May 14, 2021

Wallace: Expect ‘rumors’ that Bill Barr nearly resigned over Stone clemency decision

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace just revealed that according to her sources, there will be “rumors” the Attorney General Bill Barr almost resigned over President Trump’s decision to grant clemency to former associate Roger Stone.

Democrats and the mainstream media are furious that Trump commuted Stone’s 40-month sentence — due to the risk of contracting COVID-19 in prison — because it further undermines the now-debunked Russia collusion narrative and Mueller investigation.

Wallace told her viewers that “there will be rumors in the coming days that William Barr almost resigned over this. That [White House counsel] Pat Cipollone was deeply troubled by this. They may be true, but no one will leave,” implying that the White House will circulate the rumors to save face.

Wallace said that her assertion was based on “well-sourced spin,” and claimed that no matter what the White House says, “all are accomplices in the corruption of one of the most sacred presidential powers.”

Wallace cited anonymous former Justice Department officials that said: “that Trump pardons people because he can and William Barr goes along with it because he’s complicit in the erasure ⁠— just erasing Robert Mueller’s probe.”

The resignation rumors to be pushed by the White House have yet to surface, though NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett reported that Barr allegedly opposed clemency for Stone.

Remember, Stone was not pardoned. Even though he was granted clemency, he is still a convicted felon in the eyes of the law. Democrats have no problem releasing thousands of violent criminals from prisons due to the risk of COVID-19, but Stone apparently deserves no such courtesy — despite his advanced age and fragile health.

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90 Responses

  1. Yeah, unfortunately MSNBC’s news is about as reliable as snow in July in the Sahara desert. It’s like watching a televised version of The National Enquirer with a Democratic spin.

    1. Very nicely put, if I was on a deserted island and MSNBC sent me a letter saying I was about to be rescued, Id hang myself, knowing it would be a lie.

    2. only in Amerika can a FBI agent admit to a felony in a senate or house committee and NOT be arrested. 27 years ago Janet Reno could allow the FBI to use military equipment to gas & burn 86 people to death and walk away too. Now savages can loot and burn and kill with impunity and nothing happens to them. Soon the “law abiding” will see no more reason to obey the communist in gov’t. and solve the problem themselves, or die as slaves & cowards

  2. The President is DELUSINAL!!!!HE HAS BECOME A HEAD CASE!!! He only does these things for his own ourpose????

    1. And you’re ok, with what Obama did, as executive order, giving away billions of our tax money to a terrorist country? I think people like you are the ones that are delusional. You should feel very lucky you’re even alive, when he’s been the president to stop flights to and from China, during the beginning of vivid-19

    2. Why should Stone have to go to prison for procedural errors during an interrogation about a Clinton / DNC fabricated “crime” investigation. None of it was real! Yet Clinton, who bought and paid for this Russian Collusion hoax, gets away with colluding with foreign agents to contrive this hoax, using an illegal email server, destroying evidence that was subpoenaed by the FBI, passing top secret information to unsecured computers, allowing Americans (including an Ambassador) to be murdered in Benghazi when the Air Force was standing by to go to their aid, ordering the hit on Seth Rich, her and Bill’s involvement with Epstein and his subsequent murder, selling 20% of our Uranium supply to Russia, meddling in Ukraine’s elections, accepting bribes through the Clinton foundation from foreign governments and agents while Secretary of State, lying under oath, etc., etc., etc.

      1. Jarvil,

        Great comment about the Clinton’s, but you didn’t come even close to all the despicable things Bill & Hillary Clinton performed in the last ten years. She is protected because she said in 2017 I think, that if she went down, she would take everybody down with her. Just shows how crooked the whole Democrat Party really is!!

        1. Ted Kennedy knew that Hitlery killed John Kennedy Jr. in that plane crash…didn’t say a thing. THAT is cold

      2. Well said. But know this as well. God says, “It is appointed unto man once to die and then the Judgment”. “Hill” will not get away.

      3. You really don’t know the reason! Here it is, the Clinton’s are Democrats. That’s it. Of course they are deeply corrupt and very dangerous if crossed as well.

      4. All that’s ok though, they’re demonrats. They’re excused for having a D after their name. No double standards though, right! Clinton PARDONED his brother, Trump commuted Stones’ sentence, big difference, Stone is still a convicted felon!

    3. That is really stupid response. Please see who Clinton and Obama pardoned, ON THE LAST DAY so they would not have to explain their actions.

