April 13, 2021

WaPo busted for stealth-editing unflattering Kamala Harris interview

Vice President Kamala Harris has been involved in a number of PR dustups recently, the most recent one caused by the Washington Post. 

Amid adoring coverage of Harris and the newly-minted President Bident, the Post was busted for removing one of Harris’s highly unflattering anecdotes in an interview the former Senator gave the publication in July of 2019.

Harris, who has long been criticized for her inconsistently-applied but heavy-handed approach to prosecution during her career, used a highly insensitive analogy about prisoners to explain her experience on the campaign trail — and laughed about it.

Harris told the Post at the time:

It was the Fourth of July, Independence Day, and Kamala Harris was explaining to her sister, Maya, that campaigns are like prisons.

She’d been recounting how in the days before the Democratic debate in Miami life had actually slowed down to a manageable pace. Kamala, Maya and the rest of the team had spent three days prepping for that contest in a beach-facing hotel suite, where they closed the curtains to blot out the fun. But for all the hours of studying policy and practicing the zingers that would supercharge her candidacy, the trip allowed for a break in an otherwise all-encompassing schedule.

“I actually got sleep,” Kamala said, sitting in a Hilton conference room, beside her sister, and smiling as she recalled walks on the beach with her husband and that one morning SoulCycle class she was able to take.

“That kind of stuff,” Kamala said between sips of iced tea, “which was about bringing a little normal to the days, that was a treat for me.”

“I mean, in some ways it was a treat,” Maya said. “But not really.”

“It’s a treat that a prisoner gets when they ask for, ‘A morsel of food please,’” Kamala said shoving her hands forward as if clutching a metal plate, her voice now trembling like an old British man locked in a Dickensian jail cell. “‘And water! I just want wahtahhh….’ Your standards really go out the f—ing window.”

Kamala burst into laughter.

The Post re-published the profile last week but conveniently removed and replaced the entire exchange without explanation — though we can guess that the editorial decision could have something to do with the fact that the Post has long abandoned any pretense of impartiality.

Hawk-eyed journalists at Reason Magazine called out the Post for the mysterious deletion — noting that the publication doesn’t make a regular practice of editing profiles to protect the subject — and writing that Harris’s original story “provided a mask-slipping moment that seemed to perfectly capture a warped sense of justice and lack of basic human dignity—all in just a few hundred words.”

After the social media uproar about the removal, the Post added a link to the original profile, though the updated piece remains the primary version.

What do you think of our new Vice President Kamala Harris? Scroll down to the comments section to tell us your thoughts!

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236 Responses

  1. the supreme court could have saved our country but were afraid to . I guess they dont care if their children and grandchildren will have to live in a liberial communist country, jobs]]freedom]] and everything good allready disappearing

        1. That’s a good idea Bob, but I’d prefer deliberate and slow drowning. Can we agree to split the ticket concession? That could be really lucrative.

    1. I concur wholeheartedly and we American citizens that support the constitution should clamor for her removal and disqualification for the Vice Presidency

      1. Harris isn’t constitutionally eligible to BE vice president or president. She is not a “natural born citizen”. Birth in the U.S., by itself, does not make someone a natural born citizen. Yes, she was born in Oakland, CA., but her parents (mother from India and father from Jamaica) were foreign nationals, not citizens when Kamala was born. They hadn’t even lived here long enough to be eligible for naturalization. Her only claim to U.S. citizenship is the 14th Amendment, which does not and cannot make anyone a natural born citizen. ONLY someone born on U.S. soil to a citizen father and a citizen mother (all three of the U.S.) is a “natural born citizen”, needing no positive law/man-made law to make them citizens. “Citizen at/by birth” or “born a citizen”… are not the same thing as a “natural born citizen”, key word, NATURAL: existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind. Obama was never eligible because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen.

      2. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!! But which Republicans will have the balls to do it-VERY few if any! Are any behind Rep. Greene’s impeachment filings on the 21st??????

