December 8, 2021

White House officials indicate they will not cave under pressure to invoke 25th amendment

In the wake of the siege of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have intensified pressure on Vice President Mike Pence and various White House Cabinet officials to invoke the 25th Amendment in order to remove President Donald Trump from office.

According to Just The News, that seems extremely unlikely to happen, as a number of White House Cabinet officials have already signaled that they are not caving to the pressure from the left to initiate an emergency removal of Trump, arguing that there is not a legitimate reason to make such a drastic move at this time. 

A Cabinet member who remained anonymous in their reporting for obvious reasons told the outlet that there’s no chance the 25th Amendment will be invoked against the president. “We’re not doing it,” the anonymous official said.

“It’s not used because you don’t like somebody. It’s used because they’re incompetent … or if they are mentally incapacitated for some reason, but not just because you don’t like them,” they added, arguing that invoking the 25th Amendment at this stage in the game would potentially cause irreparable harm to American democracy.

Invoking the 25th Amendment would mean that Vice President Mike Pence and a majority of Trump’s Cabinet secretaries would need to prove that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties.” Should they successfully do that, it would immediately make Pence the president until President-elect Joe Biden begins his term on January 20.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) demanded earlier this week in a letter and in a press conference that House Democrats will move forward with impeachment proceedings if the president refuses to resign or if Pence refuses to invoke the 25th Amendment.

“If he wants to be unique and be doubly impeached, that’s kind of up to him and his Cabinet as to whether he should stay in office,” Pelosi said.

The anonymous Cabinet member reportedly confirmed that Trump “plans on being cooperative for the transition,” adding that all appropriate agencies are also ready to cooperate in the upcoming transition, echoing a previous statement by Trump indicating the same.

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David (@guest_1100986)
10 months ago

Our America is being stolen by a very large and growing Gang of Radicalized Socialistic Ideologues Anti-American Elitists !!!!!!

Sick of it All (@guest_1100988)
10 months ago

Does anyone know if you can pay federal taxes under protest? Wouldn’t it be good for all of us who believe that Trump really won the election to pay our taxes under protest so that the democrats could scramble to pay for all the “free” stuff they have promised? I would love to see Pelosi squirm then!

Talford Bray (@guest_1100993)
10 months ago

The real problem goes back to mail in voting. That should be outlawed other than absent tee ballots that have a witness signature. In person voting with proof of ID would eliminate most fraud claims and the reason for the rioting, probably sponsored by antifa and the left.
Even absentee ballots must be postmarked by election day. No postmark no ballot.

Choctaw girl (@guest_1101001)
10 months ago

If anything good came out of this mess it showed our President ( Trump ) just who the back stabbing swamp rats really are, sure a lot of them, on both sides.

Gene Pike (@guest_1101066)
Reply to  Choctaw girl
10 months ago

You are right. Swamp in both. Vote them all out in next primary.

Wayne Wright (@guest_1101866)
Reply to  Gene Pike
10 months ago

Just how would we go about voting the swamp rats out with the swamp rats in control of the crooked voting system????

Jeffrey Morse (@guest_1101662)
Reply to  Choctaw girl
10 months ago

The entire 535 need to go and be replaced by people who represent Americans and the Constitution. We need thoughtful people not looking for a hand out but able to reduce the size of government and cost. Get rid of Ocare fix our education system at all levels throw away the green new deal and get back to basic common sense

Thomas Schnipke (@guest_1101033)
10 months ago

Unfortunately after this Recent Election it is Very Obvious that the Ballot Box is No Longer Sacred. We Really Can Not Tell If Our Individual Vote Cast is REALLY FAIRLY COUNTED. I Struggle to Understand Why EVERY Voting Citizen is Not Alarmed That Simple and Honest Vote Recounting to Verify if ALL Legal Ballots Cast and Correct Voting Machines Operation Were NOT Re-Checked to Satisfy EVERY Voting U.S.Citizen. After This Last 4 Years and Witnessing the Obvious Treasonous Government Interference, FBI Corruption, Judicial Over Reach and Politically Motivated Decisions by Non-Elected Judges; I am Positive I Will Never Trust the Washington Controls Until We Fairly Follow the Constitution and the Equal Rights of ALL U.S. Citizens

gennie (@guest_1101431)
Reply to  Thomas Schnipke
10 months ago

YOU ARE VERY RIGHT , What I do not understand is how so many Democrats can say and do worse than Trump and they are getting by with it, why? Where are the law enforcers? Where has the thing called HONESTY gone? I can’t believe this is the United States of America.

