May 17, 2022

Vulnerable TX Democrat reportedly considering switching Congressional districts

Texas Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez is considering quitting his current district to run for a seat in a district he believes he can more easily win, according to a new Politico report.

The news comes following the release of the state’s new congressional map’s proposal that would move Gonzalez into a district won in the last presidential election by former President Donald Trump.

“If the Texas congressional maps that have been proposed are adopted, a large portion of my constituency will be in District 34,” Gonzalez told Politico in a statement.

“I have received many calls from across South Texas encouraging me to run in this district. If, in fact, these are the final maps, I will very seriously consider running in 34 and continuing my representation of South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley,” he added.

The Texas Democrat has voted along party lines throughout his service as a Congressman, including support for efforts to defund the police.

The congressional map, placing him in a district leaning Republican, would certainly put his reelection at risk.

The new move may help, but it will also leave his home district vulnerable to a Republican win, saving himself, but still giving up another Democratic seat.

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