July 23, 2021

#Walkaway spokesperson says leftist protesters turned ‘wonderful’ pro-Trump march violent

#Walkaway campaign spokesperson Karlyn Borysenko told Fox News on Monday that the massive pro-Trump “Million MAGA March” in Washington D.C. over the weekend was a “wonderful day” — until Antifa and far-left protesters attacked the peaceful demonstrators.

Tens of thousands of Americans gathered in the Capitol last weekend in support of Donald Trump as the mainstream media and Democrats insist that Joe Biden is the winner of the 2020 election.

The event was violence-free initially, but when Antifa and BLM arrived, the chaos began. Borysenko, a former leftist-turned avid Trump supporter, explained her experience to “Fox & Friends” on Monday:

We were actually out having dinner with the walk-away crew and we saw Antifa and BLM marching in the street carrying signs. And later in the day, I came out of my hotel – I was going to go to a bar with some friends – and I was instantly greeted with Antifa marching down the street chanting ‘America was never great.’ And, so, it was really not a great place to be out at night.

More than 20 arrests took place over the weekend as Trump supporters and Antifa clashed in the streets, and Twitter is awash with accounts of Trump supporters being assaulted by counter-protesters.

Breitbart highlighted examples of violence against Trump supporters including a young couple that was “showered with unknown liquid” while being “attacked and terrorized” by Antifa.

On Saturday, Breitbart reported:

Antifa and BLM wasted no time in accosting women, children, families, and the elderly as they walked down Washington, DC, streets after the Million MAGA March on Saturday. Protesters threw large fireworks and projectiles at restaurant-goers eating outside and flashed laser lights into hotel rooms.

Borysenko concluded: “The left has been preaching to us for months about peaceful protests. Well, we had an amazing day that was a completely peaceful protest on the part of Trump supporters and they thanked us with violence at night.”

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38 Responses

  1. Who ordered the police to block the Trump supporters so they would have to go through the communist terrorizers?
    Why did they do that?
    They have basically snubbed the one person who has been fighting to keep them employed.
    Bad move fellas, very bad move.
    You needed to keep them separated, and you just made yourselves look very, very stupid.

    1. That would be Bowser, the D.C. mayor. She’s as effective as a mayor as Stalin was as the leader of Russia. The police were “only following orders”. Where have we heard that before?

      1. IMHO, Bowser is about as useful as teats on a bull frog! I wish I could help more, but I am a Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70 with a good education, and a good work record. Growing old is a bummer, but Grace from above helps a lot. I also write a Blog that is read all around the world, but I wonder when the next Gov’t [if biden gets in] sic will shut me down…

  2. Antifa and BLM are terrorist organizations and should be arrested on the spot. If l get approached by these thugs l will NOT hesitate a second to pull my weapon and fire

  3. Affirmative John…These punks enter my personal space, that’s when the Hydro Shock rounds start flying. It’s time to stand up for the America flag and the back bone this country was build on, not Obama’s point of view which started this up rising.

  4. We purposely did not shoot to keep peace. I do know other methods, many probably do as well. However, if I feel the necessity…

  5. The police were just walking around, doing nothing, WHY?? I hope DC does not get any tourists and that people who live there move out of the town!

  6. Typical DEM action. Antifa and BLM are Dem’s “children”. They ALL need to go to JAIL for a minimum of 5 years.

    1. YEP! That is absolutely right.

      I have decided that if Biden does become president I will not watch him on TV ever. I will read on internet sometimes but not ever watch him speak. I do not want to be part of him getting high ratings.

  7. You think the policemen are getting paid under the table to do what some of them are doing.oh well they’ be out of a job soon sad they did this.

  8. If Biden takes office America will be flushed down the toilet . These people are heathens they do not believe in God but one day they will because the Bible says one day one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

  9. I’m sorry to hear our rallie ended with bad people hurting older folks. That shows how much ANTIFA and BLM are cowards. Since rallies can’t expect the police to help they need to hire someone that can make these bad people go home and grow up. I am 65 years old and grew up in the Bay Area. I have seen the Hells Angels going down the road many times. I have never heard anything bad about these guys except the Rolling Stones concert. I think there are alot of Trump people in their MC. I think when or if the Trump rallies go on the organizers should ask them what they would charge to keep the peace. I think there would be alot of people that would chip in for someone to keep the peace at the rallies.

    1. OUTSTANDING IDEA. I would think the “ANGELS” would keep the peace, FREE OF CHARGE. if they could.br protected from repercussions from Police. They could HELP the police tremendously. Swear them in for 48 hours and let them handle it all.

  10. Washington D.C. is controlled by a leftist may. She probably told the police to stand down. Something is going to
    “give”. Enough is enough. There is only so much B.S. the patriots are going to put up with.

  11. The Communist traitor Democrats are the downfall of America if the people do not rise up and get rid of all of them.

  12. This is the vilest thing I have ever seen. They act like a pack of wild hyenas with their cursing, nipping, hitting, and then running away. They are really chicken_ _ _ _ cowards who will only attack when they outnumber their prey.

  13. BLM and Antifa are such dirty looking creatures . When was the last time they took a bath .. especially the girls .. ugh !!!
    They smell so maybe thats why the police didnt stop them 😂😂

  14. They are gutless cowards who needs to taught a serious lesson. There is a solution which may be intrusive. Simply a suggestion: because they seem to carry their cell phones with them the NSA could do a sweep of all the Antifa criminals present at any hotpot for collecting the concentrated patch numbers roaming the street wherever they are. It is a given fact that Big Tech companies know every movement a single person makes, so why is the CIA,, DIA, FBI, NSA not doing this; I realize the importance of privacy,;but in my mind this is a Terrorist organization beholden to those whose agenda is to cause chaos and insurrection. Really CIA & the rest of the Agencies, where are your priorities when it comes to the protection of people who seek to express their rights to be free and not fearful?

  15. Where did these terrorists come from they have Demons in them. If Biden wants to be President Elect why don’t Harris and Biden come out and stop them they are paying them I saw this on the news BLM and Antifa wanted their money from Biden and Harris. They should have charges for adding and beting.

  16. Antifa and BLM are a bunch of cowards they are all criminals and have to be dealt as such. They must be delt with all means necessary !!

  17. These officers who did this should be sued for what they put Trump supporters through. I heard their chief is a liberal he also must be completely stupid since Biden is for defunding the police. god some people are too stupid for words.

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