Richard Van Horn Sr. (@guest_1101500)
Reply to  gennie
10 months ago

Gennie – you stated “What I do not understand is how so many Democrats can say and do worse than Trump and they are getting by with it, why?” WELL – the answer is really obviously simple – remove GOD from the country and the devil takes control. (the devil’s minions ? THE DEMOCRATS !) That answer your question ?

FREEDOM4ME (@guest_1101042)
10 months ago

Pissy Pelosi looks like a rabid dog. She’s way too old to be going thru the change of life. The insane mad speaker of the house is atleast 85 to 90 years old. A decent gyn would do half of America a favor and prescribe her hormone replacement therapy. Obviously the WINE isn’t doing the job anymore. Impeach Pelosi and the rest of the idiot demonrats.

Roderick Perry (@guest_1101426)
Reply to  FREEDOM4ME
10 months ago

Absolutely Nancy Pelosi needs to be gone think she needs to be impeached if she impeachment the President Donald Trump

G. Sgt. Bennett (@guest_1101053)
10 months ago

Welllllll, let’s see, the Police, the Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, Coast Guard, National Guard & the Real American people are backing President Trump. Just see, we the People will Not be Denied Our God Given Country.

Daniel from TN (@guest_1101059)
10 months ago

I want one question answered.
Who arranged the attack on the Capital; Pelosi, Schumer, or Biden?
I have read Trump’s speech on that day several times. NOWHERE does he encourage or even suggest violence.
I believe the attack was a setup. Before the 6th several senators stated they were going to join the challenges to the electoral vote. After the attack, almost all of them changed their mind. It makes me wonder if they were threatened during the siege.
Also, The Liberals’ speeches seemed TOO prepared in such a short time; as if they were already prepared BEFORE the attack occurred.
I may be wrong (but I doubt it), but it definitely gives you something to think about.

Peggy (@guest_1101088)
10 months ago

YOU ARE RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL! There is no reason for that!!!

gennie (@guest_1101434)
Reply to  Peggy
10 months ago

Who Peggy?

DOTTIE JONES (@guest_1101093)
10 months ago


D (@guest_1101105)
10 months ago

The Dummocrats are afraid of Trump running again in 2024 and fear that to the utmost. After the Dummocrats screw up this nations and turn it into another Venezuela they will be toast in 2022 & 2024. They are scared $h…ls of Trump running once more.
Between now and the next Congressional Election they will screw up everything. Hopefully , right after the election Kamala will be strapped to Foreign affairs only.

ann (@guest_1101106)
Reply to  D
10 months ago

you get it…you don’t sound like a kid who just received their first voting card

Darius the Mede (@guest_1101183)
Reply to  D
10 months ago

Problem with Kamel Toe being “strapped to foreign affairs only” is that Creepy, Sleepy Uncle Joe has his own health problems dealing with dementia, in my opinion, judging from all his “gaffes” and mis-statements, especially dealing with “President Elect” Harris. My conviction is that within 6 mos. to a year, Joe will be unable to carry out the duties of the President and Ms. Harris will be “forced” to take over Biden’s position while Sleepy Uncle Joe is put out to pasture in the nearest residential care center.

Art Rader (@guest_1101206)
Reply to  Darius the Mede
10 months ago

I totally concur with you.

Bob (@guest_1101221)
Reply to  Darius the Mede
10 months ago

Totally agree… have said it since he choose her. There were better choices… this is a planned well in advance plan. God Bless America !!