    2. You are so right but these 2 do not even belong in the white house period dems do not get it this is America and we the people we need President Trump back , it is time to drain the swamp for good .I love my country !!!

  2. Harris is a sick twisted evil swamp creature eager to pad her pocket as Biden has done, with no regard for the country or people. Their supporters…same.

    1. I agree with you all the way IMPEACH THE NOW PRESIDENT AND THE NOW VICE PRESIDENT. Biden and Harris, Pelosi and the whole crazy Democratic lunatic need to be under the prison for what they have done and are doing to OUR AMERICA.

      1. I have said it before, it will be just a matter of time when Kamala Harris will call Amendment 25 of Joe Biden to have him removed from office and she will be the President. Will she select Hillary Clinton as her Vice-President?

    2. Kamala Harris needs to be impeached as soon as possible, she is a disgrace to our country
      And has incited violence right in our faces on TV, so the evidence is there!! She is an evil
      Communist and a has been to get to where she is, it is too sad for her!!! GET HER OUT!!!

      1. I agree completely! Sits on Stephen Colbert’s show and laughs about the rioting and applauds the thugs that were looting, burning and killing. By Pelosi’s standards, she should, at the very least, be brought up on charges as an accomplice to murder!!!! On a personal level, she’s beyond cringe…so fake it hurt’s to watch her.

  3. She shouldn’t be the vice president, or hold any office. she is a traitor to we the people, and our great Republic. she is for antifa and black lives matter, and not for America! Throw her out on her big laughing head.

  4. Harris has no core beliefs, just like a Santa Ana wind, Harris reacts to the way the wind blows. No matter which party, it is refreshing to know their core beliefs and where they stand on issues. Harris has none as her record shows in her time in Cal as AG.

  5. She is a piece of work. I can’t stand her. Our country is in terrible trouble with people like her and the Biden crime family.

  6. Harris is an admitted Communist!
    It was ment for Biden to hand the President position to her very soon !
    Our Constitutional Republic will die under the Harris Communist regime !

    1. Our Founding Fathers thought this might come up sometime, that’s why they wrote the 2nd Amendment, for us to use, if the Government got Tyrannical, which it has, now it’s up to us to make it right, we need to stand up in Arms and go to Washington, ALL US CITIZENS who are able, we have to do it NOW, before the MORONS destroy this Country so bad that we can never repair it !!!!

  7. “I” think of Harris, as “I” have always thought of her… a no vote!
    But maybe by thinking for myself, “I” am brainwashed or considered a cult follower!!!!cd

  8. I am praying that God will come in and help OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP by guiding him to get the right things done in order to get all these bad Democrats charged and convicted and President Trump will be our President again!!!

    1. Just hang on keep your faith and hope! GOD is working it’s in his timimg not ours. But I’m like you it’s please hurry up lord before our nation is ruined.

  9. She is a mean, disrespectful, disgusting person and I am ashamed of everyone that voted for her. She should never have been put in the position she is in. She couldn’t even stay in the presidential race and then you idiots put her in as vice president, how stupid can you be??? I guess someone else you could dictate to.

    1. Marlene, you are disrespecting all the dead voters that voted for her and biden. I imagine they are turning over in their graves. LOL I agree with you about her though. Our country is in trouble with these two in office.

  10. Camelion Kamala is the most “Elite” acting politician I have ever witnessed. She has no ethics whatsoever, changing her views to match what she thinks will move her forward. As bad as Biden will be, she will be immeasurably worse. No one will know what to expect from her.

  11. The darker skin Privileged Falsely appointment Vice President is being exposed for what and who she really represents, A False Government.

  12. What ever made you people vote for idiot Biden and moron Harris is beyond me. Those of you who voted for them are you blinded by stupidity. Unbelievable, I guess you think what’s coming down the pipeline won’t effect you, wrong.

        1. Thats simple, all the fake ballets only voted for jojo and sidekick on the ballets and nobody else, like a senator or rep. or maybe a city council person .

