May 6, 2021

White House advisor gives notice

A top economic advisor for President Trump has informed the administration that he’ll be stepping down in the next few weeks.

The Washington Examiner reports:

White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett will reportedly leave his post in the Trump administration in the weeks ahead.

Hassett, who previously spent time on the White House’s economic counsel and returned to the administration to help the White House’s coronavirus response, plans to depart in the summer, according to Axios. It is unclear when exactly Hassett will be leaving his position.

Another member of the National Economic Council, Andrew Olmem, a special assistant to the president for financial policy, left his position on Friday.

Of particular note are Hassett’s parting words.

“I think everyone should be worried about how this is going to turn out in the end, because it’s a shock unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” Hassett told The Washington Post on Monday.

Hassett’s departure won’t cripple the administration, but in an environment where Trump’s reelection will depend on his ability to revive a shell-shocked economy, we hope that those around the president ensure that his economic team is well-stocked with talent.

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82 Responses

    1. A leader who can’t walk down a slight ramp or hold a cup of water to his mouth ain’t strong at all. Open your eyes.

          1. Little Phillip you communist Chinese not. How many billions have you made? Besides being an important dumbass, what else do you do for an encore?
            With you imbecilic remark, you’ve proven you are full of more crap than a Christmas Turkey and as useful as teets on a bore hog. When you are able to move out of your mommies basement snowflake please do, and get off hers and the government teet.

      1. listened to CNN and only getting a spliced video bite did you? Trump SALUTED 600 CADETS. YOU RAISE & LOWER YOUR ARM 600 TIME,in 90 degree heat with the sun beating down on you, AND SEE IF YOU CAN RAISE & HOLD STEADY A GLASS OF ANYTHING. Trumps shoes were leather bottomed, the ramp was steel/metal with no grip strips, no hand rails. The military personal were wearing rubber soled shoes, they grip on metal. Leather soled shoes do not work well on a 15 degree metal ramp…it’s like walking on an ice ramp. You probably didn’t even watch the gradation ,but comment with authority because you saw what you saw on a severely edited CNN fake news report and listened to the always negative “reporter”. Oh, as far as leaders go…when is your “leader” Joesniff, Still in the Basement, Biden going to stick his dementia engulfed head out of his burrow and see his shadow, so you liberals & MSM can continue to make excuses for his ineptness?

      2. When you are 77 years old you will finally find out what age will do. I am 80 and find it difficult to walk and drink out of a cup while walking. When you walk in his shoes you can criticize yourself.

      3. I have a wood bridge on my property that gets slippery as all get out. You have to walk very slowly or you will fall. How would you walk if you were slipping and sliding? Don’t judge until you have all the details.

      4. My eyes are wide open! Donald Trump is the best President this country has ever seen! With all the crap that he had and continues to have from the Democrat, Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations anyone would be a little shaky. They are all responsible for the unrest and violence that’s taking place right now in our country! From your comment, I think that you would rather have Biden, or another crooked Democrat in the White House. If I’m correct, I really feel sorry for you!

        1. Lone Wolf: You are right on the spot. You have seen how the Dem. Mayors and Governors control their cities from the Terr. These are wemps. Send in the trfoops and round up all the THUDS and send them to GETMO.

        2. I agree totally! Not only does President Trump deserve another 4 years, America needs him for another 4 years!

      5. Slowly Inching down a steep ramp in leather shoes after giving a 2 hour speech.
        Any more lies from fake news?

      6. You need to close yours and pray this President when’s or we will be taken over by rich elite Communists who have been paying anarchism groups to start destroying our history and statues and hanging communist flags!

      7. You obviously did not watch the trump rally where he explained in full detail that he saluted 600 times each cadet one at a time so by the time the 600 salutes were done his arm was very fatigued the other explanation on the ramp was he had a talion soled shoes on and the ramp was slick to those shoes soles as an ice rink he said and they didn’t have rails on the size of the ramp so he told I think it was the general the guy in that outfit uniform the dark uniform docked get too far away from them and just in case because he didn’t want to fall and give media in a ammunition and everything he was going very very slow and slightly bent over but is a when I got to the end of it the cameras cut off he got to the end of the ramp he took OA like a running late to get off of it. So perception versus reality have to see the whole video and not listen to the fake news is versions of everything


      9. I’d rather have a President in his seventies that knows when to be cautious going down a slippery ramp and understand why it’s hard to raise a glass of water after saluting over 300 times, than a potential one who doesn’t have the cognitive ability to know he’s in his own basement. There was one video where he was clueless and didn’t know he was the democrat nominee running for the Presidency. Please keep him in his basement so he doesn’t hurt himself or our country! A puppet for president won’t cut it! Just laughable! The left has gone way too far left and Biden doesn’t know his left from his right! Just when you think it can’t get any worse… Good luck America!

