July 7, 2022

Washington Post forced to retract report about ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ chant at Don Jr.’s Georgia speech

The Washington Post was forced to admit that they published a false report about a September speech by Donald Trump Jr. in Georgia over the crowd’s frustration with President Joe Biden. 

In their report, the publication said that the crowd was cheering “Let’s Go, Brandon,” something that has grown in popularity with conservatives, when in fact they were chanting “F*ck Joe Biden,” at the event, according to Breitbart News

The Post admitted to having published fake news on the topic of what Americans had to say about the current administration, claiming that instead of the vulgar version of the chant that they were saying the much milder chant that has since become associated with the same sentiment, in a story titled “Biden’s critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts.”

The article, which was written by Ashley Parker and Carissa Wolf said the Georgia crowd “broke into cries of ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’” while video footage of the same event making it clear that the more explicate taunt was being used. 

Possibly the most damning piece of evidence against the Post article was pointed out by GOP strategist Arthur Schwartz who said that the milder, “Let’s Go, Brandon” didn’t become a rallying cry until October 2 when NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast attempted to cover for the chant of “F*ck Joe Biden,” live on the air.

Stavast made her comment while interviewing NASCAR Xfinity Series race winner Brandon Brown after the race where the crowd broke out into a chant that she claimed was for the winner. 

However, the report by the Post about the September rally said, in part, “The former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has repeatedly promoted the meme, and the original chant, on his social media feeds. At a speech in Georgia, he took the stage after the crowd had been chanting ‘USA! USA!’

“And roared, [later] ‘There’s a couple other chants I’ve been hearing going around. Have you heard the other one that’s been going around?’ The crowd took the cue and broke into cries of ‘Let’s go Brandon.’”

Donald Trump Jr. demanded a retraction, which was issued when the Post said, “Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly said a crowd broke into a ‘Let’s go Brandon’ chant during a Donald Trump Jr. speech in Georgia. The crowd broke into a ‘F— Joe Biden!’ chant at that speech in September. The error, which was inserted by an editor, has been corrected.”

Breitbart pointed out that both chants have been sweeping the nation as displeasure with the Biden administration increases and approval levels drop to historic lows. More examples of the chanting can be read herehereherehereherehere, and here.

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