    1. Because the democrats never had a Brain, this is why they are so corrupt and Stupid, President Trump/ Vice President Mike Pence are the only two to Run American, the democrats are destroying our Great America

  13. Remember one thing about this laughing pos. She got her real start because of Willie Brown by being his paramour. Or as the boys in the hood would say a much more disparaging word. She’s a flat out joke and evil person. She must be impeached along with China Joe. Senile old man in two days did more damage than Obama did in 8 years. He’s an anti American crazy old man.

  14. I never like Biden or Harris and not because their party differs from mine. It’s because of their “dismissal” attitude to anyone with a differing opinion. Our country is in BIG TROUBLE with these 2 in office. Here’s hoping we can mitigate their damage by keeping a tight rein on them which will be difficult because they’re surrounded by like-minded LOSERS.


  16. I believe that this country is now doomed. And how & why our country is run now effects the entire world. Even though the whole world realizes that the election was corrupt, the one’s that actually voted the Democratic ticket pushed them to the take over. It only took 2 hours after being sworn in for them to reverse President Trump’s policies that benefited the world economy system. It’s anyone’s guess what lie’s ahead for us all….Republican’s and Democrat’s.

  17. She only got to where she did in the California government by being Willy Brown’s bed partner.
    Also I think that her parents left off on letter with her middle name. Devi. Where is the L…
    When she was in California she was of Indian nationality, then when she is running for vice-president,
    she suddenly became black. She will soon become president, because I do not think that Biden will
    make it thru the four years….

    1. All the bills and stuff Biden has been signing he said he doesn’t know what he is signing. So then evil Kamala says sign it anyway. Biden is an illegitimate President he’s not President.

  18. This woman (as apposed to her being a lady), and her “Boss” Joe Hid’n Biden, are perfect examples of a waste of humanity, and there is no good reason for them to ever have been born.

  19. Biden and Harris are not for American people. If you look at all the executive orders sighned this week along with there so called bail out the only ones getting bailed out are foreign countries that hate are guts. The W.H.O that lied and screwed is over but thats ok we can pay millions while other countries pay nothing. Tens of thousands of jobs . This os just acouple of things there is much more .im Angry and so should you be.

    1. The people that actually DID vote them should be ashamed. The few that actually did. I’m sure they are sorry they did after these very few days in office. They are both liars and cheats. She did not “work” her way up. She has a permanent smirk on her face that shows her true self. They are both disgusting narcissistic people that don’t care about anyone but themselves.

  20. Promises Made, Promises Kept! I ‘ve been keeping track of of 🇺🇸PRESIDET🦅 Trump’s 🕊Promises🕊 ALL ALONG. He’s done exactly what he said he’d do.. 🎯EVERY TIME.✔ I have no reason to start doubting him NOW. As God Is My Witness.
    So I’ll be Holding The Line. Enjoying the show. Because We Know The Best Is YET TO COME!

  21. They’ve been “Dumbing Down” America for years, and they finally got it done, we now have a Nit-Wit and Ho in the the White House, and Both hate America, why else would they work so hard to destroy her !!!!!!!

  22. Harris is not fit to be VP or Pres. She slept her way to the top. She ruined men’s careers with lies and to get a better job. She is a Piece of sh–.

  23. Harris is an arrogant, self- important, rude beoch! She has NO morals, no decency, no redeeming qualities! She couldn’t even get enough votes to stay in the primaries! Obama wanted her in, because she is just lime him! Arrogant, condescending, faker! They should be impeached asap

  24. verdad no tienen nada de amor por el país son Falsos engañando impostores y fraudulentos solo piensan en sus propios beneficios a las tropas nomás las utilizaron y los mandaron a dormir a un refrigerador que triste que Dios bendiga a America 🇺🇸

  25. everything said is so true and a lot worse from them two. God help us. please get our President Trump back.

  26. She is going to kill our country, she has to go, impeached, shot, alien invasion, I don’t care get her gone before its to late.

  27. She’s a despicable communist and like Biden she’s a left wing racist who hates white people. Bring back President Trump.

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