May 14, 2021

WaPo weighs in on Supreme Court drama, calls for term limits

In the span of a single term, former President Donald Trump successfully appointed three justices to the highest court in the land, a fact that generated significant panic among liberals who – with the help of a new administration – are now aiming to reshape the institution in their favor once and for all.

Amid the ongoing debate about the future of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Washington Post editorial board this weekend argued for the establishment of term limits for justices which would see them removed from service after 18 years on the bench, purportedly as a means to guarantee that both political parties have ample opportunities to make nominations.

The Post’s recommendations comes in the aftermath of an executive order issued by President Joe Biden on Friday creating a commission charged with studying potential reforms for the high court. An official statement from the White House announcing the order stated:

The topics it will examine include the genesis of the reform debate; the Court’s role in the Constitutional system; the length of service and turnover of justices on the Court; the membership and size of the Court; and the Court’s case selection, rules, and practices.

Potential reforms to the Supreme Court were often a subject of discussion during the 2020 presidential campaign, with then-candidate Biden declaring the judicial system “out of whack” and pledging to develop a bipartisan commission to explore solutions, as Fox News noted.

Many in the progressive wing of the Democrat Party have long been advocating for the addition of several more seats on the high court – filled, of course, by liberals. However, this type of “court packing” has remained a political hot potato, so much so that during the presidential campaign, Biden himself refused to state a position on the matter until after the election.

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, has issued strong words of caution to those who would make such sweeping alterations to the court, stating recently, according to the Post, “those whose initial instincts may favor important structural chance…such as forms of court-packing, think long and hard before they embody those changes in law,” arguing that tweaking the number of seats on the bench to bolster policy objectives would erode public faith in principled jurisprudence.

According to the Post’s editorial board, it is therefore not court packing, but rather term limits that represent the best immediate course of action for the commission to pursue, and it urged members of that group to consider “replacing life tenure…with an 18-year term.” The paper argued that doing so would “drain some of the intensity from Supreme Court politics by providing both parties with foreseeable, regular opportunities to nominate justices – thus lowering the stakes of each vacancy.”

However, not everyone is on board with the substance of the recommendation, with former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D) declaring term limits “inappropriate,” and current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calling Biden’s commission itself a “direct assault on our nation’s independent judiciary,” according to Fox News.

Indeed, regardless of whether Biden’s commission actually succeeds in moving the needle toward fulfillment of the left’s desires with regard to court reform, the blatant nature this attempted power grab should give all Americans pause.

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80 Responses

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    1. Ardvark,
      The Democrats put term limits on the President after Roosevelt was elected ro a 3rd term but THEY do not want it on THEM. I say, There are too many Representatives
      and Senators dying in office that have been there for 40 years or more. IF the President
      cannot serve for more than 2 terms WHY is it that it IS NOT good for the Representatives and Senators. Don’t they deserve the same limitations as the President?
      I know it would create a problem for the Democrats, but afterall THEY started it.

        1. Term limits for Supreme Court judges would also be good. Recently, they refused to consider taking on a few cases for no reason. One was the election fraud allegations. Any serious doubts as a presidential election should be judged, not ignored.

      1. Term limits. You are so right about the history they voted term limits for the President but not for themselves.
        How can we ever get term limits??

      2. T here is already limits. We still have the right to vote them out if they are not dong what is good for the voters

        1. However, if the election is totally fra ud ule nt as the last one was, the dems will never lose power as the Constitution would have it.

        2. That is the problem. Once they are in, the lobbyists pour $$$ into their campaigns so they will be reelected again and again. Some are there for 30-40 yrs and get filthy rich. Plus DEM voter fraud.

      3. The people voted in term limits in Idaho and then the congress turned around and voted term limits out so if you trust a dumb as crap to honor the peoples vote then you are a bigger fool than I am. I believed that the will of the people ran this country but that is not true apparently why are we having a problem at the border run the illegals out and finish the wall but send a democrat back under each illegals arm and do not let any of them back in. oh yah start with Pelosi Biden Harris Clinton and-Barack Hussien Obama the rag head posing as a Black American

    2. Exactly! That is their game. and Curiously, never bfore the donkeys thought of term limits for SCOTUS!Trump was right on. We will not recognize America as we knew it nor we are recognizing it now.! Please. MILITARY step in, with all the FRAUDULENT ELECTION EVIDENCE and take over !and HAVE the DULY elected PRESIDENT of this NATION; Donald J. TRUMP put back in office. Kick out the USURPER and all his henchmen and cronies, and SWAMP CREATURES!

