April 11, 2021

White House aides resign amid chaos of Washington D.C. riots

Washington, D.C. erupted into chaos Wednesday as a group stormed the U.S. Capitol building. Unnerved by the melee, some in government have vowed not to return.

Several White House aides have resigned following the attack perpetrated by rogue Trump supporters at the Capitol building, The Hill reported. Fearing for their safety, many more may follow suit, a White House official told the outlet.

Melania Trump’s chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham was the first to tender her resignation following the riot that left several officers injured and Ashli Babbitt, a navy veteran and Trump supporter, dead.  Deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews and social secretary Rickie Niceta also tendered their resignations not long after.

Matthews said she was “honored to serve in the Trump administration and proud of the policies we enacted” in a statement. However, she added that she was “deeply disturbed” by what transpired and would be resigning immediately.  “Our nation needs a peaceful transfer of power.”

At least two other officials from the White House Security Council stepped down, including Matthew Pottinger, a deputy national security adviser who received his post in part due to national security advisor Robert O’Brien. Recently, O’Brien publicly disagreed with Trump’s attempts to goad Vice President Mike Pence into rejecting electoral votes in key states, coming to his defense and contradicting the president. 

Wednesday’s joint session of Congress was simply meant as a rubber-stamp event where Pence would formally certify the Electoral College votes. Instead, Trump continued to advance the narrative that the vice president could overturn the election and hand the presidency back to him. Pence had no such power, but protestors showed up en masse to support the president.

Trump arguably added fuel to the inferno already sparked off by suspicions of voter fraud and shady election night incidents, but Wednesday’s riots were not his fault any more than Democratic politicians were directly to blame for the months of violence from Black Lives Matter. Nevertheless, Trump’s critics laid the blame on him and — predictably — on their trusty standby white supremacy..

The violence at the Capitol was one of the worst events in recent history and will have ripple effects that Americans can’t yet fathom. For now, there remains at least one tragic death and multiple officials who have resigned their posts, with an untold number likely to follow. Wednesday was indeed a dark day for our nation.


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258 Responses

    1. Why do Trump supporters like to take self-ies when committing felonies than post online. Sure makes easy for law enforcement to find them. Think Trump will get Melannia to bail him out along with Donnie Jr and Rudy maybe some of terrorist who did his work

      1. they weren’t Trump Supporters. they were Antifa and the LEFT. trying to make Trump and his supporters look bad. if this would have been TRUMP Supporters we would have stormed the building with Weapons and gotten into the senate Chamber where they were counting ILLEGAL Votes and put a stop to it.

          1. Pretty sad state of affairs when our men and women in blue escort Things to the capital to make it look like Trump supporters! Pathetic.

      2. It was NOT Trump supporters doing that violence. They were ANTIFA DRESSED like Trump Supporters…

      3. What makes you believe they were Trump supporters? Antifa and BLM led the charge into the Capitol. Get your facts straight.

      4. Those weren’t Trump supporters. They were Antifa Democrat supporters sabotaging the Trump supporters’ protest.

      5. RB, The Trump Supporter crowd was invaded by ANTIFA and BLM posing as Trump Supporters. However, there were about half a dozen of them that wore very obvious costumes that DID expose them as ANTI-TRUMPERS. However, their plan DID work fairly well for them since, now most people still believe that the dangerous storming to the Capitol Building was done by Trump Supporters….not even close to the truth. If there are any more mentally acute people who would ask a couple of question, it may ring some bells…The questions should be….#1 Okay, so a bunch of Trump Supporters charge up to the Capitol Building….and once there…then what? #2 What goal were they seeking in doing such an act? The answers would be….#1nothing of value and again #1 nothing of value. Too bad that there are so many who are so low IQ to actually believe this is true.

    2. They already did a facial recognition scan and found same people, members of antifa, were involved. An ex FBI agent at the scene said that a bus load of those scum were off loaded at the capital. It was antifa scum that broke into the capital building.

      1. No surprise. Facial recognition software should be used to identify vandals who destroy historic monuments, etc. and get them brought to justice….

    3. I would put NOTHING beneath the COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARIES who have taken over our country! So, despite the EVIDENCE OF THEIR COLLUSION TO USURP OUR ELECTION, THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED IN REMOVING EQUALITY UNDER LAW IN AMERICA! I live in Taiwan. BIDEN will waste no time in allowing his friends in Beijing from invading us now.

    1. Vice President Mike Pence is NOT a traitor! He is a law-abiding citizen who will not lower himself to break the law. He had no power to stop the counting of votes as President Trump wanted him to, neither does he have the power to invoke the 25th Amendment against the President as Pelosi is demanding.
      He is one of the few on the Hill that I would trust.

  1. The rats are jumping ship. They are afraid of the oncoming regieme. Gotta protect their jobs no matter what. Don’t worry about the legal aspects of the election….just protect those high paying jobs.

