May 13, 2021

WH: Biden will be tested for COVID-19 bi-monthly, despite receiving the vaccine

The White House confirmed on Wednesday that President Joe Biden will be tested for COVID-19 every two weeks — despite already receiving the Pfizer vaccine in January — in an effort to be extra careful about protecting Biden’s health.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Wednesday that Biden will be tested for COVID-19 regularly because the vaccine is “not 100 percent protection.”

Biden received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine — which has been shown to be approximately 95% successful at preventing COVID-19 — in January.

Psaki explained: “There is 95% protection from the vaccine, but it’s not 100 percent protection. so the president’s doctor believes it is reasonable and prudent to randomly test the president every two weeks as surveillance.”

Psaki added that Biden most recently tested negative for the virus on February 4.

Health officials claimed for months that an effective vaccine was the key to returning to normal life, but the Biden administration is making it increasingly clear that the vaccine will change very little.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the administration’s foremost infectious disease expert, said last week that strict public health measures such as masking –and maybe even double-masking — social distancing, and banning gatherings, must continue until the “entire world” is fully vaccinated.

Fauci also said that those that have been vaccinated should continue wearing masks until the “overwhelming” population is inoculated. The Biden administration has provided no modifications to Fauci’s recommendations, virtually eliminating any hope that restrictions will be lifted anytime during 2021.

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67 Responses

  1. MASKS don’t work!!!!!!! Washing hands and distancing is appropriate. The masks will cause future problems…think it through and research it. Remember the vaccination is brand new and has not really been proven to be effective. Remember this is the election infection!!!!!

      1. no mask do not work all a mask will do is make you get sick .but if you are a SHEEP you go ahead a wear a mask and when you get sick then say that mask work but they dont work

        1. Pe0ple this is not @bout [email protected]$. If [email protected] work c0rrectly, people who’ve had 0ne do n0t need continual te$ting or [email protected] If [email protected] didn’t work we’d all still get the [email protected], chicken p0cks, etc. [email protected]@ted persons d0n’t [email protected] these. That’s the kicker here, so don’t [email protected] for the $pin. 10 to 1 Herr Highness didn’t get @ [email protected] 0ne, hence the test$, the [email protected], & the c0ntinued [email protected]$. A$k yourself why? What is their fond saying – “Fo11ow the $cience”. How about the [email protected] $cience, not the doub1e-$peak or the [email protected]

      1. I do not believe any of the data that this White House released. The numbers are not true. Not everyone who dies has covid-19. But they count the dead as related to covid-19. Yes If a person has cancer or heart illness and get Covid they may die or may not. The vaccine doesn’t work for everyone. I will wear a mask, wash my hands and stay away from large groups, just like I would for flu season. But as for believing anything that comes out of this White House I don’t!!!

        1. Agreed. Pe0ple this is not @bout [email protected]$. If [email protected] work c0rrectly, people who’ve had 0ne do n0t need continual te$ting or [email protected] If [email protected] didn’t work we’d all still get the [email protected], chicken p0cks, etc. [email protected]@ted persons d0n’t [email protected] these. That’s the kicker here, so don’t [email protected] for the $pin. 10 to 1 Herr Highness didn’t get @ [email protected] 0ne, hence the test$, the [email protected], & the c0ntinued [email protected]$. A$k yourself why? What is their fond saying – “Fo11ow the $cience”. How about the [email protected] $cience, not the doub1e-$peak or the [email protected]

    1. CALL IT COVID TESTS ?? MORE PEGRESSIVE LES!!! DEMENTIA JOE GETS COGNITIVE ECALUATIONS AT 10 AM when he gets out of bwd nad again at 7 PM his BED TIME ……BUT he forgets to take hos meds at night !! and KAMELTOE is in the HALL WAY ready for dUTY on Call 24/7 >>>

    2. What is he scared of? We all Have to die at some time. If he would have lived a better life. he wouldn’t have to worry about that. The bible says we are appointed one time to live and one time to die.

  2. So the vaccine doesn’t work. Too many dying from the vaccine or sick from it. I bet joe Biden never got the vaccine. It was fake to make the stupid American people believe it worked. Joe Biden is a plague on America.

    1. search for more info – Actually, no one has really been identified as “dieing” from the Vaccine. Since most people getting the vaccine are elderly or have pre-existing conditions – there are a certain number who will die from those prexisting conditions – the vaccine isn’t killing them

      0 Vaccine deaths,
      Corona Virus deaths USA

      1. If you haven’t learned by now you have been watching too much MSM. The #s of actual deaths from covid are about 5% of the #s reported. the rest died of the preexisting illnesses. These covid vaccines were rushed through soooo fast without FDA approval. Those that buy into this complete malfeasance by our govt’ will pay the price.
        We are again the guine pigs. Most MSM has been severely compromised.
        China has holdings in many of our very news reporting media outlets.China also owned heavily in our movie production studios.

  3. The WH confirmed????? Well, that doesn’t add up to a hill of beans. Fauci is a liar too. Damn near everyone knows.

  4. It would be a blessing if the whole democrat party got the virus and died today.

    1. It’s wrong to wish Death on anyone, even these Evil, anti-American, Commie Satan DemORATS.



  5. You to can be a two year test subject by taking this dangerous vaccine. Just like the flu shots that stop nothing but filling pockets of big pharma.