    3. There is no justice in the corrupt supreme court. Might as well eliminate the supreme court. Its nothing but a Joke!

    4. The idea of term limits defeats the whole purpose of the Supreme Court, to be above politics. The very fact that the liberals wish to make the political battle the main focus is proof of their nefarious plans. The supreme court’s job is to GUARANTEE, that the Constitution is never violated and the Bill of Rights is not infringed upon. Not to turn the country into a haven for criminals,(90% of the Elite of the world). nor a Communist Dictatorship, controlled by a Worldwide, council of psychopaths like Soros? Real Nazi, or Bill,( I’m going to save the world by killing 90% of the population), Gates.

  2. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Will here it is again. The democrats wanting to change the way our country is run that was wrote by the founders of this country. All the democrats really need to be voted out of any office they hold.

    1. Mike, this is a losing bid because the Supreme Court is another branch of our Government and it is doubtful Biden will be able to make any changes with the way things are now.
      They don’t consider that the Conservative Judges have treated them fairly where the Liberals on the court usually go with radical policies and with the help of Chief Justice Roberts even practiced judicial activism including changing one word in the Affordable Care Act which made the Act constitutional. Only problem with this is only the Senate had that authority, not the Supreme Court and the Senate did not act.
      FYI, I flew with the Special Forces and Vietnamese Rangers in Caribous during the period 1967-68.

  3. If the Democrats want to limit Supreme court to 18 years then they need to do the same with members of congress. If they don’t want to do that, then they shouldn’t want to fool with the Supreme court

    1. Yes! Term Limits for Congress too. That way when they become corrupted we don’t have to put up with them till they die.

  4. If OLD Biden gets his way, there will never be another Ruth Bader Ginsberg to inhabit a seat , or perhaps another Kagan . Maybe this TERM limit will get the Senators and House of Reps. to 8 years then you’re out! So , no more OLD NANCY Peloosi [ get it ? PEE LOSSEY] , OLD Mad Max , and so many others , Bernie , you listening??
    Beware of what you wish for OLD Joe .

  5. Congress should be required to vote in their own term with no options to return public office before they can vote in term limits on the supreme court.

  6. My first thought when I saw this was the same as Dianne – they need to limit terms for congress right now!!

  7. If term limits are imposed on the Supreme Court, then so should they be put on Congress. If the President can only serve two terms, then the same limit should be put on Congress. If the Justices have to retire by a certain age, so should Congress. And, while we’re at it, they should not receive a pension, but have to go back to work in the prvate sector as the founders envisioned. Government was not supposed to be a career but a way to serve the country, and then go home and back to the real life occupation. They go there now to become millionaires.

    1. WOW you do know how it was set up, thank you for speaking up. very few people know anything about our Govt and how it is supposed to work

    2. ABSOLUTELY AGREE. It’s really quite simple, isn’t it, except that they have to vote for it. How about an alternative? Could there even be one?

  8. The problem with all of these great ideas is that the Democrats get there way because the republicans have no balls or spine. The executive orders should be challenged in court because dip stick can’t rewrite the constitution with his pen. He isn’t the one doing it he is just signing them. Monkey head Obama and his cabinet are the ones coming up with this crap. Joe can’t hold a thought that long

    1. AGREE WITH THIS, TOO. I read over and over how “this is terrible, we have to DO something” but it stops there…..Need to have the guts to stand up for our country, not just yak.

  9. Joe Biden is the thing that is “out of whack”. Everything he pursues seems to be against the people. Schumer and Pelosi are bad influences and need to be expelled from their offices.

  10. As long as RBG was living, SCOTUS was off limits to term limits. Since she is gone and America has an “‘American” SCOTUS —– NOW you want term limits.

    1. That’s one of the things within the Plan, the UN Agendas. Look at who is REALLY running the US right now. I think it’s the UN through various people, not us.

  11. Let’s start with term limits and then we can keep the Supreme Court as is it is the lifers that want to mess with the Courts they’re the ones that need to be out the Courts are to important to be messed with China Joe Biden is going around congress and the senate with executive orders now he want to get around the Courts so communist not American Joe communist treason election stolen throw him out bring back the president Donald J Trump

    1. Raymond,
      Joe Biden thinks that by simply singing an Executive Order, He can destroy the Constitution he swore to and replace it with THE NEW GREEN DEAL and stuff the Supreme Court with more Democratic Judges that will be more persuasive to his visions
      of THE GREEN NEW DEAL. THAT IS a mad dream.

  12. The US Supreme Court is the only third of the current government that can be trusted. The Executive Branch is not the final arbiter of the Court. Under the current Executive I would not trust him to take his pants down before he takes a dump. Now the people who do have the authority to make Law concerning the Court Legislative Branch. They could possibly change the way in-which The Supreme Court operates. Please keep in mind that there are enough RINOs in the Senate to force the issue.
    We, the people of this country must, finally stand up to the big monied interest and stop their “WOKE” STUFF and force the media to stop lying.
    I am a friend of Dr. Seuss. I miss Mr. Rogers, Beatrix Potter, and Uncle Remus. These four people had more to do with teaching children then anyone else in the history of the human race. We are in great need of their work today.