    1. When it comes to war not a single patriot person in the White House would have let this happen it has now declared war on the United States of America thanks to the court system and Supreme Court

  2. Trump supporters never wore a coumminst tattoo on their body they were more of the usual Democrat party there to destroy more

    1. The democrats, ANTIFA, and BLM were there. You will see. Yes, there were probably some Republicans too. The dems. were there and the other two groups were there to make it look like it was all Trump people doing wrong. Make us look like them. Well we will never be them. The Republicans involved had finally lost it after 4 years of hate thrown at our President and the people who followed him. Not only the above but also the DEMOCRAT PARTY. They were against us all from the very beginning. WHY? Trump is not a perfect man. Nor are any men on our planet. All of you treated all of us whitties like garbage. Why you want to incite racism when in fact it is you who are the racists.

    2. Exactly, my own thoughts. Best guess is, that the Antifa plan was to distract all attention away from the “questionable” results of the Nov. 3rd Election, by disrupting a peaceful protest rally… and at the same time, to do so in such a way as to discredit………both President Trump and ALL Trump supporters. This action would give an “excuse” to claim that “Trump Supporters” are not only domestic terrorists (as was claimed, by Pres.-elect, Biden) but also insurrectionists that will be persecuted… whether they were there in D.C. yesterday……..or not.
      …I see a repeat of history, and the history that sticks in my mind…is Germany 1935-1945. Just a different language.

  3. I hear there were ANTIFA rioters seeded into the pro Trum PEACEFUL protesters and THESE LOWLIFES made sure Trump got the blame in his last two weeks as President, destroying, in the minds of the American public ALL THAT HE ACCOMPLISHED in the last four years.

    1. Well guess who is putting money into Antifa. It wouldn’t take a master mind to figure this out and it’s been going on for a long time. They cannot wait to take the U.S. down

  4. The Best thing you can say about a Biden presidency, is that 75,000,000 million MAGA Trump voters had the election rigged and stolen from them! And just like 9/11 they won’t forget this whenever 2022 comes to the mid-

    1. Doubt he has near that may now after his acts of yesterday,he was real disappointed they did not get Electoral Votes out of capital

      1. RD, Mr. Trump would be highly respected if he KEPT HIS MOUTH SHUT yesterday and stayed the hell off twitter. He could leave the WH on good terms (instead of the current mess) and be a pain in the side of Biden’s administration for four years. Yesterday’s mess cost President Trump credibility.

  5. Why is it when Antifa infiltrates a group of patriotic citizens, they all blame it on Trump. After the years of graft, corruption, lies, distortions Trump has endured he came through unscathed without any substance of anything wrong other than trying to rid the govt of corruption, deceit lies, distortions and actual hard-line crimes, (with no criminal prosecution to date) have gone through being vindicated on ALL counts – because he is so beaten up with the lies, “supposed” supporters he is fighting for us and his life. he once again is being blamed for following the constitution. We are DOOMED. The Devil incarnate has won this round and we are the victims of their evil ways.

  6. They’re going to do what they’re going to do and they don’t care who it hurts or whatever. I’m tired I’m done this is a disgrace we are all a disgrace to America and I hope God comes down and strikes out the human race because we don’t deserve to be here

  7. I think Ms. Favocci needs to check her sources before she falsely embellishes her reporting. The rioters were Antifa, NOT Trump supporters, and this has been reported. They were identified by facial recognition and at least some of them have been arrested.

  8. I am very ashamed of those who have abandoned Pres. Trump. Those who have rolled over prove that they can be manipulated by a mob. This is a dangerous president.

  9. I saw a video showing Anti-fa in the White House during their so called storming the White House, and also someone in front of the group luring them to come into the White House. Shall I send it to you?

  10. President Trump is the best president this country has had since Reagan, only he has had a multitude of adversity to overcome. He has turned America back from the ignorant democratic Obama. He has truly put America and Americans first. Our country is finally respected by others and feared by those who have worked to destroy us. The next four years are ones that will only bring weakness and ties to communism that we need to fear!

  11. Well, Can’t blame them for being scared, but Americans are not scared those who work because it is something they do to provide for their Families. This is fake news when they say they were Trump supporters, Not all of them were. Antifa came in by a busload and nothing was ever done about the Democrats favoring them as peaceful protesters. That was fake news, they rooted, burnt down cities, raped, killed, beat and murdered young and old.

  12. You’re exactly right!. Everything that the Dems accused the Republicans were doing, they themselves were actually doing that! Everyone knows it was antifa that was there to cause problems, it was not Trump supporters!!

  13. This proves that the “Deep State” that D.C. has always denied as being real, is more alive than ever, & that Americans who are to lazy to really check the people they’re voting for are getting what they deserve. Unfortunately, they’re dragging the rest of us down with them! Of course, the election would have just been stolen anyway, so I guess we now officially live in the Communist States of America. Goodbye, America, hello Bizarro World!

