July 3, 2022

Watchdog group finds Trump did not order Lafayette Square to be cleared for ‘photo op’

A Wednesday report from Interior Department inspector general Mark Greenblatt cleared then-President Donald Trump from allegations that he had police clear demonstrators in order to hold a photo op outside a Washington, D.C. church.

“Police had planned to clear the area in advance in order to install extra fencing after the riots that took place May 30 and 31, according to the report. Tear gas was used by Washington, D.C., police, but reportedly not by Park Police,” according to the Daily Caller.

The official release following the report noted, “Over the course of this review, our career investigative staff conducted extensive witness interviews, reviewed video footage from numerous vantage points, listened to radio transmissions from multiple law enforcement entities, and examined evidence including emails, text messages, telephone records, procurement documents, and other related materials.”

The report concluded, “As such, we determined that the evidence did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park on June 1, 2020, so that then President Trump could enter the park.”

In contrast, CNN reported last week that peaceful protestors were gassed so Trump could hold a photo op.

Despite the new report by Greeenblatt, mainstream media has continued to push the anti-Trump narrative.

The case appears to be an example of leftist media pushing a narrative they prefer, rather than information based on the facts. Unfortunately, many Americans continue to base their decisions based on these reports, whether they are accurate or not.

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Michael S Dowling (@guest_1269149)
1 year ago

The dems will dream up anything all will the media help

Pollty (@guest_1269162)
1 year ago

All lies will be exposed and all liars will be expelled

alicia cervera (@guest_1269330)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago

and burn in hell.

James (@guest_1269166)
1 year ago

What’s new Democratic commies always lie Americans no this so why vote for the communist’s party

JamesJLyons (@guest_1269200)
Reply to  James
1 year ago

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NorthPort_Nurse (@guest_1269167)
1 year ago

Another Democratic Lie perpetuated by the complicit MSM.

mbr722 (@guest_1269168)
1 year ago

To say this man disgusts me would be putting it mildly. I want to vomit every time I look at this man’s ugly face. Ugliness comes from within! Shows from without. Nothing he says makes sense and anyone who believes him is the biggest idiot on the face of this earth! That includes Boris and Angela. No one should be that stupid as to believe this dumb a33!

Spencer Chaffin (@guest_1269181)
1 year ago

What man? If you are commenting on blundering demented, un American, baby killing supporter, communistic minded Joe Biden, I strongly agree with you. There is, [in my opinion and past performance] no other living soul with the attributes you stated but Joe Biden.

Tom Brown (@guest_1269204)
1 year ago

media does Nothing but LIE……..Their families will also pay the price for their being puppets for dems……..Lying Bast*rds…

EzequielPadilla (@guest_1269241)
1 year ago

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Howard Lowe (@guest_1269244)
1 year ago

I am not at all surprised. I question the authenticate of almost everything the media puts out. What a same! Where will this stop … a woke culture will only magnify the problem.

Cath (@guest_1269276)
1 year ago

NO CAPTCHA BUTTON HERE………AND just HOW STUPID are the “people”??? OR is the report that citizens believe the press??? People who actually believe ANY NEGATIVE THING the media says about Trump is true, are the brain dead of society…even as continual evidence comes out that they lie about Trump for their own pump up. That tells me quite clearly that when Trump upsets the liberal media so much they feel the need to LIE all the time about him…Trump is on the path for doing the best things for the country. The media is always wanting to destroy our system of government…They may have succeeded to destroy Nixon but, doing the same thing to Trump is NOT working!!! hahahahahahah – and I studied to be a journalist?? I know what they teach the vulnerable students…and it is leftist mantras.

Barbara (@guest_1269491)
1 year ago

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