March 6, 2021

WATCH: Trump team destroys Charlottesville ‘very fine people’ hoax once and for all

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) insistence on pushing the second impeachment of Donald Trump through may have backfired in a big way, as it gave Trump’s legal team the perfect opportunity publicly and definitively to destroy a longstanding myth about Trump.

Trump team impeachment lead David Schoen completely dismantled the Charlottesville “very fine people” hoax — a favorite trump card for Democrats — once and for all on Friday, making the truth about the incident a matter of public record.

The Democrat impeachment team attempted to use manipulated footage and faulty news reporting about Trump’s response to the 2017 Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally-turned-riot in 2017 to prove that Trump has a history of inciting violence among his supporters.

Republicans know that Democrats have been lying about the incident for years in claiming that Trump called neo-Nazis that hijacked the event “very fine people,” but Schoen put the argument to rest in spectacular fashion during his Friday defense.

Schoen explained:

There’s that famous quote, like one of the house managers said, “A lie will travel halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its shoes on.” Well, this lie traveled around the world a few times, and made its way into the Biden campaign talking points, and ended up on the Senate floor. The Charlottesville lie, “very fine people on both sides.” Except that isn’t all he said, and they knew it then, and they know it now. Watch this:


Trump’s defense team spent a lot of time showing the full context of Trump remarks that have been misrepresented by the media over the years, but the Charlottesville lie may have been the most damaging — and now it’s impossible to deny the truth, thanks to Schoen’s pointed efforts.

Schoen concluded:

This might be today the first time the news networks played those full remarks in the context. And how many times have you heard President Trump has never denounced white supremacists? Now you in America know the truth.

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81 Responses

  1. Democrat politicians and the media always knew Charlottesville was a lie. That didn’t matter to them. It was useful for their typical identity politics agenda.

      1. It is too bad that the SCOTUS did not take on the Fraudulent Election issues! I personally think that Pelosi, Schumer, Chief Justice Roberts were behind this issue! I do not consider the current Administration as current for the United States. I firmly believe they got those positions only through the Fraudulent Voting that had occurred, including the Dominion machines being controlled by the High Tech people in Silicon Valley. All of these Traitors should be uncovered, tried and sent to prison for Treason!

        1. I agree 110%! This election was rigged and we the people have a right to see that those who were responsible for the fraud is brought to justice!!!!

        2. No prison for they would get 3 meals a day and would cost American people for free housing,medical and food. Make them lose their mansions. Put a gag order on them, so they can never be in politics. Make them pay for their own medical. America and me for one am tired of cushioning their pockets/ wealth. I personally don’t want my over taxed social security being used to go to other countries for stupid things like research for ginder people. Useless grant money for studies such as worms. These grants should go to help American homeless vets and families NOT ILLEGALS in any way shape or form. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!

    1. If I am not mistaken, it is a major “NO-NO” for House and/or Senate members to intentionally manipulate or otherwise change the sworn testimony from a witness. I want to know when Pelosi, Schiff, et al. are going to be held in contempt of Congress for their manipulation of the remarks that President Trump made, both in Charlottesville and in the just concluded impeachment farce (otherwise known as a “trial”).

    2. I’m ashamed of the democratic party, chuck Schumer was forced to admit the democrats told a major lie about the impeachment , these people are sick, liars, adults that simply do not want to tell the truth for just the power grab, they need to be exposed, brought to justice punished for all of it as soon as possible , they have destroyed to many lives, families, etc, this can no linger be the normal for the USA , this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. how sick, !!!!

    1. Unfortunately, the MSM has allbut destroyed Americans faith, in every operation of our government & judicial system by lieing to them. By showing that they cannot remain unbiased, and they are allowed to violate our Constitutional God Given Rights, if it does not fit their rhetoric. By hiding and censoring the highly important information on Hunter & Joe’s ties with not only Ukraine, but the many trips made to China, hidden & lied to voters, yook away Americans ability to make an informed decision. Which we can see now, may lead to Americans, living under CCP’s thumb. The MSM is the epitome of hipocrisy, and should be held accountable by the ethics committee for their hand in harming & contributing to the interference with the elections as well as the social media conglomerate’s & BLM & Antifa, as well as those that actually called outright on video, the violence that has played out in this country. If it is left to slide, Americans will never trust our government again. Sad but true.

      1. I watched a sort clip on NBC today. Man talk about serving the cool aid?? They are playing it! Absolutely nothing but pure propaganda! If you want more? Move yo Ccp Gina. They will tell you everything you want to know! Scratch that! Everything they think you should know!!

