September 26, 2022

White House backtracks on July 4th promises after Biden speech

President Joe Biden indicated on Thursday that Americans can look forward to gathering for 4th of July celebrations, but White House press secretary Jen Psaki immediately back-peddled on the promises, claiming that the Biden administration is asking Americans not to have a “mass event” or “return to total normalcy” for the Fourth of July, according to Fox News

When pressed, the press secretary wouldn’t give a timeline as to when the current administration would advise that Americans go back to exercising their rights to free assembly. 

“It really depends on a couple of factors,” Psaki said blaming some Americans’ hesitancy to vaccinate as one of the reasons the White House wants to keep lockdown protocols in place. 

This statement comes after the White House directed states to make every citizen eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine by May 1 with the belief that there would be sufficient doses by the end of May. 

On Thursday night, Biden addressed the nation and seemed to indicate that the White House would put their stamp of approval on social gatherings by Independence Day. However, with the vaccine that is being hailed as the answer to the pandemic only having been given to around 10 percent of the nation, the White House continues to hold back.

“Again, this is not large gatherings … it is having a small group of friends and neighbors in your backyard. It’s certainly not a full return to concerts and soccer stadiums, but it is a baby step toward that and our team felt confident we could get to that point,” said the press secretary. 

While the vaccine has not, up to now, been available to the entire population, many both inside and outside the medical community have questions and concerns about potential side effects of the new vaccine

Even many who support the pharmaceutical companies’ attempt at preventing the contraction of the virus believe that any medical treatment that has “death” as a possible side effect should be optional. 


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