October 29, 2020

It’s time to take a serious look at what ‘decency’ means to Democrat leadership

True to form: When a Democrat claims a virtue like decency, they mean the opposite. Democrat nominee Joe Biden claimed that a vote for him is a vote for decency in his DNC acceptance speech. He claims that the Democrat party is the party of decency, but does that claim hold up? Here are a few questions about Democrat decency.

  • Is it decent to leave a newly born abortion survivor on a table to die? Is it decent to abort a human baby at all?
  • Is it decent to attack, disable, and defund the police in Democrat-controlled cities while at the same time denying citizens the right to defend themselves?
  • Is it decent to release violent criminals back into society to commit more crimes like Democrat heroes Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo have done?
  • Is it decent to ignore the execution of a little boy in broad daylight because he was a white boy killed by a Black man?
  • Is it decent to decry the shootings of 9 unarmed black men and ignore the thousands of murder victims per year in every Democrat-controlled city?
  • Is it decent to shoot an 8-year-old girl to death because her mother accidentally drove into a protest zone?
  • Is it decent to withhold evidence that would have stopped months of rioting, billions of dollars worth of destruction, and deadly racial division? (Minnesota Democrat AG Keith Ellison)
  • Is it decent to criminalize law-abiding citizens protecting their own homes like the McCloskeys in St. Louis?
  • Is it decent to refuse to accept the results of an election and relentlessly attack a duly-elected president, contradicting and obstructing his every word and deed, to the harm of the nation, and national security?
  • Is it decent to use COVID-19 lockdowns to crush small businesses in Democrat-controlled states?
  • Is it decent to support and actively promote anarchist groups like BLM and Antifa that have explicitly expressed their hatred for America?
  • Is it decent to kneel for the anthem and burn the flag?
  • Is it decent to shield and carry water for the country responsible for the global spread of COVID-19?


The list of Democrat “decencies” goes on and on. Joe Biden wants everyone to believe that President Trump is indecent, so let’s take a look at his “indecency.”

  • Is it indecent to protect even the life of an unborn child?
  • Is it indecent to negotiate trade deals that benefit America rather than China?
  • Is it indecent to respect the authority of governors to run their own states?
  • Is it indecent to build hospitals and send hospital ships to American cities that needed help during the coronavirus outbreak?
  • Is it indecent to encourage a business-friendly climate that resulted in record unemployment before the COVID-19 lockdowns?
  • Is it indecent to improve the Veterans Administration so that American veterans get better treatment?
  • Is it indecent to reduce the tax burden on American families?
  • Is it indecent to ensure that America remains the world’s top energy producer?
  • Is it indecent for an American president to prioritize America first?
  • Is it indecent for an American president to show love and respect for his country, his people, and his flag?


I will take President Trump’s “indecencies” over Joe Biden’s “decencies” every time. Would you vote for the Democrat version of “decency?” Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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39 Responses

    1. I know that President Donald Trump is the decent man and his politics are the only right ones.
      We must maintain our love for America and vote for the Republican Government. The ones who put America and Americans first, last and always.

    1. I side with President Trump 100%. Biden doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s power hungry and down right evil. Just like the rest of the Democratic Party. If they cared they would of helped President Trump in his efforts to help make America great. They are so jealous of his achievements and he can’t be bought, like they have been bought by George Soro. The Democratic Party are a bunch of traitors and I can understand why they haven’t been arrested for treason.

  1. I agree with you I’ll take President Trump as my President. I don’t believe Joe Biden knows what the word descent means, or being honest, telling the truth.

  2. Those questions asked barely touch the problem. Should Biden and the democrats win in November this nation is finished ! ! !

  3. Great! Thanks for the update.
    We better get this message out to the mainstream so that both Democrats and Republicans voters know these facts.
    If they know what President Trump is doing and what Biden is planning if elected.
    It should be a landslide for President Trump in the upcoming election.
    If Democrats see this and still vote for Biden this nation is in a world of HURT…
    Vote for President Trump and Vice President Pence…

  4. Two more crooks meant for each other (NOT FOR OUR COUNTRY) running for another public office. How sad for this wonderful country trying to hang on to our FREEDOM and love we have shown the whole world whenever there was an emergency. I’m SAD that too many of our young dead brain, fascist, violent, destructive people are set on destroying the rest of us, many having been brainwashed by wicked, equally brain dead teachers many of whom are foreign who barely speak ENGLISH! It starts in Kindergarten anymore and gets worse every year. Get your kids out of public schools if you care, get the UNIONS OUT OF EDUCATION and send the foreigners home. GOD BLESS ALL OUR CHILDREN and keep them FREE and SAFE.