  13. There should be term limits in every form of Government for Congress as well as the President and the Supreme Court. No one should ever have a lifetime limit in Government. And this should be a law no one can change.

  14. What fake news Mitch McConnell is not the majority leader and none of the previous posters caught it.

  15. Garbage in, garbage out. The UnAmerican Digest to perfection. Grotesquely stupid comments, but what does one expect from this crowd of Trump syccophant idiots.

  16. The court was fine by the DemocRATs till they got this chance to take over the whole government with this Legislative COUP they and Biden have started. Now the court needs changing according to them so they can appoint and control that too!!! The American People ought to have had just about ENOUGH of the Democrats and Biden.They must think they have a 20 vote majority in the Senate instead of 50-50. These people are power hungry and have to be stopped…NOW!!! Biden is the biggest LIAR ever to occupy the WH and will say/do anything to get his liberal way. Investigate (never done) the election and find there WAS a hell of a lot of voting Fraud all over the country aided by Big Tech, the media, Corrupt politicians (Democrats & RINOs), and countless other communist hoping to slant the election to Biden. There NEEDS to be a truly independent Military investigation into the 2020 election. IF Biden and the Democrats are guilty of cheating then Biden / Harris are OUT and countless of the groups responsible GO TO JAIL ASAP. If this is not done we are doomed as most Americans believe cheating got Biden elected. ME FOR ONE!! He is a born cheater and LIAR!!

  17. Since they w a nt to talk about term limits let’s do the same for congress senate either they should be limited like anyone else instead of a 40 career

  18. I agree with Dianne. Term limits for Supreme Court should only happen if 2 Terms are adopted for House and Senate elections. If they want TERM LIMITS, then let’s have TERM LIMITS all the way around.

  19. I do believe that the present Supreme Justice Judges accepted their appointment
    as a “LIFE TIME” appointment. It is the lower house Congressmen and Senators that were elected to serve for a short period, not make a lifetime career on the Political payroll.. AND
    I do believe that they are to “REPESENT”, “WE THE PEOPLE”, not to ‘RULE , we the people”.

  20. time now for the media to be regulated just like utilities are. Media needs to STFU from this point on as they really need to leave politics alone and just report things like hurricanes and volcano eruptions.

  21. If doing it for the Supreme Court lets clean house in the House and Senate and limit their terms. Biden sees wrong with the Supreme Court and many America citizens see lot of problems in the Congress. What is it Biden been around 42 years and they complain about the Supreme Court? Leave it to WaPo. How about the Post? Or by being there do they get wiser and what? There are many older people that are wiser than these you kids coming in the House. They don’t know the Constitution or history of our country and live in a dream world all about “me” .

  22. No ;imits on Scotus But on Congress. It was not suppose to be a life time seat. The President can only serve for 8years. Why is Congress exempt from the 8 year rule?

  23. I alwals thought a President had to be legitimately elected in order to issue executive orders, apparently this doesn’t apply to Demorat USURPERS

  24. Interestingly, in spite of the fact that Conservatives having appointed the greater proportion of justices, they have lost more issues than they won, which should show everyone they are paying greater attention to Constitutional Law than to any party affiliations. Which is why they were appointed.

    My answer to the Washington Post’s proposal regards terms limits for SCOTUS is: As soon as term limits for Congress and the Senate are voted in and implemented, and only as soon as, would I support term limits for the Court. And, the same holds for court packing as well.

  25. “tweaking the number of seats on the bench to bolster policy objectives would erode public faith in principled jurisprudence.” Really?
    Don’t look now justice breyer but we have already lost what little regard we had left for the high court after considering everything that the court has done to avoid bringing real justice to our country. We knew that roberts had been compromised after the legalese bologna he has exposed the country to without regard for his oath or the constitution. He should be transferred to the ninth circuit. The rest of you are falling fast. If we win in 2022 and 2024 roberts should be impeached for starters….

  26. First of all nobody cares what WaPo thinks or wants as they are in the pocket of the liberals. That is where they get their ideas. Biden has been anti American his whole career as well as a klansman. The supreme court should remain as is and Biden cannot change that himself. Besides, he has screwed up everything he has touched. I cannot believe Americans actually kept elected that fraud. Kamala is no better and the same goes for Pelosi and Schumer. Democrats are deranged and care nothing for the American citizens but they will give all our tax money to their illegals. This is the most corrupt bunch of hypocrites to ever steal the presidency! lying, cheating, stealing and plotting against America is their trademark.

  27. Term limits for Congress FIRST!!! Term limits for the federal judiciary is just a shortcut to politicizing the SCOTUS! This is what the radical left wants! Any justice who doesn’t make a good faith effort to adhere to the Constitution, follow precedent or strays into the area of legislating from the bench and judicial activism should be a candidate for immediate removal based on violation of judicial ethics and violation of the oath of office!!

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