January 22, 2022

Watch: Lou Dobbs rips ‘ungrateful’ Republicans that turned their back on Trump

In the wake of the 2020 election chaos, many Republicans have turned on Donald Trump, either outright denouncing him or abandoning him when the chips were down.

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs takes issue with these Republicans in a major way, blasting those that accepted Trump’s endorsements in the lead-up to the November election only to turn on him along with the mainstream media narrative.

In an interview with former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Friday, Dobbs took the opportunity to call out Trump’s fair-weather friends that are attempting to use their power within the GOP to eject him from the party altogether.

Dobbs specifically called out Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who has taken great pains within the last several weeks to sever his previously-warm ties with Trump.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel received similar treatment from Dobbs after indicating that Trump would not be a centerpiece of the GOP going forward.

According to Dobbs, the treatment Trump received at the hands of the GOP establishment proves that America is in need of a “new generation of leaders” that will perpetuate Trump’s “America First” agenda.

“I’ve never seen a president whose endorsement mattered more in terms of results, nor have I seen more recipients of such an endorsement be less grateful and, in point of fact, be well, peevish, petty and vindictive against a man they obviously are jealous of and who they fear mightily for his influence among the base, some 75 million people,” Dobbs said

“It’s pitiful to watch what happens to Mitch McConnell’s face when he hears the name, Trump,” the Fox star continued.

Watch the full exchange below:


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James K (@guest_1120988)
11 months ago

Dobbs is spot on! Vote for the candidates next primary and send these rinos back to the zoo! I will donate to the person NOT the party next election. Trump is the people’s president hidin lying biden and his marxist side kick aka harris the tool(garden: ho) are the losers filling a slot for the democrats.

Robert W (@guest_1121377)
Reply to  James K
11 months ago

Lou Dobbs is “spot on” right on the money. Trump was “great” while he was winning, but they deserted him right when he needed them. They all might just as well kick their “all too long” careers to the curb!!!!

Joe Favazza (@guest_1121023)
11 months ago

Dobbs is the last person left at Fox with a spine.

Deejay (@guest_1121468)
Reply to  Joe Favazza
11 months ago


FRANK BROWN (@guest_1121034)
11 months ago

Hooray for Lou Dobbs
Still watch Fox Business channel mainly because of him.
Only one of few left at Fox that are not turncoats.

Margaret (@guest_1121093)
11 months ago

I have been in his corner, a d will be, I will abide by whom ever is pres. He was great, miss him.

Laurence Smith (@guest_1121040)
11 months ago

I used to watch FOX from 6pm through Ingraham’s shows But now I only watch Lobb’s as he is the only one that is touch with reality, calling out limp wristed LIndsay Graham for being another phony. The rest of the fox shows are more superficial and going nowhere.

madmemere (@guest_1121059)
11 months ago

Gitchy mitchy and mittens are both feckless users; we would be far better off if they are both kicked out of OUR Halls of Congress – – they do NOT work for US, they both work for themselves.

Karen (@guest_1121188)
11 months ago

I totally agree with you, Lou. Fair weather friends. It was great when our President was there for them, but now he’s gone and they have totally abandoned him. It’s really disgusting, but it reminds me of how so many wanted to
be his friend when he was running, even before, like Oprah! This man did nothing, but try to make America better and protect Americans. I think many ignorant Dems (those who just voted without knowing anything about the radical Biden) will come a running when they see the destruction this Administration will crush us with!!!!

Kathy Ellison Smith (@guest_1121219)
11 months ago

Ronda at The RNC needs to realize she needs to stay on the Trump train or we as conservatives are not interested in donating to the RNC

Gary m (@guest_1121246)
11 months ago

According to Jack Dorsey’s definition, Twitter is a science fiction platform. You can be anything you want to be. Put on a body wig and you are instantly a baboon. How is that for the speed of the internet?😉

Janice (@guest_1121247)
11 months ago

Good for you Lou Dobbs. You said what all of us wish we had a place to say it. We would get censored. What the hell is our country coming to?????

Gary m (@guest_1121252)
11 months ago

Twitter is a science fiction platform, where truth is confusion, and knowledge is fiction. and life is just a wet dream.

Ann (@guest_1121355)
11 months ago

We 75 million Trump voters are NOT going anywhere… GOP is the party of Trump. Period. The Rinos and ungrateful recipients of Trump’s help can fund each other, and vote for each other too…. Look… the Dems won’t vote or fund you, and Trump fans won’t either…. Maybe you don’t need to be elected to anything! We believe Trump was one of the BEST presidents ever… the Never Trumpers and Dems are now responsible for the lost jobs, bowing to China, flooding USA with illegals in a COVID pandemic… etc. etc… Happy now?

andrew p homan (@guest_1121356)
11 months ago

my man lou the dependable and not a flake

B. Hope (@guest_1121387)
11 months ago

I like Lou Dobbs, as he is ALL for the TRUTH!!! We don’t need any of these “fair weather” Republicans and we Especially Don’t Need the RHINOS!!!

I am surprised Jack Dorsey is still at Twitter, OR is that a clone? Or Some type of clone–the Demon kind of clone? Dorsey reminds me of a “sicker” Hunter Biden!!! Has Dorsey or will Dorsey go the way of Zuckerburg (sic)???

Sorcerer 7 (@guest_1121397)
11 months ago

Go get them.Lou! !

blue eyes (@guest_1121472)
11 months ago

YOU are my favorite news person and have always been! I appreciate your truthful messages and you give me hope! Let them have it Lou!!

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