September 23, 2020

While Americans focus on protests, Nancy Pelosi threatens Israel

While she’s pretending to stand up for the rights of the oppressed in American, Nancy Pelosi is busy threatening the last bastion of freedom in the Middle East – Israel.

In a recent statement to the progressive Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA), Pelosi threatened Israel with loss of Democratic support, if plans for annexation of the West Bank are carried through.

In doing so, she joins a long list of oppressive dictators who have criticized, bullied or threatened Israel.

The stakes are high. Pelosi, perhaps pressured by anti-semitic progressives comprising “The Squad,” particularly Rahshida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, seem willing to take the Democratic party further than it’s ever gone before in an anti-Israel direction.

The Middle East Monitor notes:

Pelosi’s warning that further annexation will undermne bipartisan support is also likely to concern many in the pro-Israel camp that view support from the two main parties in the US as being vital to Israel’s interest. Democrats in particular have shown that they are willing to distance themselves from Israel and break up the consensus maintained for decades in Capitol Hill.

Pelosi, like many Democrats, loves to portray herself as the champion of the oppressed. But if the “oppressed” don’t fall into the right interest group, and can’t give her money or votes, she has no problem threatening or abusing them.

Israel is a small nation surrounded by enemies, and built on the contributions of refugees from the Holocaust, one of the most horrific acts of oppression in history. Pelosi’s bullying of the nation stands in sad contrast to President Trump’s support of Israel for the last four years.

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223 Responses

  1. History; The league of nations set aside The initial borders of Israel for their return. Then decided it was too much and took away 76% of the land. That become Jordan. The river became the boundary, the west bank being on the Israel side. During the 1948 conflict they were unable to gain control of the west bank. In the 1960s during the 6 day war Israel got its land back. Under world pressure Israel allow the Palestinians to occupy this land with the understanding that area would be a state in the country of Israel. The Palestinians were a nomadic tribe that was kicked out of Jordan, when to Lebanon and kick out there then Israel was force to take them. The west bank belongs to Israel like Hong Kong belongs to China.

  2. Nancy Pelosi is the most dangerous individual in Washington. She is anti-American and now anti-Israel. This woman needs to be fired from her position. How do these Dem’s keep following this crazy lib.`

    1. And she was voted into her power , and it should also be the working people of our country that pay her and all the others like her their wages , and we are seeing all of those types of people that are not working for the working people in our country , and they been destroying our way ‘s of living in our country for to many decades , and now that we know what types of people we have behind all this evil crap , it is past time for removing them of their wages , then have them removed from their political jobs , then round them up and put in jails ,and put and end to their evil crap once and for all . as they have brought it on themselves , with own money grabbing stupidity . and not making our country a country to be proud to live in , and not taking over our country with our own money , like it belonged to those types evil minded people only , and when they hear enough is a enough , those types of evil minded people may see it to late.

    2. Yes I agree and Nancy Pelosi needs to be put down and sent to jail as she is part of the communistic movement that is overpowering our Congress so please review and start the Communist Act again and get these people out of our powers the be, Along with Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Cortiz and the Squad.

    3. She needs more punishment than firing. She needs to be tried in a civil court BIGTIME, with NO other enemy of the USA allowed to sit on the jury.

  3. I think Nancy Pelosi has lost her way and forgot what her role is…to serve. She has been there too long and needs to retire. The women has such a big head and seems to think she has all power and doesn’t have to consider anyone elses feelings or thoughts. She just strikes me as a very sad individual.

  4. Pelosi is evil she hates any everyone that is good. She is out to destroy America.
    We must help Iserial anyway we can.

    1. Nancy Pelosi is a national disgrace. She is pure evil. Vote Republican let’s get her out permanently!

      1. OUT of government and INTO prison for the little TRAITOR she IS IN MY VIEW. She is an enemy of the USA as are practically,if not ALL, LEFTISTS.

    1. Question: Can the government run America without ANY Democrats in the House of Congress, AND the Senate. Hell, before Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Party, he never imagined how things were going to end up in the future. Our country (13 states at the time) never saw this coming. Jefferson never thought that the Speaker of the House (a woman) would undermine his principles for America and get power-hungry. I say, vote out EVER Democrat in the House and go back to being a 100% Republic and demand that Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and anyone else be charged for crimes against America and it’s people.

    2. It won’t matter about any SCDEMS-Socialist Communist Demorats(crates). Unless President Trump declares Marshall Law, mail in voting will be so corrupted that he will lose the general election. All Republicans will lose their seats to the Democrates, like it or not, it is the future for America. The fact that George Bush is a one world governing person via Counsel On Foreign Relations. This country will be given to them unless Pres. Trump declares Marshall Law.

  5. The New Testament warns its readers that the Lord, God will bless those who bless Israel, His chosen people, and curse those who do not! God is true to His written word in the Bible and we who suggest they believe in Him should also believe in the truth of His words. Nancy has proven herself to not believe in His words and promises. His word will surely fall heavily with his damnation and defiance


  6. This poor delusional woman is so evil it’s sickening, now she is also INSANE! Anyone willing to follow this person needs their head examined also!!