      1. Bottom line is Marxist Democrats all lie and distort facts and blame others for the things they do? This impeachment is just a distraction so that Biden, Harris. Pelosi, Schumer AOC and the others can continue their rule of destruction. The Marxist Democrats are taking away our freedom of speech and Religion. They are attacking our 2amendment rights because they know an unarmed citizen is no longer a threat to terrorist Marxist Democrats. Our founding fathers put that in our Constitution so we can protect ourselves from a tyrannical government which is what we have now so the Democrats ruling over the people. Citizens need to wake up and look around at places like Oregon, New York and California, they all have been turned into 3rd world Sh—holes. The Democrats want to and are working hard to destroy this Republic.

  2. Nancy has a problem now she will be a whiteness for this witch hunt that she started and we will find out Whitehouse security is Pelosi’s responsibility and she didn’t do her job so she started making it Trump’s responsibility, not even close

    1. Why do you think President Trump used his own private security force instead of the Secret Service?
      He knew Pelosi wouldn’t do her job, properly, from the beginning.

  3. America,are you really so thick headed,dumb and uninformed. Charlottesville Virginia was a Democrat and Media set up to fool America. Terry MacCauliffe the Governor at the time worked with the Mayor of Charlottesville to control the debacle and the Media helped them to persuade America the false pretense of what happened. Only one group had a legal permit and the media lied to convince the American Public they were the culprits. The Mayor held the Police back to create the problem and set those with the legal permit up. America if you are really this dumb you would be better off under the Chinese led Democrat Party. The average to poor person is being decimated right under their own eyes and the good old press just aides and abets the corrupt Democrats and never Trumpers.

    1. Unfortunately, I have a very intelligent family member who believes it. During the first impeachment attempt he listened to the MSM where old Schiff came out and told the media about all the things they had “gotten” Trump on and believed it. He said things on social media such as how could anyone doubt his guilt and he should be impeached, etc. He never bothered to watch the actual proceedings where the crap Schiff was spewing was disproven when Schiff’s witnesses were cross examined. Trump was right when he said the media was public enemy number one. I do not know how to do it, but we have top find a way to make the media tell the truth.
      BTW, why does the media keep saying this is his second impeachment? It is his second trial, but the impeachment has to be decided in the Senate and they acquitted him. He was not impeached. I hope they are smart enough to see the truth and acquit him again.

      1. Your very intelligent family member was right. And just a little reminder of your erroneous thinking – Trump has been IMPEACHED by the House of Representatives twice – 2X. It is the responsibility of the House to IMPEACH and then present its case to the Senate for trial. Trump is the only US President to have been impeached twice. Quite a record for a real estate billlionaire who will soon be going to prison for fraud.

    2. And to think Mr. McAwful wants to run for Governor again! I say HECK, NO!!!!!! My cat can do a better job. That’s why we’re running her as a write-in candidate. Look at her Facebook page if you want to know more. It’s Patches Hartless for Governor.

    1. I have appreciated all the efforts our President Trump has made to make our country Great Again. It has been a constant battle from the Democrats from the first breathe that Mr. President took as our President duly nominated by the people. He accomplished many good things even with their resistance. So sorry, Mr. President that you have had ro endure all that you have endured the four years you were in office. We have elections to keep a balance in our government. We need to remember this when election time comes around again. I say election, an election the old fashion way, not with mail in votes, this kind of vote and that kind of vote. We don’t need fraudulent votes.

    2. Donald Trump is the only man who can save America. As a careful observe of the political scene, even the best men or women in the Republican party cannot equal the presence, gravitas, demeanor or force that only Trump possesses in abundance. Additionally, only he commands the loyalty of the majority of American people. That being said, four years is a long wait and the road we currently are on is a dangerous one. Keep in mind some historical perspective. Winston Churchill was turned out by the British in 1946 after he save his nation but was re-elected Prime Minister in 1951. We will see.

      1. Thomas Duhs ,
        And now , here in the future , with the Labor Party ( ie: Democrats ) in control of the U.K. you will go to jail for quoting Winston Churchill
        in public !

    3. I pray that somehow he will return to us and get this once wonderful country back on track!! We are going under….HELP!

  4. 1 We believe that governments were instituted of God for the benefit of man; and that he holds men accountable for their acts in relation to them, both in making laws and administering them, for the good and safety of society.

    2 We believe that no government can exist in peace, except such laws are framed and held inviolate as will secure to each individual the free exercise of conscience, the right and control of property, and the protection of life.

  5. I watched the full speech back then. I just figured that when peloosy lied about it, it was because lying is ALL she has, that and being drunk. No matter how the left tries to pretty it up with lies, ugly is uglier with lipstick!