  5. All the democrat party needs to be rounded up for reeducation on just what being being an American is,since so many in the democrat party have forgotten or no longer have any idea about being an American.. If they chose not to be an American, that is o.k. the American people will pay the costs to a friendly place like China or at least I am willing to share in the burden of sending them away!!

  6. Trump is the only one that can make this country great again, Demonic Democrats have nothing but hate for this country and that’s why they will LOSE!!!!
    PRESIDENT Trump and Vice President Pence are the best choice for us Americans, God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. When I saw your article that you have written above, I had to share it. I hope others will do so too. Everything is 100% fact, and until the voting public realizes what can happen if we hand over the reigns to the Democrats, we will be a doomed nation. It turns my stomach to see what the rioters (Anifia) are doing to the best cities of the United States. Touring around the US will no longer be what it used to. I used to live and work in NYC and am so happy I no longer do. Christmas in New York was one big show. The stores, the streets, and especially Radio City was spectacular. This is a thing of the past now. Watching the protestors burn buildings and especially our American Flag in unacceptable. They hate America, and they are showing it by breaking into stores. The looting is the main reason for this. One of the Black Matters spokesperson said that they steal so they can buy food and pay their rent. They are reparations. Bull! Stealing is stealing. Get off your rear, get off of welfare, get off of food stamps, and go to work like the rest of us. This is so so crazy! What are your feelings on all that is going on???

  8. Bravo for that excellent commentary! I wish we could put this all over fake news so the Dems followers would see it. Thank you Staff writers.

  9. Trump has to win! With the democRATS our country is ruined! They were sore losers, and thru all four years they’ve tried every dirty trick they could think of to try and unseat Trump. Biden needs to retire, had over 40 years in politics and only benefited himself and family members.

  10. The conservative media needs to be more aggressive. All the other the liberal media outlets that mainstream on the national stage are twisting every story to the benefit of radical liberals, and trashing Trump for no reason. He signs a major peace treaty in the Middle East and there is no coverage whatsoever. The dichotomy is so obvious. It’s time for all to hear majority voice.

  11. You called them out BEAUTIFULLY .. 🤗 .. can wait till hear their twisted retort .. 😁 .. 👍👍👍🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲👏👏👏

  12. All the Democrats in Congress do not have enough sense to go to the bath room by themselves and Pelose is the leader of the bunch

  13. This Commentary ~ point by point ~ is very Centered, Communicative and Truth-Telling…

    So may almost every moment of this campaign for the Re-election of President Trump *focus* on these very policy points…while being expressed with the authentic, treasuring *regard* and *care* for the good of his fellow Americans that President Trump has authentically *lived into* for three-to-four hard-working years…

    My husband and I are so grateful for *President Trump* ~ and for the *many honorable and skillful men and women her has gathered within his Administration* who have invested so much professional skill and hard work into a value based Vision and a Set of Policies that have served us all.
    (But we still need to free more children from monopolistic and inadequate public school systems that resist the competition of innovative charter school models within their very own systems…Charter schools can demonstrate proven *Educational Innovations* which can prepare these children for a fuller future of further learning, career preparation, and movement into a meaningful and ‘opening-doors Life’ of personal achievement, work, family creation and community.)

  14. The Democratic’s are mostly “PROSTITUTES”,they will screw over anyone to get what they want,which is TOTAL CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT! We cannot let that happen!

  15. I agree totally with the article above…Come November 3rd we need to see EVERY STATE GO RED!?? TRUMP/PENCE 20/20…GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!

    1. Every word of that article is true. We definitely need to put Trump back in office. But, we also have to get rid of the UN. If the UN continues we won’t be able to have guns and they want to take our freedoms they are working with the Democrats or the Democrats are working with them to form a one-world a government controlled by the UN we got to get Trump back in office and we got to get rid of the dumocrats and we’ve got to get rid of the UN. They have out with their purpose.

  16. As indecent as Trump is, I’m on his side about leaving the line “One nation under God” in the National Anthem

  17. Trump all the way! Joe Biden is a pedophile who displays he pedophilia desires through his actions with children every chance he gets. He is a traitorous thief, at best. Joe and the other DEEP STATE DEMOCRAT cronies should be hung until dead in their respective town squares!! Pelosi would be the first example I would set, followed by Hillary and then Bill Clinton. Obama would suffer his fate using one of the 30,000 guillotines he purchased.

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