  7. If she ever cared for the people of the United States, she has lost it. She needs to step down and go away!

    1. Step down, she won’t! She’s too high on her position. She won’t step down. She needs to be removed from office in a more direct way.

  8. Remove Pelosi from office now she has failed our country as speaker of the house! She is nothing but a Traitor to this country and should be treated as such.

  9. Botox Betty is a threat to our country. She has had one too many botox injections and they have destroyed what little brain cells she had. Get rid of this idiot.

  10. The best way to get rid of these un-American fools is our vote. Protect our country and our freedom, vote a straight Republican ticket.

  11. I have no pity for her. Israel is God’s chosen. God’s word said. Turn from your wicked ways and I will hear your cries and heal.your land

  12. Pelosi is a opportunist; Israel, the US, San Francisco, nor anywhere else that does not fil her pockets or her ego do not matter. She is a total embarrassment to the United States and it’s people. Israel has the right to have it’s land back; its their homeland given to them by God!

  13. Nancy, “ Granny “ Pelosi is an enemy of the United States! If you can give her money, power and votes, you will be her friend, but if all you do is ask for something, even minutely, you will be vilified, cut to pieces and made a spectacle of. This woman is poison; it is time to say goodbye to her by any means. Hopefully her district has had enough of her self ingratiation. Send the witch packing back to her home behind the walls .
    She is 80 years old, senile, with advanced dementia. She has had so much plastic surgery that her face could scare a child or an adult. She is desperate, a liar and probably guilty of a few crimes.

  14. I think if Trump laid upon the floor in adoration of her she would complain that he tried to trip her. There is no way to please her. What I don’t understand is how and why so many people kowtow to her and let her get away with all the BS. Can’t they see she totally demented? Surely there has to be some sensible people in the house of reps. Or maybe they need someone to act like they have a pair and stand up to her. The moderate or the few “good” Dems are going to go down with that hag. I wonder if they’re ready to give up their careers for this b***h. What a pig.

  15. She & the whole cabal is corrupt to the core . It scares the hell out of me that there are people ignorant enough to follow them down that rabbit hole . Going there would mean the end of this country as we know it .
    Trump is the only one trying to get this country back on track & is met with obstruction every where he turns .
    God willing he will win again & finish what he has started to do .
    WE THE PEOPLE are behind him 100% .

  16. I’m about tired of the damn Democrats. All they wanna do is cause trouble they don’t do their job they don’t stand for America and that’s just sick sick sick sick. Fire them all!!

  17. Nancy Pelosi is a Evil person along with the rest of the Democrats. They will stop at nothing to destroy our country. They hate the American people. The American people need to drain the swamp before it’s to late. Trump 2020

  18. Does anyone know of a process that can demand her removal from the House of Representatives? Can she be removed and stripped of her pension, health care, etc.? Why are the Demon-Crats so afraid of her? Why don’t they clean their House and get rid of that piece of hate? There’s got to be voter fraud that re-elects her.

  19. Nancy Pelosi does not have a soul, she is pure evil and does not belong in her position. She is anti-America and has been trying to destroy America.
    Now she is trying to destroy Israel because she can’t make any money from Israel. She has already robbed the American people of our money. She needs to be removed from her position. She is a spawn of satan.

    1. I bet American Jews will still vote Democrat. Do American Jews support Isreal? I don’t hear Jewish leaders in America being outraged over these Democrats attacking and threatening Isreal. In fact that are deadly silent. Why is that?

  20. TRUMP 2020 ❤ 🙏 🇺🇸 & Texas Vote RED straight across the ticket . Thank you Mr.President TRUMP ❤ We The People got your back

  21. Nancy Pelosi has forgotten why she was elected to Congress way back when. She is an evil, self serving, egotistical woman who thinks she is a queen.

  22. SADLY, DEMOCRATS AND THEIR ALLIES ARE TRYING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. DEGENERATION, BULLYNESS, RACISM, LAWLESSNESS, AND HATRED ARE BEING FORCED INTO A PAST FRIENDLY USA SOCIETY. Political greed, an uncontrollable thirst for power, and dirty politics are taking place in our daily lives, little by little erasing the good qualities of life our society had until the recent past, beginning with the lost election of 2016. Unfortunately, the American People are being manipulated by the Left, helped by the Media, and financed by the Billionaires doing business with Communist China. Money is the tool, but absolute power is the goal, to finally enslave the American People and the World.
    Read this new book, and find out the details of the massive attempt to destroy the USA, as we know it and love it.

  23. I’m afraid we’re stuck with good old Pelosi! And if Democrats get their way and get mail in voting started, then Democrats will take over the USA.
    Better get out there now and get behind Trump before it’s to late.
    Trump 2020

  24. Pelosi is a danger to Israel & this country. Hopefully she will be removed in November, if we get that far.

  25. What do I think of Nancy Pelosi?? You don’t want to know what I think of this POS puppet!!! I can’t stand her and the day she finally kicks the bucket, I’ll be dancing a little jib and singing Hallelujah!!!

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