October 3, 2022

Whistleblower says Gov. Cuomo ‘terrorized’ him for ‘doing his job’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s days seem to be worsening, especially as whistleblowers come out of the woodwork to describe how the governor has treated them in the past.

According to Fox News, the latest example of someone who isn’t happy with how Cuomo’s office once treated them is filmmaker and journalist Morgan Pehme, who penned an op-ed for the New York Post in which he revealed that members of the governor’s office threatened to “destroy” him and end his career in journalism. 

Pehme recounts the bullying he experienced while working as a New York journalist, bullying that he said is now acceptable to speak publicly about thanks to New York Assemblyman Ron Kim breaking the news last week that he was on the receiving end of several threats from the governor himself.

In Pehme’s case, it was Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa who first threatened him in 2014 while he was an editor at City & State, a popular magazine at the time. Peheme was covering reports of a plot by Cuomo to distort a “final report issued by the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption.”

The reporting was apparently too hot for Cuomo’s office and Pehem recounts being pressured into spiking the story in exchange for an exclusive down the road — just like you would see in the movies.

“Seven years later, I don’t recall precisely everything DeRosa hurled at me, though I’m positive she vowed to “destroy” my career and take revenge on my publication. I remember vividly how I felt: scared,” Pehme wrote.

Pehme, even though he admitted he was scared out of his mind given Cuomo’s propensity for losing his temper in a dangerous way, went on to publish the piece. He also admitted that such a risk could have put his livelihood at stake given the sheer power that an angry governor’s office could wield against him.

Only time will tell if more reporters and those who have worked with Cuomo in the past and have been bullied, but Pehme ended his piece with a call-to-action for all New York journalists.

“Until last week, most New Yorkers didn’t know about Cuomo’s despicable ways. But they should have. Journalists are agents of accountability. It’s time for New York’s reporters to step up and tell their own Cuomo stories,” he said.


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