Kay Maddux (@guest_1101231)
Reply to  Darius the Mede
10 months ago

You are so right. They will Have to use 25th amendment on. Too bad they can’t use it on Pelosi, she is definitely deranged

Jerry (@guest_1101546)
Reply to  Kay Maddux
10 months ago

Agree 100%

JB (@guest_1101235)
Reply to  Darius the Mede
10 months ago

got that right, when the left gets control the elections will be toast and we will then have a dictatorship

Kevin Hickman (@guest_1101320)
Reply to  Darius the Mede
10 months ago

it not going to take that long, it is already planned.

Rosie46 (@guest_1101341)
Reply to  Darius the Mede
10 months ago

Unless they keep using his double. There are two Joe Bidens or one real and one a double. The features of the face, ears, eyes and head do not match. This is why sometimes he seems intelligible and other times he cannot put a sentence together. Then there are his two former brain surgeries for bleeds – check it on snopes. So he may be put to pasture as you say, or kept around so Kamala’s communist moves are not so obvious.

Mark Smith (@guest_1101304)
Reply to  D
10 months ago

Kow Milla needs to be strapped to a big concrete block and dumped into the Ocean. NOW

Kevin Hickman (@guest_1101322)
Reply to  Mark Smith
10 months ago

it is insanely tragic that even the smallest revolution costs lives, but also must be done from time to time. the deep state must be incinerated/incarcerated like a cancer radiation and chemo, some uninfected cells must be sacrificed to get all the bad ones, it is the sad nature of the process. Burn it down.

Rosie46 (@guest_1101343)
Reply to  D
10 months ago

Maybe they will commit Pelosi while they are at it, speaking of unhinged. Now she is considering overturning an Iowa state election. Does hypocrite fit here.

Richard Van Horn Sr. (@guest_1101504)
Reply to  D
10 months ago

I really doubt anything in the form of a prediction. 2022 and 2024 results cannot be imagined, simply because the polls are so corrupt. Trump’s rallies had an average attendance ot thousands of people, where bubble-head biden had maybe 200 – 500 people )some of which stayed in their cars and tooted their horns, yet he “won” the election. BULL$HIT. So the same thing is going to happen in the midterms and the next presidential election. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hillary or Michelle (or both) make a bid for the White House in 2024

HARRY BUSH (@guest_1101110)
10 months ago


Janet Fletcher (@guest_1101138)
Reply to  HARRY BUSH
10 months ago

I agree this attack was planned by Democrats. They are responsible. If we had a fair FBI, AG, etc. this would be investigated. The Justice Dept. is composed of left Socialist Democrats who hate the freedoms that Americans have fought and died and want to do as Schumer said and remake America.

Janet Fletcher (@guest_1101142)
10 months ago

We will never have a fair investigation because of the corrupt FBI and Justice Dept.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1101200)
Reply to  Janet Fletcher
10 months ago

You are correct. We will never have a fair election because the demonrats will always cheat! End the demonrat party!

CAROL (@guest_1101165)
10 months ago


Kathleen C Todora (@guest_1101189)
10 months ago

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows the election was rigged overnight after the president won those electoral votes in some five states hands down.
Unfortunately a lot of serious damage will be done by the Dems in the coming months and years that will negatively affect the lives of all bona fide citizens in this country, raising the level of socialism on the way to making this a communist country. Will we have to suffer a civil war, and possibly WWIII to change the direction of the insidious Deep State multi-millionaire machine of some 300 key individuals? Why would we sit back and allow this to happen?