  14. BLM and Troubled Democrats ran across this nation burning down buildings and murdering police officers and lootering from small business owners and everyone thinks it’s ok, all hell breaks loose because of Democrats stealing the election now it’s time to lock someone up WHAT BS.

  15. The Democrats want one thing in this country and that is Cival War. Those who are turning on PresidentTrump and will stop at nothing to take him down whether by another impeachment or murder these individuals are nothing more than out right cowards and a yellow streak down their backs as wide as all of the oceans in the world no brag just fact.

      1. Yep, been trying to post the rest of my statement for 10 minutes and keep getting blocked. As a free country we are screw ed

      2. I have been off facebook two years. Auschwitz Zuckerberg and Damned Dorsey belong in jail, along with other censoring corporate officers. The big loss was the First Amendment. Fifty years ago, there was a Fairness Doctrine for radio and TV and one is needed for all US internet traffic. Mr. Trump could have executive ordered removal of Sec. 230 of the Communications Act when he first took office and let his AG fight it out with the internet companies, and perhaps landed the trouble sources in jail and the result an uncensored internet.

  16. If our judges had a backbone, if Pence had our backs and did his Constitutional duty, none OF this would have happened… ITS NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS THAT ARE EVIL…. IT WILL ALL COME TO LIGHT. AMEN

  17. So many cowards an traitors. They are bowing down to the incoming com88 mies and will be sorry. This is not President Trump’s fault. It is the AMERICAN CITIZENS who are fed up with the cheating, divisive lies and propaganda from the left.

  18. Most likely the first ones to ‘break into the Congress building were the an arch ist Ant if a garbage disguised as Trump supporters that were dropped of by the busload yesterday to stir up the angry Citizens who want to take back the country and our Constitution. Ant if a was there to discredit President Trump and the MSM took off and ran with the LIES. Again NO ONE IS GOING after the Ant if a Th Huggggs that were reportedly seen by an ex FBI agent.

    1. I had to change so many words and make a mess but I gt most of it posted. S c u m is now a blocked word also, but orange man is not

  19. I agree that Pres. Trump & his family have went thru hell in the last 4 years. If the judges would’ve stepped up and did their jobs, none of this fraud would’ve ever taken place. The whole deal was set up & others were too wimpy to be strong men & women. The media, and Dems, and all of Biden’s thieves have got what they wanted, even some of the Christians, G d will have his voice heard in the end.

    1. The real problem is the republicans in government! They have the backbone of jellyfish(which is none) If they would stand up for us instead of bowing down to the commie dems this would be a much better country as it once was. I think this will be the last election for this country unless we get some backbone and fight for it. Another problem is the pay they get for what they do so out of line, they have to bow down to keep their jobs.

  20. democrats caused this mess by election fraud, and all the problems they caused the last four years.Biden should go to prison for treason and pelosie shumer ]the squad and some of the other demorat idiots, they accused the president of things they were doing.although he was proved innocent republicans get some guts and impeach and send them to prison.they will have to stand before god on judgement day and answer for all the lies and problems they caused.and it probably wont be long,with biden being president america doesnt have much longer. china russia iraq are waiting in line.think what you have done to our children and grandchildren.

  21. Will we ever know if they were antifa thugs?? Probably never because that would go against their plan. Get Trump wherever and whenever they can.

  22. Can the people not see this is a demonic attack?The democrats have been taken over by demons who follow their father Satan to steal,kill and destroy.But God will be on time with His intervention.In the mean time He is cleaning the WH,the government and everywhere.Donald J Trump is the President of the USA for four more years


  24. First of all, it was incorrectly stated in one of the posts that it was The White House that was entered by protesters. If you’re going to post opinions, beliefs, accusations, or statements, get your facts straight.

  25. Another FALLS FLAG REPORTED BY MEDIA ! The people who broke in the White House were ANTIFA and NOT TRUMPS SUPPORTES. Obviously it was all set up and Media, Eva Pelosi have to blame only Trump Supporters. This is outrages, disgusting.

  26. I am a 38yr police veteran and have seen a lot of nasty, unlawful demonstrations upclose and the liberal press ignored or downplayed them as peaceful gatherings. Buildings have been burned down, police injured or killed yet more often then not the true story is ignored.

  27. Usually when a ship goes down the rats leave the ship first that’s what is going on in WH. They were not loyal they just come to work for check in these days most of people do that. But the worst is it’s money belong to taxpayers who voted for for every senator judges congressmen and trusted them with our lives.

  28. LOOK: I do NOT believe that revolution is any way to fix any nation of all it’s woa’s but, I do BELIEVE that there is a time for war and a time for peace. There is a time to love and a time to hate. Ecclesiastes 8:1, 7-8 KJV There is a solution, but the GODLESS started this mess in 1962-3, 64, 70-73 w/their Supreme court directives and their U.N. directives and effectively destroyed this nation and this world, so what can NOW be done? the GODLESS Govt’s of this world have sealed our fates, as a nation(s)! Even so, come, LORD JESUS. Revelation 22:20 KJV

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