May 20, 2022

Whistleblower says Gov. Cuomo ‘terrorized’ him for ‘doing his job’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s days seem to be worsening, especially as whistleblowers come out of the woodwork to describe how the governor has treated them in the past.

According to Fox News, the latest example of someone who isn’t happy with how Cuomo’s office once treated them is filmmaker and journalist Morgan Pehme, who penned an op-ed for the New York Post in which he revealed that members of the governor’s office threatened to “destroy” him and end his career in journalism. 

Pehme recounts the bullying he experienced while working as a New York journalist, bullying that he said is now acceptable to speak publicly about thanks to New York Assemblyman Ron Kim breaking the news last week that he was on the receiving end of several threats from the governor himself.

In Pehme’s case, it was Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa who first threatened him in 2014 while he was an editor at City & State, a popular magazine at the time. Peheme was covering reports of a plot by Cuomo to distort a “final report issued by the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption.”

The reporting was apparently too hot for Cuomo’s office and Pehem recounts being pressured into spiking the story in exchange for an exclusive down the road — just like you would see in the movies.

“Seven years later, I don’t recall precisely everything DeRosa hurled at me, though I’m positive she vowed to “destroy” my career and take revenge on my publication. I remember vividly how I felt: scared,” Pehme wrote.

Pehme, even though he admitted he was scared out of his mind given Cuomo’s propensity for losing his temper in a dangerous way, went on to publish the piece. He also admitted that such a risk could have put his livelihood at stake given the sheer power that an angry governor’s office could wield against him.

Only time will tell if more reporters and those who have worked with Cuomo in the past and have been bullied, but Pehme ended his piece with a call-to-action for all New York journalists.

“Until last week, most New Yorkers didn’t know about Cuomo’s despicable ways. But they should have. Journalists are agents of accountability. It’s time for New York’s reporters to step up and tell their own Cuomo stories,” he said.

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Terry A. Bell (@guest_1152106)
1 year ago

Typical lying DUMPACRAP !

Rand (@guest_1152252)
Reply to  Terry A. Bell
1 year ago

Whom? Cuomo , or the journalist? I don’t understand which one you are alluding to.

Lynn (@guest_1152275)
Reply to  Rand
1 year ago

Cuomo!! He is being snitched on for his abusive bullying to reporters and to people who work for him.

Talltexan (@guest_1152338)
Reply to  Terry A. Bell
1 year ago

If this Texan didn’t know better I’d think that Al Capone was resurrected up there and took over the state of NY, and the City of NY as well. Just add a Tommy-gun and the picture would be complete…!

DR. K (@guest_1152255)
1 year ago

I believe that the democrat powers at be in washington are working to make sure that cuomo cannot make a primary run against Biden or Harris (whom ever is left when the 2024 election cycle starts).

Lynn (@guest_1152279)
Reply to  DR. K
1 year ago

You don’t believe the accusations made against him are valid? Is that what your saying?

David (@guest_1152257)
1 year ago

He’s a killer.!!

Gloria Reilly (@guest_1152258)
1 year ago



Lynn (@guest_1152282)
Reply to  Gloria Reilly
1 year ago

Amen to that!

Rand (@guest_1152261)
1 year ago

Cuomo , is a a bully , a Marxist/Communist . It has been said , that if you make it in NYC , you can make it anywhere. I choose to say no. When there are people like DeBlasio ,Cuomo , AOC , and others being elected to posts in NYC , it only PROVES , NYC’ers are obtuse and have not a clue as to whom , what , or where with all they are voting for. They think they are voting for themselves , when the reality is obvious those they vote for are ONLY IN IT FOR THEMSELVES .

Janice (@guest_1153187)
Reply to  Rand
1 year ago

After the presidential election fraud, I’m thinking elections have been fraudulent for a long time. I know libs aren’t too bright but I can’t see these idiots Cumo Deblasio or AOC actually winning an honest election.

jack (@guest_1152268)
1 year ago

DAMN, I am SOOO happy that I got out of that VERY sick “state”.. Mario (the guy who let andrew and chris live) should be burning in hell right now !

Thomas Wayne Kidd (@guest_1152324)
Reply to  jack
1 year ago

All evil is slated for destruction. Those who accept God’s Son and have made a covenant through His death and resurrection must live by faith and hopr. The judgment is coming at the last day. The people of the Living God must seek Him, draw near to Him and most importantly repent of our slouthfullnes. Time to WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Shawn (@guest_1152269)
1 year ago

Get rid of this jerk of a governor and then go after Pritzker the governor of Illinois. Then Omar the terrorist and AOC another communist person in congress. We the American Patriot of America needs to rid this country of Illegals and every communist terrorist democrats.

graceythecat (@guest_1152272)
1 year ago

Don’t forget that the mayor of new York city (deblabio) entrusted his wife with almost a Billion tax payer dollars that she can’t account for. All democRATS are scum and need to be removed from office.

