May 25, 2022

White House admits inflation is a growing concern

The White House has acknowledged the nation’s surging inflation is a major concern for the economy.

“The White House has made that very clear. They made it very clear that inflation and costs is a burden on a lot of people,” West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said following a meeting with White House chief of staff Ron Kain on Thursday.

President Joe Biden and other Democrats had previously sought to downplay inflation, saying it was temporary and would soon ease. Instead, inflation is now at a 40-year high, crushing Americans with rising prices.

Yet this week, Biden continued to blame the supply chain for inflation, a claim one Obama-era official said is dishonest.

In addition to supply chain issues, Democrats have blamed COVID-19 for inflation and other problems over the past year. With the pandemic subsiding, the virus will no longer be an excuse.

Instead, Biden will be forced to come up with solutions to the problems created during his term instead of blaming other factors or Trump if he hopes to help his party during the upcoming midterm elections.

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