD a dozen or more far-left “justices” as they have threatened to do. And they will!

    2. biden IS a racist. Hes trying to deceive people otherwise. Color means everything; No qualifications necessary. It will probably be someone like stacy abrams or that other obnoxious loud mouth in congress, maxine waters. God HELP US!!

  2. Biden will appoint a racist black woman to supreme Court to get more votes, he or Harris/Pelosi are only concerned about wealth/power THEIRS at ARE cost.

  3. So Joey; the only qualifier is not education, not experience, the only 2 things which are important to Dem con artists are Race and Skin Color? Joey that on its own is RACIST Joe.

    1. Joe Biden is a racist, his announcement only proves that he is. As usual Biden is dedicatred his administration to follwing a path that will cause further resentment of the Black races. To further the Democrats goal of causing more segration of the different races in the country he will stop at nothing. He cares not for the country, but for the Party. This man has redefined the definition of “Worst President in history” and he just begun his destructive reign. The pot is beginning to boil Biden!

  4. Biden says he wants someone on the Supreme Court that mirrors his commitment??? The only thing he’s committed to is the complete and utter destruction of the constitution, the economy and our rights. The man wants to blame the problems he’s created on anyone but himself. He and his entire administration needs to go and quickly before he can do any more damage.

    1. Y’all voted this doof in just because you fell for the incessant cry from the liberal propaganda arm of the liberals (our media) to get rid of Trump!

      You made this bed, now lie in it!

  5. By the time Biden gets through with his “equity/equality” agenda ( if he makes it through a full 4 year term) he’ll have the 18% telling the rest of the country what’s what. Sounds like a plan, Joe, to go along with the rest of your scorched earth policies. Heil Biden!

    1. We need to have a National Referendum where-by each State would by popular vote determine if laws & operations related to the Constitution & Bill of Rights ,Freedom of Religion ,Border Security ,Abortion paid by the taxpayers ,and a number of other issues which separate us as a Nation would be determined by a simple majority . The States that a majority of voters cast positive (yes ) to the premise will bond with other like views & votes and FORM a Union .Those States that vote (NO) can do the same .Citizens of the minority votes in each State can remain and live under the laws and rules of that State or can move to a State / Union that promotes their views . A new group of States and followers of our way of life can change the term limits ,defend our borders and so many issues that WILL not be addressed by the Present conditions >>

      1. No I don’t want to cancel my reply. Come on AG, you are one of my news source that I really believe

  6. Sure…hit your quota. The world will respect you for your effort. Actually, the world is laughing at you. So am I.

  7. I hope whoever she can be neutral when deciding a case leaving personal feeling out of it. Also hope she can Read and Understand the Constitution.

    1. You people never condemned trump when he spit on the constitution and when he incited an insurrection against the government of the United States of America And when he was over joyed when the capital was under attack by thousands of his followers who are known today as treasonous traitors

  8. Guess qualifications don’t mean anything. Why not hire a dog walker…preferably BLACK? Guess the US govt is NOT an EOE.

  9. Here’s the scary part of that story.

    “highly qualified nominees who are going to reflect the values the president has outlined.”

    That won’t be hard to do, just toss a brick in the air and you’ll hit one in the head. If the person that gets hit in the head immediately says the sky is falling, call the National Guard, you found the right person.

  10. Gee, I really hope that the more traditional justices on the court have had their regular medical check ups. We wouldn’t and couldn’t stand for any other unexplained sudden deaths while they were vacationing….

  11. This man is a sick bastard. All the comments made, are correct. Skin color is his qualifications, wow , soon they will use a monkey for the job. These democrats, are in need of some medical help, they are trying to get rid of our constitional rights, people it’s time we took back our country any way we can.

  12. Sick person, this man is out to ruin this beautiful country of ours,
    Now he thinking of a person of color for the highest court, why not put a monkey on the court, I agree with all of the comments made about this sick person who is trying to run this country of ours, and he is not my President, just the biggest joke.
    Two idiots we have in very important positions, Biden and Harris. Donkeys.

    1. White people are quickly becoming the minority in this Country. Our numbers are dwindling every day our borders are not in our control.
      I’m not going to see that happen but I think my grandkids will.

  13. This is a disgustingly racist ideology on behalf of Biden. Just shows how stupid he truly is.

      1. I hope you and the rest of the racist on this web site can someday see how ignorant immoral and nasty you people really are

  14. Our IMMITATION POTUS; what’s his name? OH, yes BiDUM, is, in my opinion, not ‘playing’ with a full deck of cards. MANY (things) missing between his ears.
    Possibly, all of the Illegal Immigrants he has allowed into the USA, should be allowed to ‘set up’ camp on the White House lawn. BiDUM could out and join them and tell them just how GREAT HE (thiinks) He Is!

  15. she had better be qualified and in good standing with the court system because just being black is not a qualification

  16. Please someone, explain to senile Joe he is not running a McDonalds, where they give everyone a chance to prove they can handle the job. They keep the ones than can, and replace the ones that can’t. The Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment that must be given to the most qualified candidate. Color does not have anything to do with capabilities. But look who he chose to run for Vice-President. Good luck America.

  17. God forbid the idiot would choose someone based on their skill sets and past experience but instead choose by gender and skin color. Not that a black woman would not be qualified but race and gender should never be one of the qualifications. He is a being totally racist action and that is unacceptable!

  18. Why does it have to be a woman of color?
    Isn’t that being racist against other qualified ladies from other racists.
    Why not an Asian or Hispanic lady ?
    What your doing is what Obama did again dividing our great Nation with piss poor decisions from the top Leadership.
    T.G. your not my President.

  19. If you look over the years you have to wonder why we continue to throw the race card into our government, It’s my understanding over the years our selections should be base on qualification rather than gender or race but then when you have someone telling someone what to do what do you expect. Look at this country if we continue to go in the direction were going well have no country

  20. Let’s see how many democRAT agenda points we can tick: Black, Woman. Surely there are more. Maybe she can be a transgendered black woman with some Asian/Mexican ancestry who came to America illegally. In a wheelchair. And a member of BLM. Would that fill most of the democRAT Division Agenda??? No need to bother with education or expertise in the Constitution or court of law.

  21. It’s Joe using people of color to project him as some sort of saint to those on the left who buy that load of xcrapx from him.

  22. Hey Bo, moron Trump hater, you are getting what you deserve with dementia Joe. Unfortunately we Trump supporters have to live with it too.

  23. Qualifications, knowledge no longer matter to China joe and the demoncRATs. Only the color of the person. These idiots will do anything to get votes.
    Country is going to hell and it’s 80% there now. Give China joe and ho (camel face) 3 years and this country will never recover.

  24. Why are you not posting my comment American Digest??? It wasn’t any worst than anything posted already

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