  6. Trump did not incite the riot. These people, along with 74 million other Americans, were so fed up with being demeaned and dismissed as fools and deplorables they just ran out of patience. We are fully aware that these people in Congress are nothing but thieves, selling out our country to line their pockets!

    1. You are correct and thank you for saying so. We are not all fools as the Devil Democrat’s have made us out to be. We have good minds and are not led by corrupt dogooders. God gave us minds to think and souls to be guided by Christian principals. Where are these people?

  7. I am sick of MSM’s anti free market capitalist (anti American communist) reporters, who think they have the sharpest darts & best aim, and who keep trying to destroy our free market capitalism (earn every penny you get and keep every penny you earn) system.
    They’re not reporters anymore, they’re political hacks. One might say they’re insurgents.& traitors

  8. Im looking forward for President Trump to get back in office and put all of the china friendly politicians in Prison for treason and getting America Great Again

  9. Lies and more lies the democratic theme…….where are we going as a country?
    Wake up people, they’re doing it right before our eyes, do you see it? Or are you blind?
    They’ll never be satisfied, never! They’re blood hungry for power and control, may God save us from them. God bless America! Time to repent, come to Jesus! Get filled with his Spirit, that’s where true unity is. That’s when we’ll all come together as a nation..

  10. The democrats are and always will be a cancer to society since the cival war! ! ! They have raped, lied ,
    Pillaged, burned, enslaved,robbed,
    Coereced, undermined , the democracy of our country for their own self-serving pockets .The could care less for the welfare of humanity and would sleep with the devil and sell our children for their own gain and do .as long as democrats exist cancer will thrive . and destroy all of us
    We must stand up and FIGHT BACK

    1. Cynthia !!!!

      You are so right !!!!

      This is really what they are, a cancer and just to make it worse, they are metastasizing and pretty soon there will be nothing left for them to “ feed on” …. our country is almost there!!!

  11. The Pelosi, Schumer Criminals all all ways Liar’s, Thieves. Murder’s and Traitors. The Tax and spend for nothing but themselves s Crowd. Cowards’. All.

  12. the only way the AMERICAN VOTERS will ever get this corruption under control will be with gunfire.80% of our elected politicians are corrupt.. BOTH DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN , they are in for the power and the free money, all they can steal, mis-direct ,or hide. we need term-limits. and NON-COMPUTER VOTING. ONE PERSON=ONE VOTE……

  13. If the voter fraud of 2020 is not exposed , America will never be the same . I can imagine how hard it will be for people who wanted Trump out, to step up and ” CRY FOWL ” . But if you don’t and this election stands and the next election is conducted, in the same manner. It may be your party that is silenced.
    If there was a hint of fraud in your mind stand up , call your party , demand this is exposed and prevent it happening again . The system undermined by foreign influence is far more dangerous than four more years of Trump.

    1. JB!!!!

      I just got my post cancelled again !
      We should all stop trying to put any comments on this website which is another POS which is censoring our posts.
      Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in USA anymore!

      Any government in order to “c 0 n t r 0 l “ the people, it must be able to first control the freedom of expression … this is what’s going on …

      Speaking about “ truth” is something that must be decided by our “ l e a d e r s “, therefore, our job is to shut up and listen…
      Do I sound like I’m exaggerating???

  14. Are these Dems really as dumb as they are coming off? I know Trump lives in THEIR heads, but they have no idea they do NOT live in Trump’s head! They have proved ZIPPO and just cannot believe their own ignorance. The more they talk, the stronger Trump becomes🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. That’s why they keep up with all the shenanigans. They are trying to make Trump look as bad as possible in order to drive a wedge between him and his base. However I’m not going anywhere just because they want me to. When he is ready to initiate his plan I’ll be right here to support him. They can kiss my heiney.

  15. This all goes back to congress and the court allowing Obama the nomination for president even though he was not ‘natural born’ as required by the constitution, his father was never a US citizen. Then Obama reignited racism, riots every where excused by the left. The deep state was caught off guard and Trump won in 16. They vowed to never let that happen again as they did not control Trump. Patriots were PO’d and went to the Capitol. Congress is to blame.

  16. What, from a legal standpoint, from a Constitutional standpoint, takes place if evidence sufficient for indictment and prosecution is developed in a sufficient number of district and of state elections to invalidate the election of Biden? I doubt, on grounds of incompetency, Biden himself can be held responsible – but what happens if the election result is proven to be the result of fraud? Does it work like contract law, that the election is invalidated? And what then?

    1. I would imagine, Mr. Machado, that if Crazy Uncle Joey, Komrade Kommie-La, and Nasty Pooplousy are all impeached and removed from office, we’d have to start all over with another election.

