May 14, 2021

WATCH LIVE: First 2020 Presidential Debate

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here — it’s time to watch President Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden duke it out in front of the entire nation. Watch the Livestream of the debate here:

We’ve been waiting to watch Biden and Trump go head-to-head for months, and the time has finally come. Who do you think will win this debate? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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55 Responses

    1. Yes.
      I have stood behind
      President Trump from the Start., But I was disappointed in him at the debate. He was rude, in not waiting His Turn to talk.

      1. Let the Demoncrats lie and insult you and your family for 4 years and see how you treat that punk. He shoulda punched his friggin lights out then pulled out the cheat ear piece and showed it to the world. Biden is a career criminal politician and needed to be told off! Go Trump!!!

      2. The debate was nothing like I expected. For all practical purposes, there were 3 people present. THEY ALL SURPRISED ME. For once, Creepy Joe didn’t act like my dementia patients. (They must have him on some powerful drugs). Chris Wallace didn’t coddle the leftist. He only stepped in to break up the brawls when it got out of hand. That is what the moderator is there for. Actually, he retained pretty good humor throughout. As for our dear president, if I have ever been in a position (and I have, often), where I MUST OBJECT to the claims of an obvious liar or fool, I have found it VERY difficult to resist interrupting. I understand how that would be enough nonsense to make President Trump want to speak up. But somehow, I expected him to be more controlled. I see now that that would be asking too much from someone who has been under brutal attack for years. I’m going to remember he’s not Superman, but an extraordinary man who is literally saving the world.

        1. Biden has alzheimer or dementia and was quite impossible. But Wallace is a bad man he behaved still worse, he interrupted President Trump and open sided on biden side.
          I think Wallace should be fired and in the next debate I hope there will be Brit Hume as a moderator, if biden is able to talk like a normal person not like an idiot

  1. I find it very hard watching this debate because they keep interrupting each other & can’t find out what their solutions are or policies. It’s like watching 2 children. And I support the president. It’s interrupting the questions & changing the subject matter. We’ve be waiting for this for so long.

      1. Easy, buddy. Nothing will stop us from supporting our great president. We just forget sometimes that he’s not perfect even though he is EXACTLY what we need. I didn’t like his interrupting so much either, but I do the same thing with a tiny fraction of the hostility he’s had to endure. We’re not changing our votes. Chill.

    1. Pretty much. Wallace is a fluff so called journalist. Actual news and the truth was never his style as sensational journalism pays more (Soros and Bloombergโ€™s money).

  2. Trump is doing his best arguing and Sleepy Joe is such a boring person!! If Trump would not interrupt he would be so far ahead of the liberal moron!!!

  3. President Trump needs to let Joe dig his own grave. His interruptions make it too difficult to watch! He is not helping his story! I think he is digging his own grave!

  4. Trump isn’t giving Joe his own rope to hang himself. It’s like watching a fighting match with accusations against each other. Really gotta get credit where credits due; Wallace gets on Trump for more disruptive. Trump said Joe does plenty. Fact is Joe’s a liar doing extreme disruption n violence to Americans. Just needs to stick w questions n answers from both. No debate about it!

  5. I want to know what Joe had before he came on stage. We have been for months watching a sleepwalking shuffling old fart and suddenly he putting words together and some are understandable. But he never answers a question. In the middle of his answer he started blasting about something else and never comes back to answer. Then the ring master moves to another question. I am turning off the set and I will still stand by Trump. Joe was acting and I bet he was couched to enterrupt his answers so he never answered.

    1. I watched for maybe 5 minutes….about a half hour into the alleged debate. Biden was on a roll…..still blathering about COVID and masks! If President Trump didn’t try to interject, we would not have heard from him. I cannot stomach Joe Biden. He’s an ignorant creep, He has done NOTHING for this country in the several decades he’s been in office…..all talk and NO ACTION. I turned it off!

  6. I hated watching this. I had to turn it off. The arguing is horrible. Chris Wallace should be fired. When a question is asked of one, the other mic should have been turned off. They should have taken their turn and let their adversary have their time at the mic.
    This is why I hate debates.

