August 16, 2022

It’s time to take a serious look at what ‘decency’ means to Democrat leadership

True to form: When a Democrat claims a virtue like decency, they mean the opposite. Democrat nominee Joe Biden claimed that a vote for him is a vote for decency in his DNC acceptance speech. He claims that the Democrat party is the party of decency, but does that claim hold up? Here are a few questions about Democrat decency.

  • Is it decent to leave a newly born abortion survivor on a table to die? Is it decent to abort a human baby at all?
  • Is it decent to attack, disable, and defund the police in Democrat-controlled cities while at the same time denying citizens the right to defend themselves?
  • Is it decent to release violent criminals back into society to commit more crimes like Democrat heroes Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo have done?
  • Is it decent to ignore the execution of a little boy in broad daylight because he was a white boy killed by a Black man?
  • Is it decent to decry the shootings of 9 unarmed black men and ignore the thousands of murder victims per year in every Democrat-controlled city?
  • Is it decent to shoot an 8-year-old girl to death because her mother accidentally drove into a protest zone?
  • Is it decent to withhold evidence that would have stopped months of rioting, billions of dollars worth of destruction, and deadly racial division? (Minnesota Democrat AG Keith Ellison)
  • Is it decent to criminalize law-abiding citizens protecting their own homes like the McCloskeys in St. Louis?
  • Is it decent to refuse to accept the results of an election and relentlessly attack a duly-elected president, contradicting and obstructing his every word and deed, to the harm of the nation, and national security?
  • Is it decent to use COVID-19 lockdowns to crush small businesses in Democrat-controlled states?
  • Is it decent to support and actively promote anarchist groups like BLM and Antifa that have explicitly expressed their hatred for America?
  • Is it decent to kneel for the anthem and burn the flag?
  • Is it decent to shield and carry water for the country responsible for the global spread of COVID-19?


The list of Democrat “decencies” goes on and on. Joe Biden wants everyone to believe that President Trump is indecent, so let’s take a look at his “indecency.”

  • Is it indecent to protect even the life of an unborn child?
  • Is it indecent to negotiate trade deals that benefit America rather than China?
  • Is it indecent to respect the authority of governors to run their own states?
  • Is it indecent to build hospitals and send hospital ships to American cities that needed help during the coronavirus outbreak?
  • Is it indecent to encourage a business-friendly climate that resulted in record unemployment before the COVID-19 lockdowns?
  • Is it indecent to improve the Veterans Administration so that American veterans get better treatment?
  • Is it indecent to reduce the tax burden on American families?
  • Is it indecent to ensure that America remains the world’s top energy producer?
  • Is it indecent for an American president to prioritize America first?
  • Is it indecent for an American president to show love and respect for his country, his people, and his flag?


I will take President Trump’s “indecencies” over Joe Biden’s “decencies” every time. Would you vote for the Democrat version of “decency?” Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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