      10. Cayate imbecile desgraciado !! just go and vote for pendejo man this Nov, you now, the dog butt sniffer !?!

      11. You are grasping at straws aren’t you little man, if that was all could come up with , I would have keep my mouth shut😂

      12. if you havent tried it, dont knock it. Myhusband slipped and fell on a tamp like that and was badly injured, they really should have a rail.

  1. With President Trump at the helm, I am positive he will turn our country for the best interest of all of us!! Right now he needs the most intelligent people with him.

    1. He needs more lies, it was only a joke that trump slowed down the testing but he said he don’t joke. His admission contrary to WH staff who said he was joking. So which is it.

          1. Hey Russell are you swinging left to right or right to left. But you hold it hard. Lol.

          2. If you are an adult, shouldn’t you have a better command of the English language? Or did you go to the Democratic public schools?

      1. philip, and I suppose you are part of those WH staffers to know the real truth!!! You couldnt even get past the pick up trash door, give me a break.!

      1. I think the BLM are the worst racist, they hate so much and if you are proud of your race, they should say be saying nothing. Get a grip BLM, it’s not about you!
        Our country is the best, now you are making it like a third world country, you should be ashamed!

    2. “DEVILUTION” by Evelyn Hayes author of The Plague Series (c)2001-2020 because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable DEVILUTION by EVELYN HAYES

      ( c )June 4 2020. Tehillim 26 : “Do not gather with sinners… Not with men of bloodshed … in whose hands is conspiracy and bribery.” Judge us.

      All lives matter.

      Together the innocent will not be defrauded nor defeated.

      Together we will remember our victims and the cheated.

      We will make them part of our foundation, founding fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, the elders and youth, advocates of truth birthing perfection.

      With purity of efforts and vigilance against premeditated Devilution, the truth will permeate the minds and actions of gooddoers.

      The rampaging of those who present rage as a solution for their inadequacies and do nothingness will not frighten, deprive nor enslave.

      We will not unravel by premeditated Devilution.

      We will not bow to lawlessness, stealing and destruction.

      They shall not take what is anothers by misstatements and hate.

      We will not bow to manipulation.

      Keeping to His Commandments is

      the way for peace

      for benefits that will not cease.

      Judge me

      Walking in truth against the ruthless let us be blessed.

      Not sitting with the dishonest

      and being fooled

      Invalidating HIS prudent rule

      Not sitting with evildoers and harming myself:

      My family, neighbors, communities, nations, world wealth.

      Recognizing hypocrites and the unjust:

      Liars who covet acting against life, liberty and the pursuits for happiness

      Brainwashers soiling minds,

      midos and kindness

      Manipulating with slander and propaganda

      Sinners rallying against propriety and all society : whites, blacks, yellows, brown, old, young, caring and sharing.

      Men of bloodshed

      Smashers of civilization leaving destruction and death.

      As they conspire in devilry,

      using bribery to disunite in their violent fight

      using connivery and deceit for their own delight

      I wash my hands in purity against germ warfare and the crooked handshake

      I remove from my brain all the fake

      no matter their repetitions.

      I repudiate their diversions

      I deny their perversions

      I recognize this wonderful world

      created good for good

      the shelter of HIS house never to be doused

      a residence for glory

      HIS forever for all story

      One nation under G-D with liberty and justice for all

      One people on earth united to not fall to Devilution a war for redistribution of happiness and wealth to the wicked, untaught, foolish and sinfull.

      One people together for each other

      Believing, dreaming, working and achieving

      Under the lawfull. Under HIS Commandments.

      Judge us.

      Award the faithful
      Reward the righteous.

  2. I always stay with presidents of his family and the vice president his family and anybody that is for serving the lord

  3. Democrats are very good at abandoning ship especially when there’s nothing really wrong with The Craft. So this does not seem as a surprise and I assume The replacements have been well-planned. Why don’t we just get on with the business and keep it going . There is no problem we cannot Sue there is no problem we cannot solve. HRM

  4. Trump will get this country back on track. Despite the Democrats trying to ruin the economy so China can go back to the way things were with trade with the United States Biden has no backbone hr will give in to anybody and this country will be screwed yet again.

