October 4, 2022

WaPo: Biden is ‘guilty of profound injustice’ in pro-abortion stance

A number of prominent Democrat politicians hide behind their “devout Catholicism” when it’s convenient for them, but when it comes to abortion, they toe the party line.

President Joe Biden is no exception, and an essay published by none other than the Washington Post shocked the nation by charging Biden with approving policies that promote the “grave injustice” of abortion. 

American Enterprise Institute fellow Ramesh Ponnuru and Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University Robert P. George wrote in a WaPo op-ed on Friday that Biden’s position as only the second baptized Catholic president in U.S. history makes his stance on abortion a critical issue.

Ponnuru and George noted that “the Catholic Church’s opposition to the deliberate killing of unborn children is both firm and well-known. But Biden supports an almost unlimited right to abortion and federal funding for it.

“It is a moment for Catholics, laity and clergy alike, to be clear about what the church teaches,” the writers continue. They explain that Catholic dogma allows for policy disagreements, but not when it comes to the fundamental issues of human life and justice.

“[Biden] has said his faith teaches that human life begins at conception and declared, ‘I accept it in my personal life,'” the writers noted. “But he will not “impose it” on others … What the Catholic Church adds is that we have a solemn obligation to do what we can to see to it that justice is done to all human beings — including those at the earliest developmental stages.”

Ponnuru and George concluded that no matter Biden’s personal convictions, he must be held accountable to the teachings of the church he professes to believe in:

Nothing in the church’s teaching on abortion implies that it is the only issue that ought to concern Catholic citizens and officials. Nor does it preclude working with the Biden administration on initiatives that seem likely to promote the general welfare, or commending it when deserved. We are, however, obligated to tell the truth about abortion and what the church actually teaches about it: to tell it to our fellow Catholics, and to everyone else. We owe it to the unborn. We owe it to our fellow citizens of a nation committed to “justice for all.” And we owe it, as well, to President Biden himself, who on this issue is guilty of profound injustice.

Biden made it very clear during his campaign that he would be sympathetic to abortion advocates if elected and followed through on that promise just after taking office by reversing President Trump’s ban on the flow of federal funds to abortion clinics nationwide.


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