    4. he is the only one standing up for america and a socialist extreme give when it happens some time in future you will be like everyone else poor no food and no freedom read the history books on socialism it has never worked

    5. GTLC= Group Think Losers Club, People that group think can’t think for themselves, so they follow blindly where ever their blind leader goes.

    6. Sorry honey, trump has done 11 your buddy Obama 1,176 so you might wanna stop making yourself a fool.


    8. You are obviously a liberal & you are absolutely the delusional nut case ! ! ! ! ! !Obomb released evil people from prison! You need to read ALL the facts before you open your mouth & stick your big foot in it! ! ! I’m sick of idiots like you!Learn to READ !

    9. Turn off CNN, msnbc and all other left winged propaganda and clime back under your rock. If you want to experience Communism at work, go to Chicago or any State that is left winged led

    10. If you expect to have any credibility at all, show just a little more command of English grammar and spelling.

    11. SORRY< YOU ARE 100% wrong…. LOW IQ it seems. Did you flunk out of school? He has been the best president we have had. Only sosialists say that as a lie…Please do not believe tham.. They want to take away your rights!

  3. Barr deserves life in prison for his time spent as the USAG under Bush41 and overseeing the wholesale distribution of cocaine for Bush41, the CIA, and British royalty. Plenty damage by this creep, whose father hired a completely no-credentialed Jefferey Epstein as a math teacher at the all-girls school he was head master of in NYC.

      1. Holder was called Obama’s “Wingman”. They were buddies. No screaming about that crap. Amazing. Nothing bothers a liberal AT ALL until a Republican President is in office. Grow up!

    1. I guess your just fine with Obama and Eric Holders gun running to Mexico’s cartels, that have killed several Americans and hundreds of Latinos with guns from the “Fast and Furious”. I wonder how much Obama and Holder made on that. Obama goes into the White House with little money and comes out with hundred of millions, along with Michelle and his two girls are each worth hundreds of millions?


    1. But her comment was based on a reliable unknown source. It is a “well-sourced spin”, whatever that is.

  5. What a petty issue to debate, when Obama supported and released terrorists, while America looked on with complacency. A large number of people associated with the Clintons were killed for various reasons, before they could testify, but Democrats ignore this. The Democrats have promoted Marxist terrorists in our streets and this is what they whine about? Americans should be more concerned about the thousands of prisoners released into our streets, who were actually criminals. The victims and their families should be on guard. Americans should be more angry about the Marxist BLM terrorists causing the deaths of many people on one week end. Why wasn’t there a news alert of the estimated 75 Rebel militia on the streets of Georgia, recently, daring anyone to get in their way or cross their paths? These should be there areas of concern.

  6. You’re exactly correct Art. I couldn’t have said it any better. I can’t believe how corrupt the dummycrats can be, for money and power.

      1. That is why we have to vote ALL the demonrats out! And I mean All of them If they get in our country is gone & we will never get it back! Make every state RED!

  7. Wallace says her information is from “a well sourced spin”. That should tell anyone with 1/2 a brain not to take any notice of this.

  8. Nicole Wallace has a job because she Lies thru her teeth according to the Narrative they want her to Report. Kind of like a…I don’t believe anything she says. Shame on her.

  9. Dummocrats are mostly idiots and racists(some not all)…My opinion is that President Trump has done the best job for our country than any other president that I can remember! Now, he has had much friction from the liberals, but that’s expected knowing how they are!

  10. Listen:: All of you slakers that no nothing but type alot. Roger Stone was charged with breaking laws that were not true. The FBI leaders are crooked. They did everything in their power to malign our President. They were shocked when Hillary lost the election. They then lied about Mr. Trump which they then made up stories to prosecute any person close to The President. The Clintons and Obama have so much blood on their hands they will do everything they can to win the Election. Check out why does Obama have a Social Security number starting with 202. That is the number given to only people who lived in New Hampshire. Obama did not live in New Hampshire. Never!!!his Grandmother worked for the SS Aministration and she gave young Barry the SS card when he moved to live with his Grandparents in Hawaii. The card number belonged to a old man from New Hampshire and he had just died never using the card.


      1. And how did you find all this information do you know you just violated the Federal Privacy Act. People go to jail for that. Why don’t you all stop pointing fingers at everybody and start worrying about people who are starving and children forced to go to school and wind up sick. Everything you are saying is BS while children are going hungry. What’s more important food housing medical or a bunch of highways ?
        I live in Kentucky and we have Mitch McConnell see what I mean

        1. Interesting comment Deb A. Emotional and full of feelings but little else. Yes children are going hungry and parents wait in line for hours to get food for another few days. So exactly what are the democrat leaders doing? Pelosi shows off her stash of gourmet Ice cream stored in freezers that cost more than many poor see in a year. I’m one of those, I manage to get by on SS retirement so no complaints. Schiff is still on the BS Russian collusion kick, and Nadler wants Barr’s head because he’s getting too close to exposing the swamp and the cesspool under it. Schumer is just doing whatever Pelosi tells him to do, doesn’t seem to have any mind of his own. The four squats are trying to dismantle our whole country while spending taxpayers money on lavish living.

