August 9, 2022

White House admits no progress on formalizing migration pacts with So. American countries

White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted President Joe Biden has not yet formalized agreements with Central American countries regarding immigration.

“Whether or not it was a formal agreement — which it was not, and I never conveyed that it was,” Psaki said. “These were steps that these countries indicated they planned to take to increase personnel and security to reduce the number of migrants coming across the border. Those are steps they’ve taken on the ground.”

As of Apr. 13, Guatemalan presidential spokeswoman Patricia Letona declared in a press release that the country had not signed any agreement to deploy more border guards.

Honduras and El Salvador have also not released information regarding any new immigration agreements with the U.S. Mexico’s president has spoken with Vice President Kamala Harris by phone, but has not yet announced a new agreement.

In contrast, Tyler Moran, Special Assistant to the President for Immigration for the Domestic Policy Council, told MSNBC, “Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala have all agreed to do this. That not only is going to prevent the traffickers and the smugglers and cartels that take advantage of the kids on their way here but also to protect those children.”

The conflicting messages indicate the Biden administration’s efforts to improve the current immigration crisis is not as developed as indicated.

Biden’s changes through executive action have led to more than 300,000 illegal immigrants entering the nation since he took office less than 100 days ago. An estimated one million immigrants will enter the nation by the end of 2021.

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TRT35 (@guest_1218578)
1 year ago

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Wyatt A Burks III (@guest_1218649)
1 year ago

Of course, they haven’t finalized any commitment with these countries because Kamala is too chicken to do her job and meet with them.

marc (@guest_1218732)
Reply to  Wyatt A Burks III
1 year ago

Psaki = demonrat liar in chief, wouldn’t know the truth if it was printed on paper, another lying, cheating scumbag demonrat! they’ll make her president

Wyatt A Burks III (@guest_1218651)
1 year ago

Of course, they haven’t finalized any commitment with these countries because Kamala is too chicken to do her job and meet with them.

gwilson (@guest_1218652)
1 year ago

All of the African American Hollywood stars the Dems and Obama are using for political gains, are nothing more than FUBARS! That includes Britany Spears. My dad brought me up “You make your Bed, and you sleep in it”! The BLM and ANTIFA are nothing more than ignorant uneducated individuals that want to control our country for the Communist application against every American Citizen!

IlliniGuy (@guest_1218654)
1 year ago

Consistent liars all the way through the administration. Don’t expect anything less over the next 4 years.

David (@guest_1218655)
1 year ago

What do you expect from a potus who has no clue of who he is and where he is. What a joke and a blot on all Americans. Impeach him and his entire administration, and have a election that is honest, then we can begin to heal America.

linda (@guest_1218697)
Reply to  David
1 year ago

I agree!! Lets start Over! Ive had enough of this BS; don’t need to be Polite anymore to this demented clown.

lee (@guest_1218656)
1 year ago

Smoke and shadows!
And they want everyone to believe them!

jjofaz (@guest_1218657)
1 year ago

The White House talks a big game, but that is all this is to them…a GAME…nothing more…nor do they care. The president and vice president see the illegal immigrants as undocumented democrats.

Rita Downey (@guest_1218665)
1 year ago

What has happened is Biden and his administration have lied YET AGAIN! So, what else is new???

Stephen Russell (@guest_1218676)
1 year ago

Joe I cant do my job.
Surge continues

Ken (@guest_1218677)
1 year ago

You are not being honest with yourself if you actually believed Biden would do anything about the big immigration problem he has caused. Turning it over to Kamala was like putting an inmate in charge of the asylum. The wall needs to be finished ASAP and our border must once again be protected, anything else is insanity.

linda (@guest_1218701)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago

The solution: BUILD the WALL and Send Illegals back home. We don’t want to support them!!

GAU (@guest_1218687)
1 year ago

The Dems and the White House have no idea what they are doing, Obama is pulling the strings! His administration was a disaster, negative all the way and now Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer all following his lead! And please don’t blame everything on Covid-19! We need to clean out Washington NOW!! and save our beautiful, Free Country from this Communist takeover! I hope all you STUPID people who voted for Biden realize NOW what a BIG mistake you made in November!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, HER LEGAL CITIZENS, THE CONSTITUTION AND OUR BILL OF RIGHTS!

Deb Bisson (@guest_1218712)
Reply to  GAU
1 year ago

Unfortunately there’s still a lot of stupid people they still don’t see it

Robert Buchanan (@guest_1219786)
Reply to  GAU
1 year ago

You hit the nail right on the head, what needs to be done after we get rid of this administration is, charge all the idiots who put this pathetic excuse for a man in office, let them pay for everything he’s done to this country like he’s trying to do to Trump supporters…

Ernie Binder (@guest_1218705)
1 year ago

I believ Obama and Soros are running the adminisration

Jo Lara (@guest_1218896)
Reply to  Ernie Binder
1 year ago

I have been saying that all along! There was a picture way back of the 2 misfits having a meeting. The $$$ seems to talk and their BS should walk far into the Pacific ocean! Bo had no use for the joe and its was so obvious. He always stated he needed another term to finish what he started! GOD help us and OUR country!

Chris (@guest_1219482)
Reply to  Ernie Binder
1 year ago


bruce (@guest_1218726)
1 year ago

They haven’t finalized plans because they have no plan.

jb (@guest_1218821)
Reply to  bruce
1 year ago

dont have a plan now and never had a plan during the campaign, just fake promises and lies

Jeffery Hindsley (@guest_1218747)
1 year ago

Biden’s plan is to loose as many illegals as he can so the next republican administration has to deal with his fiasco.

roger harstad (@guest_1218756)
1 year ago

What a circus of clowns in the WH, Speaker (barf) and Majority fake (double vomit).
This group would have difficulty running a three car parade down a straight street.

Carol Powell (@guest_1218803)
1 year ago

Nothing but lies and more lies coming out of the Oval Office. DemocRATS complained about all the lies from President Well I’m complaining about the lies upon lies coming from that senile man in the Oval Office

Katydid (@guest_1218823)
1 year ago

More lies you have to tell Jen. Aren’t you getting tired of having to cover for our illegal Pres and VP? Better get out while you can. THEY WILL KEEP LYING AND YOU WILL EVENTUALLY BE THROWN UNDER THE BUS.

horntex (@guest_1218824)
1 year ago

You qualify for Biden’s cast of cronies if you can look the American people in the eyes and tell a bald faced lie, believable or not, in person or on T.V.. This requires loyalty to the Democrat party over what’s good for the country.

Marie (@guest_1218859)
1 year ago

Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
Members of the House
Members of the Senate
Stop complaining start calling and writing before its to late. I call and write everyday. 74million of us voted for Trump bombard these people with calls and letters.

Billy (@guest_1219165)
1 year ago

Pooch already screwed now need action to clean up Biden’s mess on the Border. Remove his EO’s take his pen remove all left leaning admin.

CorneliaMDukes (@guest_1219569)
1 year ago

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J.D. Cayne (@guest_1219717)
1 year ago

Its my feeling that Biden will go down in history, if not the worst, one of worst presidents this country has ever had. In just the short time he has been in office he has put this country into a horrible position. The only hope we have of maintaining any level of freedom and democracy is to win back both houses in 2022 making his office a lame duck office until the Republicans regain the White House. It is the Republicans fault for what has happened in the lst election becasue we did not do enough to keep President Trump in the White House, keep control olf the Senate and take back the House. I think we all expected President Trump to win so there is no need to vote. We cannot sit back and let this continue in 2022. Every vote counts.



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