August 18, 2022

Watch: Black Lives Matter leader says the goal is to ‘burn the system down’

Hawk Newsome, president of the Greater New York Black Lives Matter chapter admitted on national television that “if this country doesn’t give Black Lives Matter what they want, they will “burn” the system down and replace it, literally or figuratively.

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum invited Newsome on her show to discuss what he hoped to achieve through violence after Newsome attracted attention to himself in a video declaring that “while we’ve got this country by the b***s, we gonna shove legislation right down its throat.” He was referring to the last month of rioting and protests that have convulsed the country after the death of George Floyd in late May.

Mission statement

When MacCallum asked what Newsome hoped to accomplish with violence, he praised the rioting and said it was getting faster results than “due process,” citing the firing of eight police officers in the last four weeks. He said,  “The moment people start destroying property now cops can be fired automatically.” 

During the interview, it became apparent that Newsome does not consider himself American. In an aggressive defense of his praise of violence, Newsome asserted that America was founded on violence, and continues to use violence to advance its aims of regime change in other countries. He said, “For any American to accuse us of violence is hypocritical.”

As the interview ended, Newsome made it explicitly clear what he wants to accomplish with the Black Lives Matter organization:

“I just want black liberation and black sovereignty by any means necessary,” he explained. 

Newsome is organizing an armed citizen force called Black Opts, to bring about black liberation and to police the police in Black communities.

We want liberation. We want the power to determine our own destiny. We want freedom from an oppressive government, and we want the immediate end of government sanctioned murder by the police. And we prepare to stop these government sanctioned murders by any means necessary.

Watch the full exchange below:

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Joan (@guest_1014183)
2 years ago

And you can have all of that and more, sir. But note that the price will be all the benefits of living in this country. You say that you are not in line with American “values”, whatever that means. OK. So you pay for the schools you use directly, the fire protection to use, directly, you hire your own police force, you pay a toll for every street and road you travel on-you want liberation, well, with that comes responsibility. You clean up the mess you childishly, in your tantrum created, and when you start acting like an adult, you will be treated like one. Till then, please go take your nap now, little boy! Oh, yes, and you must get your own border protection, Army Navy all that-you must establish your own country within our borders, it can be, but you will need a Visa to pass through our country. Grow your own food, unless you can negotiate with a farmer, and pay the tariffs that will be imposed. Build your own buildings, get your own utilities set up. Secession is what you are talking about, and that is fine with us. Work and make your own living……a new concept for you, I suppose, but you will get it eventually.

jjofaz (@guest_1014189)
2 years ago

Did Hawk ever consider that a sizable portion of Americans do not have ancestors that originated in America. Their ancestors came to America long after his ancestors arrived. Therefore many European ancestors were not involved in any slave trade and we owe no reparations to people that cannot name the ancestors that worked as slaves. The only reason they are down trodden is because they refuse to educate themselves with the education that is available to all lives in America. Get real Hawk! Get an education and start talking like someone with an ounce of brains. You have your own lingo but it does not fit in with the business world. You are broke, but you have enough $$$ for tattoos, booze and dope. You made your own life the hell you are living in. Why are you blaming everyone else? Time to smarten up and owning up to your own failures.

jan (@guest_1014201)
Reply to  jjofaz
2 years ago


DORSEY RICHARDSON (@guest_1014231)
Reply to  jan
2 years ago

You out your liberal mind ! Nothing but a civil war will happen . What will you say then , OMG !!

SheriFadden (@guest_1014313)
Reply to  jjofaz
2 years ago

You are right on!

Mary (@guest_1014327)
Reply to  jjofaz
2 years ago

Absolutely the truth!!

Rebecca Bailey (@guest_1014193)
2 years ago

well said

Fred (@guest_1014218)
2 years ago

I hope he gets everything he wants. Then law enforcement will be the military and when he protest he will be shot. Russia is a good example.

Cynthia (@guest_1014219)
2 years ago

I totally agree

Ted (@guest_1014220)
2 years ago

Are you kidding? He can’t read. He gots he gots to have somebody read it to him. Which means he’ll change it around so that he might understand it but get it wrong. These people eat stupid for lunch dinner and breakfast. I spent eight years in law enforcement oh, and I’ve seen a lot many of the black people that I have met were very good people lot of good souls out there. But that said it seems the ones that want to make the changes of the ones are the ones who are guilty of committing crimes.
That said it would be nice to have a world where we didn’t need police to police things. Idyllically, it would be Utopia if everybody got along. But we won’t have that until after the second coming.

MARY POPPING (@guest_1014400)
Reply to  Ted
2 years ago


DORSEY RICHARDSON (@guest_1014229)
2 years ago

It will never happen . All he wants to do is create civil war . He will lose and it will b err worse than before . GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

DORSEY RICHARDSON (@guest_1014235)
2 years ago

It will never happen . All he wants to do is create civil war . He will lose and it will b err worse than before . GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

Paisley (@guest_1014239)
2 years ago

Newsome better be careful what he wishes for. When the powers behind BLM are finished using him and the others like him, they’ll be the first to go.

STEVE UNDERWOOD (@guest_1014252)
2 years ago

Burn the system down , and replace it with what ? You don’t work , you don’t pay taxes , you do nothing to contribute to a peaceful civilized society . You hate , destroy , mock and worship chaos . So once the system is burned down where do you plan to get your food ? Your high dollar sneakers ? Your drugs ? Think Soros is going to continue to pay you once you’ve done the job he hired you to do ? You are the Brown Shirts of the Nazi regime . Do you know what the Nazi’s did to the Brown Shirts after they did their job ? Lined them all up and shot them . BLM , blacks being led by the nose by their slave masters , too stupid or too ignorant to look for the truth . Instead they cry about slavery and oppression while eagerly lining up for the shackles and chains . Black lives do not matter to them or they would be burning down Planned Parenthood abortion clinics who kill millions of black babies . Or attacking the Muslims who OWN millions of black slaves . Be a brother , free your brother from slavery and show your brother black lives matter . Oh wait , need to ask your masters if that’s okay first . Wouldn’t want to veer from the agenda . BLM ? Buncha Losers Manipulated .

MARY POPPING (@guest_1014402)
2 years ago


Dorothy (@guest_1014254)
2 years ago

Uneducated ignorant people like this thug really want to feel needed and like someone really cares what they say. He thinks he and his bunch can keep going what they want and no retaliation will come to them? People are getting fed up with all these ignorant non reading low life scumbags and once the head of the snake gets cut off the body dies.

Mark (@guest_1014330)
2 years ago

Americans are violent towards their ENEMIES! Since he has now become one he should watch his back. There is already a price on his head. It’s just a matter of time. Please keep making those public appearances.

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