TheDragon (@guest_1152376)
Reply to  graceythecat
1 year ago

Well, Gracey, “c’mon man” ( as king sniffer”would say ), what the big deal if she just
“ misplaced “ almost a billion dollars ?

If they will fall short on money, they could always raise our taxes … you know, they do lots of good things for us, the people!
Like infrastructure, raises for the teachers, building roads and more … NOT !!!!

Are we going to say at one point enough is enough???
Hard to say …

MJC (@guest_1152273)
1 year ago

Cuomo is just one of the many despicable Democrats in office now….and when it is time to vote in 2022 lets all remember who needs be voted out of office…only we the people can do that…so start taking notes on all the evil things said and done by those people who feel their power is strong enough to conquer our rights….if we do not use these rights we WILL lose them.

Martha (@guest_1152420)
Reply to  MJC
1 year ago

Ok, MJC :

This is my 4th attempt to put a comment on this POS website which we’re still hoping to allow us to use our 1st amendment!!!

I will not give up !!!!
Basically I was saying that I totally agree with you, but in regard to any f u T u R e
€L e c T ioNs , I really have my doubts that any of these crooked p 0 L I T I c I a N s would give a damn about our V 0 t E s.

I was also saying that they probably already know the R e Z u l t of any F u T u re
€ Le C t I 0 n s and for sure is not what we are
H 0 p I n G for !!!!

James A. Fleming Jr. (@guest_1152274)
1 year ago

This is the M.O. of todays Democrat Party and they accomplish their goals by threats and coercions. I have said for many years and the truth bares it out for all to see if they will only look and be Objective. The Democrat Party is Evil and use every trick in the book that Hitler and Stalin ever thought of or used. If America does not awaken and if it is Gods will we are headed downhill from here. I am 81 years old and never seem anything as obvious as their actions and somehow they are like a Spitting Cobra they blind their followers.

audrey (@guest_1152277)
1 year ago

this man cuomo is a disgrace to mankind and he ought to rot in h… for all the misery and pain he threw on people. older populations have walked through fire and brimstone to make this country what it is and we dont need wanabees communists or marxists mix up our good pudding. he needs to go to jail for what he did. lets see how much of a bully he would be there. i hope he meets the toughest biggest burly man going and he does a bend over number on him.

Cathy L Floyd (@guest_1152281)
1 year ago

Cuomo is just another member of the totally corrupt democtatic party, if you start digging, you would find that most of them really are “swamp creatures”.

Martha (@guest_1152330)
Reply to  Cathy L Floyd
1 year ago

Exactly, Cathy !!!

We realized long ago that DC is nothing but a disgusting swamp but never realized how deep it is !!
Somebody really needs to do a lot of “ “digging”and expose all the sewer, the smelly swamp for everyone to see it !!!
I would start with king Biden (the “ sniffer”the
pervert) and let us see who he really is and what he has accomplished for 47 yrs in government ( besides enriching himself and his family and becoming millionaires)…
I would continue with Pelosi, Clinton, Obama,
Maxine, Bernie and all the rest of them !!!!
Yes, I know, wishful thinking!!!!

Phillp Owens SFC Ret (@guest_1152313)
1 year ago

Again and again we observe the deceitful actions of Democrats, lies, mistruths, and deceit appear to be the hallmark of necessity for a Democrat to function. My opinions are derived from the actions and words of the various Democrats over the last three years, they appear to be unable to function unless they are dictating the thoughts and actions of others and when they do not get what they want they throw a childish tantrum of abusive words and language. The propensity to utilize negative terms and accusations with great gusto are a common tactic utilized by them and this is frequent and very abusive.
Why anyone would vote for such abuse is beyond my comprehension, I continue to observe these activities on a daily basis.
Is this what they mean by bringing the country together? If so I will vote to remain apart!

Martha (@guest_1152346)
Reply to  Phillp Owens SFC Ret
1 year ago

Philip, Sir, just my opinion :

The “ bringing “ the country together is just part of their rhetoric ( they learned those words from Stalin, from Alinsky and all the rest of their mentors) … just like they want to convince us that they care for our children’s
“ safety” and their future , so this is why they must confiscate our guns .
Or they need to make sure the so called “ right
wing “ tv cable channels will not spread
“ misleading info “ which might threaten our
“ democracy” … sure, lots of good intentions, NOT !!!!

We must be able to read between the lines because we are being treated like a bunch of
sheeple for too long !!!