  6. lets see when Trump had covid the Dems wanted him to dye. So should we say the same thing and who is in the white house now? There is only one problem you push it up into the brain. only problem is he does not have one

  7. Biden and all of the other politicians probably got a Vitamin B-12 shot and said it was the vaccine for COVID so people would go and get it

  8. It is terrible to see people wishing the virus and death on anyone because of politics……. It would be wonderful to see 1,2 and 3 removed from office, they are horrible…… who are 4 and 5?????

  9. Picture this……a mask is as much good as a mosquito (virus droplets) is flying through a hole in a chain link fence…….if the hole was 14ft wide. That’s how small the droplets are and no mask in the world, outside of a hazmat suit will stop them from getting in. This is data. Not conjecture. So there’s no point in wearing a mask. Distancing is fine but considering how far and fast the droplet travels, 6ft isn’t nearly enough. Let alone a sneeze or cough which travels at 100mph and carries 100,000 germs. So do the math and you’ll realize that none of these precautions will ever work. Check it out for yourself. Stop the lockdowns and let’s get back to work. If everyone got covid, in a month it’ll all be over. Inoculate the vulnerable and elderly and let the rest of us just get it. I’m not scared of it and no healthy person should be.

  10. President Trump needs to run again but only if we have Voter ID and use only voting equipment made in the US. We must block China from interfering like they did this past election. This was a direct attack against our country and regardless of party affiliation every real American should be committed to honest true elections. Only someone who hates our country would be for this outside interference. Many Democrats an even a few Republicans are being controlled by China and Soros.

  11. Current media (not all do your own fat checking) are well-known liars and so is Fauci. That, that man is still in the seat he is in is beyond me. But those are the politics of the big pharma. Money, money, money is all that counts for them. Scare tactics (a welknown mantra of the left and taken over by the democrats) and line your pockets (that works well here in America) as long as the scare tactics work. At the cost of the public at large. How long are we going to let the media and big pharma lie to us. I already turned the channels dark from the liars and set it on OAN. At least I have now a big window of the entire world to watch. And….. do not see the faces of the democratic leadership ad nauseum barfing their lies and scar tactics out on the gullible.

    1. Fauci was working in NC with this virus. They would not let him work on human to human experiments,”because it is against our laws” so they took it to China along with 700,000.00 or more dollars to complete the work at the Wuhan lab.. No one stopped him either.
      Fauci is just as responsible for this virus as are the CCP. It’s sickening. The little Wiesel just keeps getting more and more press for being an idiot that helped create this Plannedemic.

  12. No one is listening to idiot Fauci anymore. He raked in almost a half a million dollars every year, should have been fired by now but just keeps getting paid for being wrong 95% of the time. Go figure! There are reputable Doctors who are doing their homework, that is who I listen to!

  13. Headlines in the news….Biden will be tested for the covid19 virus every 2 months. RED flags citizens of America!!!!!!
    Even big pharma says (although whispering) IT DOES NOT WORK. IT IS A SHOT IN THE DARK. And the citizen is fooled again?????? The stick behind the door are all the whacking fingers of the government, you can not work, you can not board any moving vessel, you may not shop, you can not attend funerals, wedding nor church or large gatherings. Hey guys does that not also include rioting???? Go tell that to The leaders of Antifa and BLM. They will keep on invading and burning cities down. So….. for whom are the whacking fingers of government really working???? Only for the deplorables that respect like LAW and ORDER ???

  14. Are you kidding me? A 95% efficacy rate is outstanding. Compare, for example, to the standard measles vaccine which has an efficacy around 78%. But it’s basically eradicated measles! Who the hell is biden’s stupid doctor? Man must be a moron. Unless, of course, the heavily broadcast screenshot of biden getting the vaccine was indeed faked. They don’t recommend the Covid Vaccine for the very elderly and frail. So, I guess that proves what we all already knew. biden’s too old and frail to be president.

    1. Biden or as I call him bidet is president and all along I have read he is a puppet and can see he is not in charge

  15. Why is it that we use pronouns to point out the traitorous actions of those sorry communist bastards who are trying to destroy America? All this does is hide their individual identities. We need to use proper nouns like Shumer, Piglosis, Sh-t-head Schiff, square-head Nadler, Susan Collins, Joe Biden, “knee-pads” Harris. Chris Wallace, and the list goes on. (You should note that some of the swamp are republicans (small r).
    When we are giving credit to conservative government officials, we need to use proper nouns like Louie Gohmert and Senator Ted Cruz while we call our those who are less than desirable such as McConnell, Thune, the idiot
    from Utah, and every one of the traitorous bastards who voted that the impeachment trial could be considered
    as constitutional.

  16. This could be a warning ⚠️? The illegitimate president is getting tested every 2 months. Something is going on. What if he tests positive for the virus 🦠? It is just a matter of time until a woman 👩 becomes President. Way to go Democrats! You really do want to make history 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. A medical institute, I wish I could remember it named, recently stated the corona outbreak was no worse than the usual annual flu outbreak. The number of death caused by this have been grossly over stated. Two Congressional members in Minnesota, because they are medical doctors have access to death certificates and medical records determined that perhaps 68 percent of the cases,that they’ve so far looked into where covid 19 was listed as the cause of death were incorrect.

  18. What a baby Biden is. He wouldn’t get out of his basement to campaign for an office he should never have won. Now he doesn’t want to participate as a real president. He will continue to “hide” in the White House, his home in Connecticut and Camp David.

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