  7. Geraldine Lister

    Chris Wallace was just like a Dem. President was pushed around just like the Fake Media always does. He should just leave and he lets them all he is all in for the Dems

    Yes, I agree with Cherry J Lewis

  8. Well, we certainly know one thing for certain–Fox News’ Chris Wallace is in the tank for Biden. You could close your eyes and think you were listening to a tag team wrestling match where the “supposed” moderator was teamed up with Biden. When Biden wasn’t debating Trump, Wallace was. He evidently has no conception of what the term “moderate” means: keeping or kept within reasonable limits: not extreme: not strongly partisan, radical or excessive. It’s now become apparent to everyone that many who work for Fox News are no longer “fair and balanced”; but Wallace’s performance tonight was despicable and way beyond the Pale. No wonder Fox is losing viewers.

  9. I’m a Trump supporter. But in my and my wife’s opinion, Trump failed big time. Biden was far more poised. Trump couldn’t keep his mouth shut and kept interrupting.

    Chris Wallace did a lousy job. He seemed to favor Biden.

    In short, this debate was a disaster!!

    Nicholas F. Pipitone

  10. As a Trump voter I can truthfully say the loser of tonites debate is the American people! We had a terrific opportunity to get our message out to anyone who hasn’t made up their mind who or why they should vote for either candidate. Can not believe how rude both were to not only one another but to the world. Wouldn’t it have been a great opportunity to allow each to talk uninterrupted? President Trump did NOT do himself any favor by all the talking over his opponent or the moderator. People had high hopes for this debate. It wasn’t received I’m sorrry to say. Mark me as disappointed but still a Trump voter. Think the vice-presidents will do any better?

    1. Hey Potter, have your brother Harry wave his fairy wand and make a magic spell. Trump as his family have been lied about for going on 4 years and I am surprised he didnโ€™t walk over and knock sleepy joe out permanently then pull joeโ€™s ear piece out to show the world the truth, it would have been the right thing to do. So back off Trump, it sucks being berated doesnโ€™t it man.

  11. Since I have kept up with what is going on and heard what Trump had said, I knew he was telling the truth. But, I think if Trump had not interrupted Biden, Biden would have hung himself. Biden didn’t answer a couple of questions that I’m sure the people wanted to know. I can understand Trump getting a little hot as many things have been said about his family and bad words said about him [ by Biden and others ]. I have seen the good fruit Trump has brought about and no fruit Biden has done…even during the time of Obama. People were out of work, people losing their homes, and much more at that time. Right now, the virus had brought problems…with jobs, businesses, etc. Trump had nothing to do with bringing about that virus, but China did. Trump did what he could do, as fast as he could and he did a lot. I see much he has done and more he will be doing if he again becomes President…which I pray he does, otherwise we’re going to see evil as we have never seen before. If people don’t wise up and see the difference between good works and bad, we’ll be in a lot of trouble.

  12. WOW!!! Slow-mo joe TKOโ€™d! Canโ€™t answer too many questions and pretty sure either he dozed off many times or his handlers were telling him how to respond which he consistently blew. How anyone could say he was capable of debating is beyond me. The drugs he is taking made him somewhat alert but if he can honestly answer Wallaceโ€™s or Trump questions instead of dancing around them how in the heโ€™ll can he run this country??? I think if there is another debate it should be in a pay-per-view WWF Boxing ring having a bare knuckle winner take all brawl. At least sleepy joe could take some wild air swings before the magnificent Don put him down permanently. Man that was a was of Trumps exquisite talent. Pence is gonna have Karma-allah on her knees doing what she does best I am so sure. Demoncrats must be totally freaking scared for sure after joe got pummeled. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Trump 2020+ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  13. Better RED than dead in the head!
    ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Trump 2920+ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  14. Biden kept looking down, I think it was past 9 PM, which is his bed time!

    It was very good, when Trump asked Biden to name one Police Organization that was supporting him, and Biden couldn’t, because there are No Police supporting him.

    Then Biden called ANTIFA an Ideology, and nothing more, while ANTIFA Riots, Loots, and Burns Businesses!

    Then the stupid man said Police need to take Psychologists and Social Workers with them, to keep black people from getting harmed!

  15. Just wanted to say: what would any of you have done if coming out of the bull pen , you were called a liar ? He & his family have taken more abuse in 47 months than any one could ever stand. There were two Democrats & one Republican. What would any of you have done. Besides that did anyone out think to pray for him?,Think about it. God is in control!.

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