May 23, 2022

Washington Times’ Charlie Hurt: Biden deserves impeachment over border crisis

With the Biden administration poised to lift the so-called Title 42 pandemic mitigation measure facilitating rapid expulsion of illegal immigrants, a massive onslaught of arrivals is expected to converge at the southern border in the coming months, and in the opinion of Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt, that is sufficient for the president to face impeachment, as Fox News reports.

Though Hurt has expressed such a stance in writing in recent days, he also made an appearance on Friday’s installment of The Ingraham Angle, telling host Laura Ingraham that, like her, he believes that Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty when it comes to border security is an impeachment-worthy offense.

“The decision by the administration to lift this Title 42, you talk to Border Patrol agents and they will tell you that they’re expecting a surge at the border this summer that could top 250,000 illegals each month, which would be obviously an historic invasion at the border,” Hurt explained.

Urging the GOP not to wait any longer when it comes to floating the prospect of a Biden impeachment over his immigration policies, Hurt continued, “But I think the biggest reason why it’s so important for Republicans to begin talking about this now is they should talk about it before the election.”

“They should make the election about this issue so that when they win in November, they will have a greater mandate, an important mandate [for impeachment],” the conservative commentator added.

Hurt’s position was well in line with that of Ingraham, who has been a steady voice in calling for Biden’s impeachment for what she has referred to as “border collusion,” and he asserted that prospective migrants are keeping close tabs on what is happening with regard to Biden administration policy.

“Migrants south of the border โ€“ they’re watching the news. They know that President Biden has turned a welcome light to draw all of them to the country, and they are even aware of this issue with Title 42, Hurt noted, adding, “[t]hey are poised to come into this country, and they know that they will get away with it, and they know that they will be welcomed.”

Suggesting that a Biden impeachment has the potential to gain broad-based support if deftly approached, Hurt said, “This is an issue that matters to Republican voters, but also to Democrat voters. And as Donald Trump proved to politicians in Washington, it also matters to Hispanic voters, for example, who want to have a secure border. Everybody wants to have a secure border. It’s not a controversial issue.”

With GOP notables such as Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) โ€“ possibly in line to head the House Judiciary Committee, should his party reclaim control of the lower chamber โ€“ recently stating that a presidential impeachment over this very issue is “a discussion we have to have,” it appears that the potentially “biblical” scale of the anticipated influx expected the rest of this year may be enough to finally force Biden to account for neglecting these critical constitutional obligations ever since he took office last year.

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