No one cares to hear our voice, no one cares to fight for us and before we know it we will turned into some kind of “ kommunist paradise”….

Gail (@guest_1152320)
1 year ago

It wouldn’t matter if someone had video of him raping kids! Nothing will be done to him, he’s a Demonrat!

Martha (@guest_1152360)
Reply to  Gail
1 year ago

Totally agree with you, Gail !!

I will definitely not hold my breath waiting for any kind of indictment for Cuomo !!
His name has that magic D next to it plus, lots of big and significant “ connections “ ( $$$$
plus political influence)
Nothing will ever happen to any of the democrats!!!
What happened to Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and all the rest of the crooks that obviously lied to Congress during that shameful so called investigation into the “ Russia collusion”???
Not to mention the infamous Hunter’s laptop !

Nothing, crickets !!!!
Why ????
That magic D plus their connections and $$$$
This country is doomed, corruption has become even worse than in any 3rd world country, worse than a banana republic!!!
Feel sorry for the future generations ( most of them voted for all these crooks, thugs)

Thomas Wayne Kidd (@guest_1152327)
1 year ago

WARNING TO PEOPLE OF NEW YORK. Get out of there as soon as possible. That city of corruption is judged. This is especially to God’s people living there.

Judy A McDonald (@guest_1152335)
1 year ago

Governor Cuomo has displayed his bad temper several times during press conferences. He truly is a Bully! I am a life-long resident of New York and I am truly sick of the corruption and very poor mismanagement of our tax dollars. Cuomo has taken it upon himself to rename the Tappan Zee bridge after his father, re-design the State Seal, and remove the words “Empire State” from our license plates and replace it by the word “Excelsior”. All this was done without any input from the state population. He was elected to represent the people of this state and all he does is exert his power and authority to promote his political career and make BAD decisions during this pandemic. There is nothing that justifies writing a book to try to convince everyone what a great leader he has been. What a joke! Wake up New York! He gives new meaning to the word VANITY!

Katee (@guest_1152359)
1 year ago

Years and years people have been telling the citizens of New York about little andy cuomo, but you didn’t listen then and I’m sure there are some who won’t listen now, but that creep should have been gone long ago. He is a mafia type and I can’t imagine why, unless he is threatening you, that you would let him get away with all his crap. He is toxic and his BABY brother is just as bad. Their attitude is they are smarter than everyone else, have more money than anyone else, so they aren’t worried when they raise taxes on everyone else, that state brings in a lot of money from restaurants, theaters, stores, yet you are broke? WHY???????????????? The jerkoff certainly didn’t replenish the emergency medical supplies after the last catastrophe, what did he do with the money? So much money, so little spent on you. Quit being so complacent, replace all the crooks in the State of New York.

jay (@guest_1152363)
1 year ago

Is it really a surprise to anyone that Cuomo is a criminal? He visited Epstein’s island of underage exploited girls and was probably on his lists, so cuomo offed him in his Prison cell where he controlled the guards, cameras, etc! Bill Clinton was another frequent guest of epstein’s island as was Prince Andrew, where are they now?

von Potter (@guest_1152385)
1 year ago


Helen (@guest_1152444)
1 year ago

I’m wondering what evil he did to Sandra Lee-his ex. She got cancer and survived it and is now living on the West Coast. Can’t imagine what she went through living with him.

horntex (@guest_1152478)
1 year ago

Like the saying, “Stick a fork in him……he’s done.”

Edward Christopher Zeller (@guest_1152514)
1 year ago

This Cuomo Administration is as criminal as it gets. Melissa Derosa has threatened many people. Example to ruin the different people. She must be shut down and never allowed to serve as a public servant again. I am coming after her specifically to ruin her forever. The media is an amazing institution such that you can plant a seed and it grows and shows up when you least need it to. LOL LOL LOL You’re cooked, lady. Oops, I’m sorry a lady doesn’t conduct themselves like Hillary Clinton.

Edward Christopher Zeller (@guest_1152522)
1 year ago

We can have Cuomo Murdered by a pandemic when he gets old. Nobody is going to want to take care of him based on his nature. Just let die from Covid-30.

William (@guest_1152798)
1 year ago

Everything said about the democrats seems to be true..If it is, the United States of America is done.
All the Republicans do is talk about it.There isn’t one of them that have the BALLS to do anything
about it.We do not have enough strong conservative leaders to do anything about it.This is the history
of Germany,Russia,China on and on……….Without a group of strong caring conservative leaders, the U.S.
as we remember it is in the rear view mirror. Too many people say,God will step in…..Thats nonsense….God
gave us the brains and the abilities to help ourselves….If we don’t its not God’s fault……

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