  17. I would love to see President Trump back in office But would not blame him one bit if he didn’t. What a dog eat dog world!

  18. It was GEOBBELS who said “IF YOU REPEAT A LIE LONG ENOUGH, PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT” This exactly what these liberal/communist. democrats have been doing. We are fighting very evil people, who will do any thing to stay in power. There are two ways to defeat them. 1) Pray that GOD will hear our prayers and do the job for us 2) Be as evil as they and fight them the way they fight. If you use #2, it will be a very bloody fight and in the end NO BODY WINS

    1. you have correct ,the communist party does the crime and blames it 0n some one else and the people believe it was true,it,s the was the communist left wing democrats over throw a government .it,s about time the american people wake up ,the people voted trump in and the lap top voted him out ,you know the crooked ,ever thing was hooked up to the inner net and run 24/7 it was the most crooked election we ever had ,some states changes the rule and the supreme court .would never hear any of the cased and neither did the federal courts would either ,so the best way to put it folks ?we got screw with no kissing and to put more icing on the cake Georgia kicked us down the road and gave the left wing democrat communist party control of the house and senate ,we dont have to kill of half of our country to get thing,s straight just dont let the communist program your minds and put you in fear as was don the last 5 years use your common sense if you smell of it and it looks like poop well its poop ,!

    2. Now, I just saw that they want to radicalize the constitution and pack the Supreme Court! Could it be time to call for martial law???

  19. I fully agree with every word you said. I would become so angry from the way the democrats were demeaning President Trump it was hard to take. I can understand the feelings that was displayed at the capital on January 6.

    1. Jo E Stevens ,
      The incident at the Capitol Building was most BLM & Antifa agitators with some President Trump supports unknowingly sucked in.

  20. AMEN to all of these comments. The democrats want to “reprogram” all of
    the conservatives! They want to make us another North Korea!!

  21. I have to wonder today, how many voters now have buyers remorse? Dementia Jo and the Ho are doing more damage then good to our economy and culture.

    1. Rodney ,
      And in less than four weeks also. Just think , almost four years more to go. Will there be anything of America left by that time ?

    1. B. Rex Conley ,
      Can you imagine this ? He has reached the status of the very worst president in less than four weeks. I had never thought that anyone could be bad enough to nudge Obama out of that spot. Although Obama was less obvious .

  22. Now the UnAmerican Digest can’t stand comments critical of our former, twice impeached president. Putin doesn’t like it. If the proud boys and others had caught up with the Vice President at the Capitol I’m sure the UnAmerican Digest would have found a way to blame it on democrats.

  23. one more thought of the ?Biden closes down the oil fields ?so him and his family can prosper from russian and o packs oil ,and opened up the gates of hell to let the rest of the world lie off of our hard works ,and gove free meds food and lodging ?and we pay for it .just think about this he was talking about closing down florida because he dont like a republican state doing well is this what you call getting the people together again .this is the way a communist government wants to keep us apart ???do you think the mask has cut the rate of the virus ?and locking down mom and pop so the kids cant see them and closing down the rest home,s so you visit them ?folks do you think this is freedom ?this is the way the deep states does thing msn closed the inner net so Trump could express his freedom ?is this free speech ?this is the way Hitler controlled his country .this is my thinking because my brothers and father was there God bless the free and to Hell With the Communist Party ‘

  24. All the Democrats know how to do is lie and cheat….they have done it so long that they don’t even twitch….it’s discusting, immoral, evil, treasonous. But the do not care as long as it gets them what they want, which is half the country to blindly accept without question, what they say is true…there are almost no words for these dreags of society…….




    IN 50>:

    1. Daniel R Smith ,
      You said what the Democrats could not do in 50. I believe that they did NOT WANT to do it !

  27. Let’s fight hard and get cracking take our country back. We cannot let this corrupt idiots destoy America. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

    1. We can start with a Dump Out the Kool Aid Rally at The Capitol. We all show up in buses from all over the country, each one carrying a pitcher of Kool Aid. When each bus arrives, we dump our pitchers on the lawn near the Capitol building, then sing a chorus of God Bless America, get back on the buses, and pray our brains out the whole way home. All we need to do is come with a date and time, and engage the buses. Who’s in?

  28. The Democrat have been LYING about this matter “From the Beginning” . . . so there has been NO SURPRISES ! . . . at least the actual FACTS, are coming to Light . . . which is the WHOLE POINT. ! . . . TRUMP 2024 ! ! !

  29. Dems so insistent that they declined to have witnesses because the ones that were going to be called decided they would get in trouble PUBLICALLOY for their part in all the hoopla and hoaxes gtoing on the last four years and the 8 years prior to Trumps presidency.

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