  11. Everybody is raising HELL. IT WAS A COMMUTATION, not a pardon. Whether he wants to be or not, he is still a felon. So, the left can find a sharp stick and squat.

  12. Consider the source. CNN & the biggest liar on that Fake news program. Nicolle Wallace. Believe at your own embarrassment.

  13. Commuting a sentence is not a pardon.
    It’s about following the trend: convicted felons are being released from prisons due to COVID-19 throughout the country. The reporter is not giving facts. The reporter is spreading rumours. So much for that reporter’s professionalism and ethic!

  14. Mr. Barr “almost” quit as attorney general but he did not because he has much larger fish from the dems to fry. This article is a lot like a lot of the Covid articles, made to incite fear among Trump supporters. It never seems to accomplish that goal as the stories are just that, stories and rumors! Much Silly News Before Clarification?

  15. God bless each of you. I’m praying President Trump is elected for 4 more years.
    I’m glad he commuted Mr Stone’s sentence. With the FBI, DOJ, AND ALL THE Mueller possie were paid to
    Look for conclusion with Russia. The only one that conclused was Killary campaign people.

  16. Thank you CharlesWilliam’s, you are so right.. How can you keep a person in jail when the crime was made up to ruin our President? Do people not get it, are they just stupid democrats? Here is an example for all the idiots: If you were charged for a crime that was never committed, but someone made it up against you then tried to make it look real when in fact it was made up but you have to go to jail anyways because the prosecutors hate you for the people you support. Now, do you think it’s fair that you sit in jail for many many years for no crime made? But as you’re sitting there, worse criminals are getting let out because of the coronavirus. Now, because you are so stupid, you’re going to stay there and wait until your time is up? I think not, Mr. Stone did nothing wrong and whether getting released from coronavirus or not, he does not deserve to be injail. He is innocent. It is Obummer and Killery that deserve to be in jail. They lied and need to be prosecuted to the limit and Obummer for treason.

  17. Just keep your eyes and ears open Miss Clinton goes back to court its September they’re trying to cover this up she’s going to be convicted

    1. I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOPE you are RIGHT…that she will be CONVICTED….!!!!!

  18. just more of the FAKE NEW NETWORK MSNBC , or as better know as the ” LYING BULL-SCHIET NEW NETWORK.

  19. That’s enough for me. Lying, innuendo, and outright BS is not something I need for breakfast. Unsubscribed is where this is going!

  20. President Trump ought to pardon every one who was framed by the communist party (democratic party) and then put everyone in prison that was envolved in framing them including Muslim Obama but we know that’s not going to happen don’t we? Because he just happens to be a dune coon and the spineless white people are scared of them….bottom line.

  21. Obummer pardoned about 1715 people. Some were criminals and terrorists. He did it as he was exiting the White House. Did any main stream media say a thing about that? Clinton pardoned 65 I believe and our President has only pardoned 10 so far. Again spin spin spin from Crazy News Network (CNN) and MSNBC. Try again you fools.

  22. Read BLITZ, all well-documented. The Democratic Party is racist, liberal, socialistic, terrorist, Communistic, and not for the people. They have George Soros behind them, pouring $ into BLM & terrorist organizations. He has been in it from the beginning. Schumer & Pelosi are not for the people. Trump does not have an agenda and only has four more years to do it. He has followed through on every campaign promise, isn’t aligned with lobbyists, isn’t afraid ro do what has ro be done, only wants to make America great again. All you have to do is look at his record, all documented in BLITZ. He is for every American & believes each one can have a better life. He is trying to undo all the bad previous administrations decisions. Clinton & Obama, Biden & Soros and all of their sidekicks should be in jail for treason. Again, read BLITZ.

  23. I find it too convient to be a coincidence that CNN was there an hour before the swat team setting up cameras when Stone was raided by a swat team at 4 am. Looks extremely set up when Stone was treated worse than a murderer or drug dealer and was only charged with a process crime. Are all leftists so stupid that they would believe this was a justified act? Perhaps CNN did Stone a favor, he couldn’t be shot resisting arrest if the cameras are on them.

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