  5. God is in control and is w our President! All is well! If we want our country to stay free only ONE CHOICE:

    If you don’t love him, LOVE OUR COUNTRY ‘S FREEDOM! Rosemarie

    1. Exactly Trump lies for 2020
      Everybody can’t be wrong when they worked for him and trump loved them. But when they see his true colors they leave and trump talks down on them.
      And that skinny blonde is just full of lies, big head and no body. Smh.

      1. After reading these comments, we can tell who the libtard troll is. No need to say anything we all can tell.

      2. Well, let me see now, evidently you and your fellow Democrat traitors would prefer to have the criminal and traitor Joe Biden in the White House. If that should happen it will only happen by fraud, lying and cheating which is what the Democrats are known for! Further, if that should happen, it will further divide our country and likely result in a second Civil War. Oh and just for the record, the current Democrats are the biggest liars that this country has ever known!

      3. Philip, you must only watch the fake news. You need to investigate. Watch the whole video of accounts on the news and you’ll see what your main-stream media leaves out to make Trump look bad. I did and found out the truth – I walked away from the Democratic Party and glad I did. They haven’t accomplished anything but making up lies and creating fake stories to bring Trump down. Explain please, why haven’t the democrats’ accomplished anything of significance? Why are the cities they govern in such bad economic trouble and the poor just keep getting poorer? Please do yourself a favor – investigate with an open mind. You’re operating with hate and bitterness in your heart.

  6. After all this time, we should be accustomed to his sense of humor . What on earth is the matter with you people.?

      1. He jokes around when entertaining his supporters at rallies. He doesn’t joke around when speaking to leaders of other countries, or anything and everything that threatens our country and our way of life. If you are unable to tell the difference, you might consider suing your first-grade teacher.

      2. Is that the only complaint you can come up with?? IT WAS A JOKE! I notice you don’t bother to discuss any of Trump’s successes…..or foreign policy…..or the wall…. or creating a task force for Covid-19….or securing two conservative judges to the Supreme Court. I can almost guarantee that you know very little about any of that because main stream media doesn’t talk about it in any kind of positive way.

        Face it, dude. You just ain’t woke!

  7. STOP… & Think Folks: There is a Supreme Power who watches over ALL issues and events. Often, we do not know the “WHY” or the “WHEREFORE” of an important issue or outcome. However, when considering the TREMENDOUS INCREASE IN ALL TYPES OF SIN the possibility that GOD is trying to TALK to us… to tell us we are, have been, heading in the wrong direction, looms LARGE in the eyes of those who truly know… but are afraid to speak! The cure to COVID 19 is far more apt to be found when people get on their knees, that it is if people spend more time patronizing the “BUD-HUT”. WISDOM must have some redeeming value…? In the U.S.A. we have some wisdom, but often the 6 year old who asks why we don’t pray before meals… may be in touch with far greater wisdom than any of us… Think about it…!

  8. The economy has taken a big hit, so this is the reason we need to be self sufficient. I hope President Trump gets the best of the best to turn this economy around bigger and better than before. I’m not happy with the republicans but at this time it’s still better than the democrats’. If they aren’t in power they want to destroy us. Be afraid of these people. they don’t have a heart for the country just themselves.

    We need jobs, jobs, jobs.

  9. When President Trump took office our unemployment was higher than it had been in 17 years, you can google it and see just how much Trump has accomplished in a short time, people were working and the economy was great until the virus came . He fixed this country once and he’ll do it again

  10. Just remember the previous so-called administration and you’ll KNOW/UNDERSTAND where America/Economy would go with a “biden” in Office….NOWHERE…!!!!

  11. I am 100% behind Trump for President. With a guy hiding in the closet, there is no actual honest thought that come to us!

    You have seen what Trump has done in his 1st term!!! He will continue during his 2nd term. Join me in voting legally (in person) rather than being a ghost!!!

  12. Anyone that is Currently in the Trump Administration…..Needs to Buckle Down and Get Some “Darn” Brains to help Trump and All of his Members in Office to ….. Get This Country Totally on Track…..and get all the “C_ _ P” that is going on around us Smashed, Dispersed, Deleted, & Completely Resolved. All of us True Americans, who hold this Country’s Great Values in Heart & Mind – “Will Stand Behind & By Trump and His Administration”……To the Very End. This Country HAS to GET BACK to being Totally Strong – without the mentally deranged people, who Really Don’t have a CLUE..!!

  13. Trump knows how to get things done. He puts his nose to the grindstone and accomplishes things quickly. Those Dems just can’t keep up and then they’re probably called out for it and can’t take the heat. Good Riddance!!
    – TRUMP 2020 –

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