Blues_age (@guest_1101415)
Reply to  Kathleen C Todora
10 months ago

It happened , as it has for the past 2 generations, because WE the people have become illiterate ill informed and lazy. Too easy to think let “them” take care of it. or I don’t get paid to do …thaat… Who do you suppose put THOSE do nothing ideas in our heads? Oh heck why think about it now, I’ll miss my favorite show…..and did you hear what MSM what’s his name said??? WE allowed big gov. and educational institutions drug our kids for conveniently diagnosed afflictions- while we were sleeping, working, struggling to pay the bills, taxes, partying. We fell for it hook line and sinker and they made it sooo easy, because they made damn sure we had NO time to think about it, to discuss it to come together as a nation and say STOP!
Well we’re at that point right now.
Should be a song-Waking up is hard to do.

Kathleen C Todora (@guest_1101193)
10 months ago

I followed the directions. You have chosen not to print my comments….

Blues_age (@guest_1101420)
Reply to  Kathleen C Todora
10 months ago

Please try re-posting, everyone deserves to be heard.

Todd (@guest_1101481)
Reply to  Blues_age
10 months ago

Not in this new commie world wer r entering. I however won’t go easily and have no problem fight for this country which i love good and bad, all of it

Novell (@guest_1101195)
10 months ago

I AGREE 100 o/o..

Wayne (@guest_1101205)
10 months ago

Be patient, Trump and the patriots have it all under control. You will see amazing things in the next 3 weeks

Marie (@guest_1101226)
Reply to  Wayne
10 months ago

Three weeks will be a little late to accomplish much I’m afraid, but I’ll keep praying!

Roy V Cook (@guest_1101335)
10 months ago

Suspend the constitution invoke martial law send in the Marines and do a recount of the legal votes. There you go!

Blues_age (@guest_1101446)
10 months ago

Is this forum censoring too??Twitter will continue to censor the president and anyone else by using their twisted logic until they are brought to heel along with the other leftist complicit SM platforms. They”interpret” in which ever way suits their aganda, the silencing of the people who oppose them, period. This in itself is an act of insurrection against our constitutional rights of free speech. Basically they are telling us that THEIR free speech is guaranteed while ours is not. I say God gave us the power of free speech and they shall NOT take it from us. It’s not over, it’s only just begun folks, stay tuned and keep the faith. God and truth will prevail. WWG1WGA. Trump will still MAGA!

J.W. Perlsen (@guest_1101648)
10 months ago

If anyone is deranged it’s the Speaker of the House. She has been after the POTUS from day 1. In fact, she has been blinded by her hatred of him. She blames him for the covid-19 virus when everybody in the world knows it came from a Chinese lab. She blames the POTUS for not giving relief to the country for the pandemic when she herself refused to compromise on the relief activities and admitted the fact publicly. And now the President signed a bill to give the people of this country relief, she fills the bill with (pork) billions in aid to other countries and $600 to the U.S. citizens when the President wanted to give each citizen $2,000.00 and no relief to other countries. Now I ask you, who is the mentally deficient one?

terri (@guest_1101653)
10 months ago

Considering all the facts, it is illogical to think that Biden could have actually won. It was an obvious steal, which mean there were many guilty of treason. The riot also appears to have been set up as shown on some of the videos with the police letting them in, and through the identification of antifa members. Call it a false flag. Pelosi is everything she has accused Trump of, totally unhinged herself and a constant liar. Apparently her laptop was stolen during the riot. There must be some reason why she cannot wait until the inauguration to see Trump out of office. She has tried to get the military to remove him, she has tried using Pence and his cabinet, and she is going for impeachment. Even the social media is in on it, attempting to prevent Trump from being able to communicate with the public. It makes no sense unless she is concerned that her own corruption and her coconspirators will be uncovered in which case she does not want Trump in power. Nasty Pelosi is not just an unhinged drunk, but a toxic, evil person. Power corrupts.

Kenneth himes (@guest_1101681)
10 months ago

I would love to comment but I’ sure it would be published. I have been dropped several times for stating the truth.

Wayne (@guest_1101901)
Reply to  Kenneth himes
10 months ago

You and me both. I’ve sent in a few that were never allowed. It’s obvious they are afraid of the truth and we are now under communist control.

Portal XMC (@guest_1175248)
8 months ago

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Javiernop (@guest_1246555)
6 months ago

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